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Another Shooting… In Washington DC

Another Shooting… In Washington DC

You will notice the time stamp on this post, I waited until FACTS came out to opine. Something I wish a lot of new media would do. By new media I mean bloggers and internet news reporters. A lot of us are doing exactly what the MAINSTREAM MEDIA does all the time. We grab a quick headline that meets our “Conservative” narrative and then RUN WILD! Truth be damned…

A couple of points about this shooting that the facts are showing now:

1. The biggest LIE/Stretch of truth was that the shooter used an AR-15. He may have eventually but he didn’t bring it in nor did he buy it legally.

2. Bill Clinton authorized unarmed military bases. Yes and NO the first BUSH President did, Clinton just didn’t over turn it.

3. “The shooter was a muslim” not a fact yet. However; It was just 3 days prior to the shooting that the AQ leader urged “Lone wolf attacks inside the USA” As of right now nobody is talking about it. And another “However” is if he is a MUSLIM CONVERT or Terrorist, the Obama admin will not be letting that FACT out any time soon. We will have to wait for that FACT.

4. The shooter broke several laws prior to pulling the trigger and dropping his first victim. One more law wasn’t going to stop him… FACT.

5. After the recent shootings,(Aurora, Newtown) the only conversation on national media was GUN CONTROL there was very little discussion over changing laws regarding mental health. FACT.

I pray for the victims families. I hope they know that MOST Americans grieve with them.

What I am seeing is this and you guys in your own media area can back this up or dispute it:

The more the facts about this shooting come out, the less the MSM is covering it. As the shooter doesn’t fit their narrative anymore and is proving damaging to their agenda, you can expect a quick PIVOT to something else.


Do you still think BIASED Reporting is not harmful?

Do you still think BIASED Reporting is not harmful?

One thing that seems to be escaping the general public is this: Media bias is destructive to freedom.

Obama Intelligence Official Prepared For Congressional Testimony On Egypt…By Watching CNN:

Mr. Obama watched Mr. Mubarak’s speech on board Air Force One, returning from a trip to Michigan, the press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said. As soon as he arrived at the White House, Mr. Obama huddled with his national security aides. The administration appeared as taken aback by Mr. Mubarak’s speech as the crowds in Tahrir Square. The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon E. Panetta, testified before the House of Representatives on Thursday morning that there was a “strong likelihood” that Mr. Mubarak would step down by the end of the day.

American officials said Mr. Panetta was basing his statement not on secret intelligence but on media broadcasts, which began circulating before he sat down before the House Intelligence Committee. But a senior administration official said Mr. Obama had also expected that Egypt was on the cusp of dramatic change. Speaking at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, he said, “We are witnessing history unfold,” adding, “America will do everything we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy.”

Our intelligence folks are learning of world events on CNN, the Administration has been known to quote CNN, ABC,NBC and CBS reporting….

IF GWB was still POTUS and his security team used Fox news as their “Window” to the worlds issues, would this be as hush hush?

I’m seriously disgusted with the way the MSM has acted since “Duh WON” got elected. They are carrying his water, they are pissing on America. They talk about revolution in Egypt like it’s great without looking at the potential for disaster. The MSM is complicit in everything Obama and his cronies have done, and they have done so much damage to their credibility that NOBODY trusts them. They have cause us to lose trust in our elected officials by hiding their shortcomings, and they will not recover that lost trust.

Do you think having our elected officials getting their world affair news from a BIASED reporting source is a good thing? Time will tell and guess what? The Alphabet Networks will not share in any of the blame WHEN this all goes south. May I suggest that if you find your TV channel on one of those networks, you change it immediately.

Howard Dean is an idiot

Howard Dean is an idiot

So Howard Dean (D-ipshit) Goes on Chris Wallace’s Sunday morning show and calls Fox News Racist.

The time line of the Shirley Sherrod incident actually EXONERATES Fox News from any blame in this. Fox never mentioned the video or Shirley Sherrod UNTIL AFTER she was forced to resign. The liberal spin on this is epic. Unfortunately, the viewers of the liberal state run media will never know the truth because they are being fed bullshit.

Glenn Beck defended Shirley Sherrod on his show, he took the stand that “Context Matters” and within an hour of his shows end the apologies flowed from the Administration. Then the damage control started. Blame Fox! What?

Any person with any lick of common sense ingrained in their being see this as a cover your ass story now. And who better to carry a LIE and liberal message (I know that’s the same thing) to the masses than the one DEMOCRAT who has done so since his birth. Howard Dean actually got in a “Sotomoyer” reference too…Special.

