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Tax vs Spend the Age Old Debate…

The debt ceiling is going to be raised. I have no doubt about that. I also do not expect for the current administration to actually do anything to stop our decline into third world status. It’s the age old debate: … Continue reading

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25 Conservatives Arrested.. Oops, They were “Progressives”

More media bias, in other news the sky is blue and water is wet… 25 arrested at California conservative meeting LA QUINTA, Calif. – Authorities in California say 25 protesters have been arrested for trespassing outside a strategy session of … Continue reading

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Crash the Tea Party – IDIOT EXPOSED!

HT to IOTW Tea Party Infiltrators – Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My!!! Many have asked about the news that there may be “infiltrators” at tea parties around the nation.  A website (crashtheteaparty.org) was recently set up.  The creator, … Continue reading

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