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Charlie Rangle: What Would Jesus Do?

Charlie Rangle: What Would Jesus Do?

Man, you gotta love the liberal mind.

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CNN — Veteran Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel made an impassioned plea to religious leaders Friday, calling on them to lobby members of Congress and the Obama administration to remember the “lesser of my brothers and sisters” during this weekend’s debt negotiations.

“What would Jesus do this weekend? Or Moses. Or Allah. Or anyone else,” the New York congressman said at a press conference on Capitol Hill. “I don’t want this book (debt negotiations) closed without the clergy having an opportunity to forcefully express themselves as well as I know they can do.”

Let’s see you rat bastid, Jesus wasn’t real fond of abortion, in the BIBLE it’s stated “Give to Caeser that which is Caeser’s” Meaning PAY YOUR TAXES. Jesus wasn’t real fond of liars, frauds or murderers.. But go ahead and use religion when it suits you… WOW…

I find it absolutely amazing that nobody on the left side will call this hypocrisy. I find it hilarious that Charles Rangle, the most infamous liar in government NOW calls on Congress to have “Morals”…. Yeah good spokesperson you got there libbers.

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Democrats: “Don’t repeal Obamacare, Create jobs.”

Democrats: “Don’t repeal Obamacare, Create jobs.”

WOW, I heard that on the news today and couldn’t contain the laughter. Harry Reid actually said it…. Umm, lets see:
Democrats have had majorities in the House, Senate and they own the big chair in DC… Unemployment was at 9% (Roughly) before the Obamacare debates took place. They spent over a year on this backroom crafted, job killing, bribery laden debacle and NOW they want to create jobs? Unemployment has been growing, it’s now at 9.4 (Adjusted) the actual percentage is closer to 15% But NOW they want to work on jobs? :rotfl: Even Tingles is going to have tough time with this one…

Repeal this bill and start over. Just the mere mention of this bill being dropped is going to have a big impact on the unemployment number. The bill gets tossed, and the unemployment rate may actually get to that 8.6% we were promised…

Typical Democrats, have the power to do something DON’T, then point the finger of blame…. How come people don’t see the adults in the room are NOT the Democrats?

Chinese Professor: Why do Civilizations collapse?

Chinese Professor: Why do Civilizations collapse?

I saw this today on T.V.

And the truth is scary. We’ve been headed toward collapse for a long time. It’s not just Obama, Reid and Pelosi that’s doing it. It’s been the entire system since Reagan. We have allowed PCness to run our country. We can no longer say or do things that are necessary if they hurt someones feelings.

We can’t say “Get off your ass and get a job” we can’t say “Muslims are at war with us” we can’t say “Welfare is not permanent” we can’t say “Teachers are not all gods” We can’t say “Unemployment benefits shouldn’t last 2 years”

The things that made us great was the ability to overcome adversity. NOW, the left has so infiltrated our culture that adversity is the winner. Just blame whatever you can come up with and we’ll have a rehab or counseling session to deal with it. We’ll come up with some kind of “Illness” that can be blamed for the hardship you face. What this has done to our society is create a “feel good” at all cost mentality that has put us on the road to ruin.

I don’t know if things can be changed. I don’t know if the damage can be undone. I hope it can but history is a very good indicator that it can’t be fixed.

I had a comment from an idiot yesterday (And again today) From a clown in Cali that basically summed up the enemy within. His mention of the evil business men, the evil rich, the evil wall street crowd and of course the evil republicans, told me all I need to know about the way we are headed.

Idiots like “Cali” are what’s wrong with this nation. They want the government to be their daddy. They are jealous of what someone else has and wants the Government to take it from them. They want everyone to be as miserable as they are, instead of working hard to make themselves better. It’s easier to blame than it is to try. Cali is the typical union/Sorros bot that will be happy bowing to China, rather than standing as an American.

I’m seriously hoping a revolution takes place again in America. I’m hoping it’s a peaceful one fought at the poling places across the land. And if that doesn’t work.

GOD save the Republic.