So basically Howard Dean just dropped the entire Democrat rallying cry in one clip. RACIST. IF you don’t agree with us. It doesn’t matter the facts, you either toe the line and believe everything the democrats tell you or you are racist. IF you disagree with any policy, RACIST. if you don’t like our pick for SCOTUS, RACIST.

How long will America tolerate this bullshit?

Fact is the MSM is complicit in the lies. They JUMPED to the racism charge of the tea party’s they have JUMPED to the LIES of the black caucus members that they were called the N-Word, LIES…but they can’t come out and say it, or their credibility would be shot. As if they had any left after the Journalist controversy.

WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA! The fight is now.

Media Responsibility.

Media Responsibility.

This will be one of those special rants…So Listen up.

When George Bush was in office, from 2000 to 2008, we had an endless supply of dissenting news casts by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and a few others. We had one channel that we could count on to deliver some supporting opinions as well as a few negatives, arguably a MORE balanced news channel during this time was Fox.  YES, they actually did report some NEGATIVE news on GWB, and they did it openly and on several occasions. I never once heard any news reporter or commentator speak of GWB the way the Alphabet Networks do about Obama.

The reason this is important, and it is a fact that there is a HUGE amount of bias in today’s media, The media is supposed to INFORM, they are supposed to be digging for the TRUTH, they are supposed to be QUESTIONING power and they are supposed to be HONEST.

What I am getting at here is the reason our nation is so divided.

Right now, if you have questions about what Obama and his administration is REALLY up to, you go to FOX news. FOX is actually investigating GOVERNMENT as it should. FOX lost some credibility with me during the 2004-2006 years, when all they seemed to do is carry water for GWB, but later  in 2006, they actually started investigating GWB as they should, and from that point forward they have been fairly decent in their reporting. I know Obama supporters will not agree with that, but I’m sure they believed all the reporting from the alphabet networks were accurate and balanced…Sigh.

Point being; MEDIA is supposed to be our watchdogs. They are supposed to investigate and report. WHEN they quit investigating, and only report in order to keep up with other networks investigations, they do us all a disservice. What we have now is; The MSM is engaged in Obama cheer-leading, and with the NUMBERS of news outlets involved in the cheer-leading vs the ONE that isn’t, we are having a large portion of the voters BRAINWASHED.

People in the inner cities that only watch MSNBC for example, are apt to believe that all tea party’s are KKK members without the hoods. They will believe Arizona’s law requires officers to pull over anyone that has a tan and ask them for papers. They will believe that all churches have removed the Crucifixion symbols and replaced them with Pictures of Obama. These are voters that gave us Obama in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we need to shut down MSNBC or any other Alphabet network, I’m saying we need to pressure them to do their damn job. They have a lot of resources, they have the ability to sway opinions of the weak minded (Democrats) and as it sits, they are controlling the message the WH wants out.  This is why we have so much division, it’s not just the messenger (Obama) it’s his spinner division, the alphabet Networks.

We must get the CBS’s of the nation to do their job and actually investigate, report and let the viewers decide the next action. I’m not talking about Glenn Beck,  O’riley,  Chris Tingles or Olberman, they are all COMMENTATORS. IF you have a certain ideological belief, watch those programs, if you want to know how, what , when, and why’s you should have more channels to pick from. We do not have that right now. I can turn on ANY Alphabet network NEWS hour and see exactly how great Obama is doing, and how everything Obama has ever done is perfect…On the other hand I can turn on to FOX and see at least 3 stories of negative stories regarding an Obama action that was never reported on the other channels. WHO does this help? NOBODY!

In Venezuela, the first thing Hugo Chavez did when he got into power was shut down Media stations that investigated his actions. They now have ONE or TWO left that are continuously under siege by Government. Obama didn’t have to use threats or pressure or outright POWER to silence dissenting opinion, he had MOST of America’s media in the tank from the start. All he has to do is keep them there with favors, interviews and perks…

This is a sad state of affairs in our country and I hope the MSM will awaken soon.

What if CNN covered the 1864 election?

What if CNN covered the 1864 election?

If CNN Covered the 1864 Election Night

On November 8th, 1864, CNN cut all their usual programs for an election night special in Washington D.C. The transcript follows.

Wolf Blitzer: And we’re back, with more unbiased coverage from CNN, the completely unbiased and extremely accurate news channel that everyone is watching. Joining me today is CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper: Great to be here!

Wolf: Also in the field is our terrific CNN support staff, who you’ll be meeting in the near future. For now, though, I’d like to go to CNN correspondent and former advisor to Democratic president James Buchanan Donna Brazile. Donna, any predictions?

Donna: I think it’s obvious. The American people have spoken. Lincoln likes talking about how bad slavery is and how we’re fighting the good fight, but he time and again ignores the main issue of the economy. What is his stance on the Homestead Act renewal? What about draft class inequality? Lincoln needs to be held accountable for his despicable handling of the war and the economy tonight, and I think the American people will do just that..

