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1St Amendment Attacked

1St Amendment Attacked

Here’s my take on the Texas Attack that took place in Garland Texas at a Pam Geller event called “Draw Muhammad Contest” or something…

1. Just like the 2nd Amendment, if you say you support it and then follow it up with “BUT” you don’t support it. So goes the 1st Amendment.


2. Safe speech needs no protection from the laws of the land. Nobody will be upset if you stay within the boundaries of what is deemed “Politically Correct”


3. The cop who killed the two Muslim attackers should be invited to the rose garden in the White House and a medal pinned on him. He thwarted an attack that would have killed many. He did it with a .45 caliber Glock. vs 2 Muslims wielding AK-47’s. In normal America, he’d be national hero. In today’s Obama’s America, Pam Geller is to blame for the muslims being killed.



4. Pam Geller and Gert Wilders are being raked over the coals for their actions against Islamic actions. Right now, those two as well as Robert Spencer are the deck hands on the Titanic screaming bloody murder that the ship is headed toward an ice berg. Everyone on the ship has their heads buried in their drinks and are ignoring the warnings. Wake up.


5. I am glad it was a cop who killed the Muslims. In NORMAL America this is what we know cops do. We know cops put themselves on the line every day. This cop was successful at his job, he succeeded in putting down two subhuman parasites…And as much hatred that is being placed on cops these days, this cop deserves our accolades.

6. Final thought: As you see the media/Liberals/Progressives/RINO’s/Democrats continue to blame Geller, rather than defend free speech. Ask yourself this: If more gun control is allowed, if the left’s confiscation dream  is realized, they control what you can say. If they have already said, we must not speak ill of the prophet, the future must not belong etc… What is next?


You must fight to keep the 2nd or there will be no 1st. This incident in Texas shows that a good guy with a gun is a deterrent to an evil guy with a gun. Sometimes the good guys win, sometimes the bad guys win… But to not fight is to lose all the time.


The Trap is Set for Syria and Republicans

The Trap is Set for Syria and Republicans

My take on the “Syria crisis” is the same as my last post with a new twist. This blustering first, then no action is typical of the far left liberal we all know Obama is. Obama painted himself into a corner with his “Red Line” comment. He took a page out of Mr Netanyahu’s playbook but didn’t read the whole book. He should have read far enough to understand that a redline stance only works if you are prepared to go all in if the redline is crossed.

So now we have Obama going to congress for permission to attack Syria’s LEGITIMATE Regime on behalf of “Freedom Fighters” also known as Al Nusra front, Al Qaeda and various factions of ISLAMIC RADICALS who have been at war with us for 50+years.

This is the trap: No matter what happens the left has spin material. IF congress doesn’t vote to allow Obama his power to strike, Obama has a way out of his redline bluster. This is the desired path Obama wants to take. This gives him the ” I would have helped save the children of Syria but those evil republicans wanted them dead” defense. IF congress allows Obama the power to strike and it goes well it will be because “Obama’s leadership and his decisive action saved the day” if it doesn’t go well, Democrats who voted against and republicans will blame each other and Obama will skate..


I’m convinced that Obama WILL NOT strike Syria now no matter what congress decides to do. At least not in the conventional way. No cruise missile or air attack, maybe a cyber attack that he can claim eliminated something…


I’m also convinced that any action in Syria now is foolish. Too much time has passed, we don’t know who we’re fighting for or against. And that right there is DIFFERENT than Iraq. Regardless if you think Iraq was a mistake or not, the fact that George Bush went ALL IN with regime change goal and didn’t pull punches (At least in the beginning) made the world take notice. He said he would and he did. That gains trust from your allies and concern from your enemies. Obama? Well he’s untrustworthy to our allies and a laughing stock to our enemies.

Mark my words folks, Syria is a distraction. It’s moved up on the docket and kicked important things like BENGHAZI, IRS, NSA, DOJ scandals to the bottom. Syria is keeping us from talking about OBAMACARE and the ECONOMY as well as the racial division Obama has created. Syria is a perfect problem for Obama and he’s even handling that poorly.




Extremist, that’s the new label for anyone who opposes the liberal agenda of Obama. Anyone who opposes tax hikes anyone who refuses to compromise with the “Accepted” norm of the liberal progressives in congress.

The media is happy about the congressional approval rating. When polled people hate what congress has/has not done. I have a different take:

We in 2008 wanted to stop the train of runaway spending. We partially succeeded. The spending level is still high but can you imagine the level it would have been had we not done anything? Think about that. Where would we have been under another 2 years of Majority House rule by democrats?

Yeah scary thought.

Extremism: New Definition= Anyone who has been compromising for many years, then all of the sudden says “wait this makes no sense”

California is a terrific example of the new definition.

California was in good financial shape not too terribly long ago. And then, we went on a give away streak, we added laws, regulations, more government workers, more teachers, more and more… Then the economic situation started to wane. No action to correct it, we added more. We compromised. Then the economy continued to wane. We continued to add more government, compromising our values and looking the other way.. NOW, people are saying STOP, and the media/unions/liberal pundits are using the “extremist” label to paint the people who could save them as the enemy.

