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The Gun is at fault

The Gun is at fault

I’m totally in awe of our liberal friends. Nobody can possibly be as hypocritical or as anti-constitutional rule as the liberals in CA. I have to believe they are just kidding…

In California, the people I interact with on a day to day basis seem to understand common sense. Even if some have a liberal bend to their ideology. In California the education system must be broken to a point of non-repairable. The kids that our schools are producing are brainwashed to the extent that breathing requires super human thought.


The thoughts behind gun control in California are pretty simple. Less guns=less crime. And let me tell you it’s an incomplete solution. Less CRIMINALS WITH GUNS=Less Crime. The complete problem is too hard for most liberals to understand. The complete problem is simple for Conservatives.

To discuss the REAL problem means the liberals have to blame a person. A person has excuses. For example: When killers go to court they plead insanity, they blame their parents, abuse, drug use, drinking, mental illness etc… Liberals would have to deal with those issues and rather than use the TOUGH LOVE those issues require, blame the gun.


The gun has no excuse, no face, no feelings. It’s EASY to blame. It’s non-confrontational so the target of the liberals is the inanimate object. Liberals don’t blame the cars for drunk driving accidents, nor do they blame the person: “Alcoholism is a disease” so they have absolved the person from fault by placing a reason in front of them.

Now this is where it gets really funny to me: In CA liberals are all up in arms over DUI check points. They successfully got Los Angeles to quit taking illegal immigrants cars at check points. Now they have to give the ILLEGAL DRIVER a chance to call a friend to come get it before impound. What? Yep.

Basically, the liberal thought is NOBODY can be at fault for an action, there’s another reason and as long as they can find an excuse to play on the feelings of other like minded idiots that’s the direction we go.



Dianne Feinstein’s plan for gun control takes the complete liberal view that 10 round mags and scary looking rifles are at fault for any shootings. We as a nation are DOOMED to fall if this thinking is normal. I suggest people wake up and see what their senators are up to. Mine is pushing this bullshit. And I have never cast a vote for this skank in my life.

Fight it folks, at the phones and on the internet first. If we fail there it will be on the fields.