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Hypocrisy of the Ruling class..

Randall Hoven, of American Thinker, wrote this and I’m sure the progressive elites have a reason for all of them… The Curious Logic of Our Governing Elites 1. President Bush was bad for the economy because he spent too much. … Continue reading

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Hypocrites and Fools.

Now this is pretty simple stuff. Even a liberal/Progressive nutjob should be able to understand this: HT Newsreal blog

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Rush Nails it Again.

I’ve made my feelings known in no uncertain terms about the Ground Zero Mosque. But this little exchange between Rush and a liberpuke caller pretty much sums up my feeling on the issue: :rotfl:

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Liberal hypocrisy…The hell you say!

I’ve been perusing various websites the last couple of days and I even put on a hazmat suit and jumped into the swamp. The swamp being places like the KOSacks, and HUFFingPaint… Once I deloused, and sanitized my eyes with … Continue reading

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Save us George Bush…

You can’t make this stuff up…WOW! To save Obama, Left cries out for … George W. Bush? “It’s time for W. to weigh in,” writes the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd. Bush, Dowd explains, understands that “you can’t have an … Continue reading

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Found at “I Own The World” It’s the TEA PARTY Inciting violence..Yeah them violent “Tea Baggers” NSFW, language warning. So how many of you liberals are OKAY with that? Lets see how many vulgar signs, and racist symbols do you … Continue reading

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Follow him Sheep…Liberpuke Anthem

This is truth unfortunately. Yeah I think I just threw up a little.

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The CON Game continues.

Obama signs another massive spending bill, but says it will be the last time….I got big money on that LIE. Obama is a turd in a punch bowl, he is nothing more than a token for Peloshag and Hairlip Reid. … Continue reading

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