That’s why the OWS crowd is making headlines. They are not looking at the REAL PROBLEM, they are looking at the symptoms of the problem and that’s PERFECT for liberals.

I’m an extremist. I see the train heading off the cliff and I’m trying to pull the brake lever. Are you along for the ride or you going to help pull the brake lever?

This election cycle is important. I’m very concerned about our 2nd amendment rights. I’m concerned about the economy. I’m concerned about our future as a nation. 4 MORE YEARS of Obama. What will we see?

I honestly believe this is Obama’s plan. He has nibbled around the edges of destroying our nations traditions and our way of life. 4 more years and no hope for re-election, he’ll open up the throttle. He will go on the full offensive against guns. He’ll appoint one more SCOTUS for sure and Kagen/Sotomeyor will be starch conservatives comparatively speaking… UNLESS we unite and take the senate/House and WH.

We better get involved or it’s over.


Tea Party to Protest against the NAACP in South LA.

Tea Party to Protest against the NAACP in South LA.

Well dang it. This is just about as bad as it gets for the anti-tea party race baiters…

Black Tea Partiers to Protest NAACP

The black-led South Central L.A. Tea Party (whose motto is “Power to the People”) is reportedly planning a protest against the NAACP at the organization’s 102nd annual convention in Los Angeles on July 24. The group is headed up by the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, president of BOND Action (the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny).

Black Tea Partiers’ specific gripes about the civil rights organization include that it’s been “spreading lies” about racism in the Tea Party movement and promoting “black genocide” through its support of Planned Parenthood.

First off let me give a shout out to those involved in this protest. It takes more guts and courage to do this than most of us will ever know. This is tantamount to A Pro-Jewish protest in Tehran.

Now lets get to the heart of the matter. WHY must the article be labeled “Black Tea Partiers?” can’t it be “Tea Party protest in LA?” It could be if it wasn’t for the label of racism that was placed on the tea party from day one by ignorant race baiters.

I had a discussion with a blogger early on in the tea party movement about exactly this situation. His point was the tea party would never be a viable movement because the tea party didn’t actively target the black community. My point was WHY?

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Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Let me add a few more salient thoughts on the murder of 93+ people in Norway yesterday.

The anti-gun zealots seem to be latching on to this incident as a reason to add more stringent gun control measures in the USA.

This is not new, they’ve been using every murder by gun as a reason for advancing their agenda of disarming American Citizens.

What I have a real problem with is them telling me I can not protect myself from those who wish to do me or my family harm. We have seen it time and time again, the victim was unarmed the assailant was armed.

In a criminal action: Those with the gun make the rules. Those with the gun have the choice between mercy or violence, death and life. I prefer to have that choice myself. I prefer to have the ability to vote on the choice. IF you don’t feel the need to participate in that scenario its entirely up to you. IF you have such faith in your fellow man that you are willing to put your life in his hands, knock yourself out. I am all for your choice to do just that.

In the incident in Norway, a lone gunman for whatever reason took 93+ lives because HE COULD. IF you dispute that simple truth you are an idiot. Had there been some basic security in place and followed HE wouldn’t have killed anyone or very few. Another truth that is indisputable. Now comes the fun part…

The attacker came upon the camp dressed as a cop. A police officer in uniform is immediately deemed non-threatening. Therefor, it’s understandable to some degree that he was able to kill many. IF an armed cop, gave commands to a captive obedient audience, telling them to get into a perfect range and alignment for “Head count.”  It would be the perfect kill position. I can buy that scenario. I can even understand them obeying the commands because they are not going to QUESTION AUTHORITY right off. Even though there should have been questions. “Why was a cop there, we didn’t call one” But then again there was the truck bomb. So the cop saying something like “There’s been an attack in Oslo and I need to count heads” could diffuse any “Questions”

Truth be told this scenario would probably play out better in a CONSERVATIVE gathering than a liberal gathering here in the states. WHY? Because by ideology alone we view cops as the good guys. Yes there is a libertarian streak that doesn’t like some of the cops duties or actions. But as a whole Conservatives are LAW ABIDING. You don’t see conservative rally’s where the cops are called and we’re throwing rocks. You don’t hear of Rightwing Anarchist rallies. You don’t see it here in the states YET.

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Message to the “Moderate” Republicans and Democrats…

Message to the “Moderate” Republicans and Democrats…

In 2008, Democrats voted for Obama. Most Independents voted for Obama, Republicans voted for McCain. These are the biggest voting blocks. Liberals/Progressives/Blacks, other minorities (legal and illegal) and the dead voted for Obama.

We’ve had nearly 3 years of Obama, we had 4 years of total Democrat legislative branch rule (2006 through 2010) Look at the results. Are we moving in the right direction?

