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Hypocrisy of the Ruling class..

Hypocrisy of the Ruling class..

Randall Hoven, of American Thinker, wrote this and I’m sure the progressive elites have a reason for all of them…

The Curious Logic of Our Governing Elites

1. President Bush was bad for the economy because he spent too much. President Obama is helping the economy by spending a lot.

2. The boy scouts are wrong for having policies that inhibit pedophilia. The Catholic church was wrong for not having policies that inhibit pedophilia.

3. Grabbing a person by his shirt and pulling him toward you is an “enhanced interrogation technique” not in the Army Field Manual. Dropping a bomb on him and killing him and anyone near him is OK.

4. It was foolish to let Saddam Hussein go in 1991. It was foolish to go after him in 2003.

5. It is wrong to ask a person for identity papers even after he has committed a crime and fits the profile of an illegal immigrant. It is OK to ask every citizen in the U.S. to prove he or she has health insurance.

6. The phrase “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of Law” means:

a. It is OK to deprive property owners of their property and
b. It is NOT OK for a state to outlaw depriving life to any baby whose head has not left the birth canal.

7. The way to increase jobs is to raise taxes on those who provide them and give money to those who don’t have them.

8. A guy who made a $34,000 mistake on his own taxes is the best choice to be in charge of the IRS and the entire federal treasury. – Tim Geithner

The guy with 13 ethics charges against him, including misusing federal resources and not paying taxes on his villa in the Dominican Republic, should be in charge of writing the country’s tax laws. – Rep. Charles Rangel

The guy who told us in 2005 that a housing bubble was nonsense and Fannie Mae was in fine shape should be writing in 2010 the regulations to overhaul all finance conducted in this country. – Barney Frank

9. It was right to take John McCain to court, through oral arguments and written opinion, to prove that he is “natural born” despite both his parents being U.S. citizens their whole lives and despite being the son and grandson of U.S. Navy admirals. It was wrong to think Barack Obama should have to prove his birth status to anyone prior to taking the oath of office as president.

And this one is mine:

The reason cap and trade, repealing DADT, Immigration reform and the extension of the bush tax cuts aren’t being done is because the Republicans are blocking it. Even though Obamacare and the stimulus were passed without Republicans…

Rush Nails it Again.

Rush Nails it Again.

I’ve made my feelings known in no uncertain terms about the Ground Zero Mosque. But this little exchange between Rush and a liberpuke caller pretty much sums up my feeling on the issue:


Liberal hypocrisy…The hell you say!

Liberal hypocrisy…The hell you say!

I’ve been perusing various websites the last couple of days and I even put on a hazmat suit and jumped into the swamp. The swamp being places like the KOSacks, and HUFFingPaint…

Once I deloused, and sanitized my eyes with bleach, I began laughing so hard the wife had to come in and smack me on the back to get me to start breathing again.

What caused the uncontrollable laughter? Good question…

I found that Obama’s failing according to “Obamabots” is directly the result of the right wingers refusal to go along with his plans. :rotfl:

I also read a couple of long winded articles railing against the “Unfair” criticism of Obama from Rightwingers….Seriously I can’t make this shit up.

So liberpukes, KOsacks and PaintHUFFERS…..When GWB was in office, you idiots bashed his every move, you clowns called him hitler, you idiots went on a BASH BUSH campaign that lasted the entire time he was in office EVEN THOUGH, the first 5 years produced RESULTS in the economy at least…You clowns got your idiots in power (For the last 4 years might I add) by bashing the CIC….Shoe, meet other foot…

The only difference between then and now is, WE HAVE A MUCH BROADER TARGET RANGE! Your idiot is making it so easy a cave man can do it!

I’d like to thank those of you on the left for allowing us the target rich environment that is the Obama administration. Oh and wait till November, it only gets better for US from there.

One thing you morons on the liberpuke side of the aisle fail to realize is:

IF Obama’s policies would have garnered RESULTS,  We adults would have heaped praise on the man. IF his apology tour would have created world peace (It made things worse) we would have took notice. IF his stimulus package would have done as promised, WE Would have little to complain about. IF his economic plan of taxing the rich to high heaven would have created jobs (MOST FOLKS KNEW IT WOULD PRODUCE THE OPPOSITE RESULT) we would have praised him for his vision. IF his Muslim outreach program would have reduced the threat of MUSLIM EXTREMISM, we would have reacted favorably.IF Obama’s/Pelosi’s and Reid’s arm twisting, bribery laden, fraud known as OBAMACARE, had a half of chance of NOT KILLING Jobs and creating a UTOPIAN healthcare program, we would have been on board….BUT;

In every instance and a few more, Obama has FAILED, he has taken this nation on a path that leads to destruction and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT! So you have little recourse but to blame the RIGHT. I understand…

Seek counseling and try to wake the hell up.