Wolf: What impact will General Grant and General Sherman’s victories have on the race?

Donna: Wolf, the American people are more worried about the economy than the war right now. That’s the main problem in America: the economy. We’ve gotta ignore all the propaganda that Washington is spreading about how well we’re doing. Fact is, we’re not. We’re losing horribly.

(ticker at the bottom of the screen reports “Lee retreating at full speed”)

Wolf: That much is obvious. We’ll pause here for an ad break. When we come back: more unbiased coverage.

(roll ads)

Wolf: Doesn’t it crack you up when I do that “more unbiased coverage” thing? ROTFL!!!

Anderson: *snort*

Wolf: Oh, we’re on air? !*#@. And we’re back with more unbiased coverage.

Anderson: Yup.

Wolf: Returns have started to come in! Remember, the candidates will need at least 117 electoral votes to win. Oregon is in, and all 3 votes go to Lincoln.

Anderson: (sarcastically) Wow, huge win there.

Wolf: Here comes results from Vermont and Maine. No surprise there, and 12 votes go to Lincoln.

Anderson: Convenient, isn’t it, that Maine used to be part of Massachusetts, and then was split off for more votes?

Wolf: Very. Well, McClellan still isn’t out. Ohio should be very close, being on the border. If McClellan can win all 21 votes, it could be very… oh wait.

Anderson: Lincoln now has 36. But wait! Here comes Pennsylvania!

Wolf: … with all 26 votes going to Lincoln. It ain’t over ’till it’s over. 62 votes means Lincoln’s only halfway there.

Anderson: West Virginia also goes to Lincoln. No surprise there: WV was created for freed slaves. Isn’t it convenient that Lincoln created the state just in time for election season?

Wolf: Indeed. And that it has a whopping 5 votes, much more than I feel is necessary. And you know, whatever I think should be right is right because I’m so smart.

(off-camera: *cough*)

Wolf: Ah, here comes another return. Delaware casts 3 votes for McClellan! The big mo is back! McClellan can still win!

Anderson: 3 votes! McClellan is coming back!

Wolf: McClellan is slightly battered by an insignificant loss in Illinois. It’s only 16 votes, and President Lincoln hails from there. The tally is currently 82-3, with McClellan still fighting hard.

Anderson: And don’t forget, if McClellan can pick up the anti-war New York, he’ll be almost half of what Lincoln has! It’s still a close race.

Wolf: Another small victory for Lincoln. A puny 8 votes from Iowa goes to the GOP nominee. Still a close race.

Anderson: And McClellan comes back again! New Jersey votes for their favorite son! 7 votes! What a win!

Wolf: Totally. And wait! Kentucky’s 11 votes come in strong for McClellan! Huge win! It’s closing up! The race is tight at 90-21! What a race!

Anderson: Indiana plumps 13 tiny votes for Lincoln. Still anyone’s race at 113-21.

Wolf: Still really close! Nevada votes 2 for Lincoln. Not that it matters anyway. Nevada was created by Lincoln. Of course they’ll vote for him.

Anderson: And it’s over, folks. The Big Mo didn’t last, and New York votes McClellan.

(roll ads, as both anchors break out in tears)

Wolf: *blows nose* And we’re here with Democratic strategist Donna Brazile. Donna, what are your thoughts?

Donna: All I know was that there was a whole lot of election fraud going on. It’s not possible that over 2 million people thought Lincoln was doing the right thing. Not possible.

Wolf: Any particular states?

Donna: What about New York? 33 votes, and all went to Lincoln? New York is very progressive and is strongly anti-war. Or take Missouri. They voted for slavery (hence the Missouri compromise), yet voted for… Lincoln? And finally, there was definitely some manipulating going on in the South. Why not allow the Southern states, not to mention border states, vote? So what if they rebelled? They’re still Americans! OK, technically they’re Confederates and don’t consider themselves Americans, but they’re still people.

Wolf: Speaking of people, many folks in Europe are awfully upset that we elected Lincoln. Punch Magazine, a well respected British magazine, hates Lincoln. How does re-electing Lincoln help us improve our world image?

Donna: Put simply, it doesn’t.

Anderson: I also believe that this election was unduly influenced by the media. I feel that many media outlets, particularly in New York, were going out of their way to swing the election. Take Fox News, for example.

Wolf: Definitely agree. Well, that wraps things up. America had the opportunity to vote for change and progress, but settled for another four more years. Oh well. Until next time, this is the Clellan Cable News Network, signing off.

Now you gotta give this guy credit, he nailed the CNN mode of operation. I would be laughing if it wasn’t so true… Sad really.
Well done Andy Min.