I submit that we have yet to have a conservative ruling class. I would like you folks that sit on the fence, you the Moderates that decide elections, to look around. Look and see the chaos that has been created from far left governance. I ask you to PLEASE consider Mitt Romney as someone that will continue that strategy. Any CONSERVATIVE POTUS would be too busy fixing the economy, and shrinking government to worry about who is marrying who. IF your entire political system is based on social issues. Then you are a seriously lacking in the patriot gene.

We are in a death spiral as a nation. Rome fell because of the same things that are going on now. We have to reign in our leaders, we have to shrink the government, remove the unions and the agenda driven special interests from our ruling body. Please Moderates, consider this as you support a candidate and when you vote in the general election of 2012.

We’ll talk again.

Barack Obama will Enlighten us Tonight…

Barack Obama will Enlighten us Tonight…

I can’t wait for the speech tonight. Although I’m pretty sure of the content.

” I have decided, after 9 days of bombing Iraq Libya and after my boss George Sorros insisted, to come with my teleprompter and enlighten you as to why we are in Libya”

We are embarking on a humanitarian crisis aversion action, we are part of an international coalition and I’ll let you know more when you need to know more.

You should worship me now, thank you”

Look I’m the last person on this earth that wants to see innocent people killed by a dictator. And I gotta tell you if I was POTUS for a week, I’d unload on a lot of nations. And I’d probably do it just like Obama did. because there is NO WAY congress would support my unilateral actions against Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and/or North Korea. That is the issue here.

We Americans are not run by a DICTATOR. We the people are supposed to have a voice. IF you bypass congress in any action involving our military AND wait 9 DAYS before you decide we deserve to know why. YOU HAVE BECAME A DICTATOR.

I’ll tell you folks another thing: Any Liberal/Progressive that had an issue with “George Bush’s War” lost all credibility with Obama’s actions. On top of that, Obama has just set a new standard. In 2012 we WILL have a change in the White House. There WILL be a Conservative (Hopefully) in office very soon. There will be an international crisis somewhere in the world and HE/SHE will act in accordance with what OBAMA did. You will just have to sit back and STFU.

Obama has just rendered an entire Democrat/Liberal/Progressive talking point MOOT. For that I say thank you Obama.

So listen carefully to what the empty suit in the WH says tonight. I will have other things to do like picking up dog shit or sweeping the floor…


Hypocrite ALERT… Well, we should be used to it.

Hypocrite ALERT… Well, we should be used to it.

To all you Obama supporters that are “Supporting” this “Kinetic Military Action” or whatever they are calling it; How can you support this and NOT any of the “Actions taken by GWB? How can the approval rate be 60% for actions in Libya and not Iraq?

If you are going to participate in any debate with any conservative/republican/independent. You will need to show some nuts. You will need to give up the reason you are blinded by party affiliation. You need to eloquently explain the differences between then and now. Keep in mind that Congress was informed about both Iraq and Afghanistan, the people were informed, the UN was informed.

Here’s some of the reasons I’ve heard WHY this is okay:

Libya is in our national interest. Explain why.

The Ruler of Libya threatened to show no mercy, he was going to kill his own people. Um, Every ruler in the middle east has threatened to kill his own people. Sadaam DID kill his own people. Yemen, Syria, Bahrain all have killed their own people…Next?

Obama did this to protect innocent people. The Above answer applies here.

We need to give people the tools to change their leadership, Libyan government was crushing those wanting change and Obama was bolstering our European allies. This I understand a bit. If France and England decided to go in a protect the rebels, then I’d be fully behind them. BUT in the same instance, France and England were both on board with Iraq’s war too. So was CONGRESS, so was the UN… So again I ask how can you be Okay with Obama’s action and not Iraq?

We are not using ground troops so it’s a pretty safe action, not like putting boots on the ground and getting our guys killed. This one was in an email I received yesterday, and it is by far the dumbest reason I’ve heard. The cries of the left was “We’re killing innocent people” Um how many “innocent” people you think are dying from bombs being dropped at 30k feet? Do you think the pilot in a plane can know if the building he hit had innocent folks in it? The boot on the ground has a better idea of the “Innocent” because he’s gotta be face to face (Or within a 2 or 3 hundred yards) and its pretty much universal that answering incoming fire with fire is not killing innocent people.

Bush Lied about Iraq WMDs that’s why we went to war so it was an unjust war. Okay there were no WMDs found in Iraq, doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Perhaps if GWB would have done as Obama did and just RUSHED in without going through congress Sadaam wouldn’t have had time to move them to Syria? So is rushing to war in Libya justified because Ghadaffi has WMDS? Part of the reason we heard in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq was Sadaam has used gas on his own people. He was keeping the money from his people and starving them to get the UN to ease the restrictions to goods entering Iraq, so Iraq would be a “humanitarian” action too would it not?

The fact is if you support Obama’s war, then you must support GWB’s war. IF you support this action in Libya, you must acknowledge your error in opposing GWB’s actions in the middle east. There is NO other way. Sorry Liberal/Progressives/Democrats your hypocrite is showing (AGAIN)