Save us George Bush…

Save us George Bush…

You can’t make this stuff up…WOW!

To save Obama, Left cries out for … George W. Bush?

“It’s time for W. to weigh in,” writes the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd. Bush, Dowd explains, understands that “you can’t have an effective war against the terrorists if it is a war on Islam.” Dowd finds it “odd” that Obama seems less sure on that matter. But to set things back on the right course, she says, “W. needs to get his bullhorn back out” — a reference to Bush’s famous “the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!” speech at Ground Zero on September 14, 2001.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson is also looking for an assist from Bush. “I…would love to hear from former President Bush on this issue,” Robinson wrote Tuesday in a Post chat session. “He held Ramadan iftar dinners in the White House as part of a much broader effort to show that our fight against the al-Qaeda murderers who attacked us on 9/11 was not a crusade against Islam. He was absolutely right on this point, and it would be helpful to hear his views.”

And Peter Beinart, a former editor of the New Republic, is also feeling some nostalgia for the former president. “Words I never thought I’d write: I pine for George W. Bush,” Beinart wrote Tuesday in The Daily Beast. “Whatever his flaws, the man respected religion, all religion.” Beinart longs for the days when Bush “used to say that the ‘war on terror’ was a struggle on behalf of Muslims, decent folks who wanted nothing more than to live free like you and me…”

For the moment, with Obama failing to live up to expectations, Bush-bashing is over.

So let me get this straight, the Anti-Christ, the evil one, the cause of the worlds problems needs to speak up in favor of the mosque? George Bush can now be allowed to weigh in on a hot button issue? Are you idiots for real? :rotfl:

I’d caution you liberpukes on asking for his input on this. He’s no longer an “Elected” official, and he’s liable to actually let a little “Texas” out. The old saying “be careful what you ask for” is a fitting saying for this case.

And if ANYONE reading this blog knows GWB or has his ear tell him to keep out of it. Tell him to enjoy his retirement and the entertainment. George Bush has been staying out of the fray, and that’s probably one of the reasons the Republicans are making a come back. IF George Bush makes ANY statement it can only hurt the Republicans chances in November and beyond.

I’d suggest GWB takes good care of himself so he can live long enough to see the resurgence of conservatism, then maybe he can tell his side.

Found at “I Own The World

It’s the TEA PARTY Inciting violence..Yeah them violent “Tea Baggers”

NSFW, language warning.

So how many of you liberals are OKAY with that? Lets see how many vulgar signs, and racist symbols do you see at tea party’s?

Yeah the liberal mentality is just such a wonderful thing to behold.

What I can’t for the life of me understand is, HOW ARE AFRICAN-AMERICANS still Democrats? Democrats have done everything possible to keep them under the poverty line, funny how MOST successful black men and women have conservative views, they may not be out front like democrats but they vote conservative. I do understand the reluctance of the black community to voice support for conservative values they get insulted from their own community, and the democrats as a whole. Tough spot.

People like good ol racist Al Sharpton have good hold on them. I really wish us conservatives would do more to support the black man/women with conservative values. Unfortunately everything we do gets played toward the “Racist” card and the media is complicit in that…

Anyway, Hope you all enjoyed the video and please come back I’ll post more wonderful liberpuke examples soon…

The CON Game continues.

The CON Game continues.

Three Amigo's of Crime.
Three Amigo's of Crime.

Obama signs another massive spending bill, but says it will be the last time….I got big money on that LIE.

Obama is a turd in a punch bowl, he is nothing more than a token for Peloshag and Hairlip Reid. Until we remove ALL involved in the biggest scam EVER perpetrated on the American people from office WE can expect more of the same. We are being systematically rendered insignificant by our inaction.

To be fair, the REPUBLICRATS in Congress are no better. IF they had an ounce of morals or standards they would have REMOVED their earmarks in principle and then vote NO on the bill, that would have given them the extreme MORAL high ground, but that would be asking too much. The Rublicrats are as responsible as the Demolibturds in this fleecing of our nations youth. It is time for CHANGE, it is time to CHANGE every politician currently holding office.