Liberals are scared, what can we expect?

Liberals are scared, what can we expect?

Here is what I expect to happen over the next couple of days.

1. The economy in the media will be worse than it was during the recession. The stock market sell off will be equated to the sky falling and panic will be stoked by the Democrat leaders. NOTHING can  be seen as good until the Obamamessiah takes over the WH.

2. The Iraq conflict will see more and more BAD news being reported, the Insurgents/Terrorists will be more active, more explosions more dead Americans and civillians..all to benefit the Democrats platform which is endorsed by AQ and several other Islamic Jihadi’s.

3. Hurricane recovery after one of the hurricanes currently brewing will be criticized ruthlessly and Katrina will be brought up by Obama at every chance he gets. However; Barrack Hussein Obama will not mention Blanco or Naggin at all.

These are the expectations we all should be prepared for, The economy grew a little bit last month, but no mention, Iraq had good news lately No mention, and Gustav was handled well but little mention.

The Libtards in MSM and the Democrats as a whole are scared of the McCain/Palin platform, they know they can’t match the resume and they need their friends which are also AMERICA’S enemy’s to give them a hand. They will.

Sarah Palin targeted by the Enquirer.

Sarah Palin targeted by the Enquirer.

McCain Camp Knocks Down Enquirer’s Palin Rumor

ST. PAUL, MINN.) – John McCain’s campaign threatened legal action against the National Enquirer today for running a story about McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, allegedly having an affair with her husband’s business partner.

“The smearing of the Palin family must end. The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Gov. Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false. It is a vicious lie,” said McCain senior adviser Steve Schmidt.

“The efforts of the media and tabloids to destroy this fine and accomplished public servant are a disgrace. The American people will reject it.”

The enquirer responds:

Wed Sep 03 2008 18:19:21 ET

“The National Enquirer’s coverage of a vicious war within Sarah Palin’s extended family includes several newsworthy revelations, including the resulting incredible charge of an affair plus details of family strife when the Governor’s daughter revealed her pregnancy. Following our John Edwards’ exclusives, our political reporting has obviously proven to be more detail-oriented than the McCain campaign’s vetting process. Despite the McCain camp’s attempts to control press coverage they find unfavorable, The Enquirer will continue to pursue news on both sides of the political spectrum.”

You see how the tabloid media works? The Enquirer got some credit because they found out about John Edwards, so now they can make an accusation like this and have some “Street Credit”.
They have got the focus away from the “experience” of Sarah Palin.. Good plan Obama camp, but you can only hide for so long. Eventually the American people will see you in action, and see your plans for what they are. SOCIALISTIC Experiments.
Biden and Obama the initials spell it all B-O, and something is rotten in Messiahland.

I think this Enquirer investigation is a good thing, I think if the Palin family comes out of it unscathed then Palin wins. I think if they harp on the “Family Strife” after her daughter got pregnant, they will experience a large backlash.

I trust Sarah Palin to have been completely honest with the McCain camp from the beginning. IF not this will be the last chapter of the Republican party.

Just a word of advice to the Enquirer:
Investigate moral issues if you want, but be careful not to MANUFACTURE “facts” to sell a magazine.

Oh and explain this too me would you Barrack Hussein Obama supporters:

Edwards was considered a pariah at the convention for cheating on his wife, yet the Demorats saw fit to put Bill Clinton on the stage :rollingeyes:

The moral high ground will always be on the side of Conservatives, we will have our idiots, but we remove them, the democrats put their idiots in charge.



IF there was ever any doubt about the VP pick of Sarah Palin, it should be put to rest NOW. The Democrats are pissin in their pants over this, and the attack machine will be in full on rage. The media will assist the Democrats in the attack, but the AMERICAN Voter will rally around Sarah Palin, she is, as she was expected to be. AWESOME!

Sarah Palin stood strong in the face of the media onslaught, she never blinked. John McCain has gained some respect from me over the last couple of days, he had my respect for his service, but his real quality appears to be in recognizing the needs and acting on that realization.

He recognized Iraq was going wrong, he righted the ship, he recognized that he can’t win the WH without a Conservative base backing him and he picked Sarah Palin. Pandering if you will, but I honestly believe that Sarah and John share some core values that I fully agree with.

IF they win in November, and IF they can turn some things around, then the stench of GWB will be wiped off the party. The border problem will come up again MINUTES after the election, and McCain will need to remember WHO put him there.

The media is all about fairness, and balanced coverage:

But they sure quit talking about the Rev. Wright scandal.. “20 years I listened to that man but never agreed with anything he said”…well at least after he was caught in a lie.. Bull shit.

Media bias, unfair, sexist media coverage… all the tools of the left wing.