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Obama-Care…Here comes the “Facts”

Obama-Care…Here comes the “Facts”

Remember during the healthcare debates, “you can keep your doctor”- Lie. “You can keep your insurance” LIE, “No taxpayer funded abortions” LIE, and so on.

Now we are seeing the people that helped pass this law by promoting it’s virtues being granted waivers from it. So what happens to the rest of us? Well we’ll just have to suck it up I guess…

Union Pushes for ObamaCare Then Is Granted Waiver

The irony would be humorous if it weren’t so sad: The United Federation of Teachers, the New York City branch of the American Federation of Teachers, which pushed ardently for ObamaCare has now requested – and received – a waiver from its mandates.

The UFT is a member of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT).  In September 2009, the NYSUT’s website published “Health care reform: facts vs. myths.” Here’s an excerpt:

* Myth: Health care reform will force you out of your current insurance plan or force you to change doctors.
* Fact: You can keep your existing insurance; reform will expand your medical options, not eliminate them.

ObamaCare was such a great idea at the time – the AFT gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Healthcare for America Now, the leading organization pushing for the government takeover of health care.

It was announced Thursday that the UFT has requested and received an Obamacare-waiver after it discovered their members would end up losing their health insurance plans.  Uh oh.

Unions across the nation were pushing for this forced bullshit. We on the right new this bill was a sham, a damn lie, and a lot of special interest payoffs. We couldn’t stop it because there are not enough AMERICANS in the ruling class. It passed on party line voting. NO Republican voted for this mess so the Democrats can’t blame anyone but themselves for the damage that has been done. This bill has kept job creation at bay. But they don’t understand why…Well all of us can’t be exempt from it. Only the special interests like unions and green (Bogus) industry….

IF the Republicans take over the house and senate in November, the first thing they better do is vote to repeal this job killing, big government entitlement program that has kept us in a recession. IF the democrats retain power, unemployment will go to 12% at least. So that’s a choice we got to make. I know where I’m voting.