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Tonight’s State of the Union…

Tonight’s State of the Union…

I’d rather be butt raped with a cactus than watch the boy king tell me how my country is doing. I don’t need some half ass’d marxist explain to me how we’re “Moving Forward” despite those awful tea party extremists… I don’t need to hear any more lies from the pretender in chief about his policies effectiveness… The proof is the results.

Gas prices setting records, Unemployment going up, Food stamp use is up, poverty is up, our moral fiber going down, our wages going down, our taxes going up, our hero’s being forgotten, our lives being threatened, our kids are in debt, our nation is dying… But this asshat will stand in front of an adoring crowd and speak about “Forward” and “Future”

Let me tell you the future: These sons of worthless bitches are going to make a federal law that bans or severely restrict our rights to bear arms. These bastards under the guise of “What the people want” are about to make MILLIONS of us FELONS with the stroke of a pen.

But don’t worry democrats, you’ll be in great shape when the rail cars fire up.. You’ll be the last ones on the cars.. Aint that great? MORONS!

And just for some really interesting art work.. Here’s the photo we were told not to mess with..

Obama as Chris Mathews sees him:

obamarock photo yN1j0XK_zps3dc795e8.gif

Obama shooting them skeets

obamashoot photo yWj2guz_zpsad32cfd6.gif

What is the most likely result of Obama having a gun

obamadoofus photo vYhspVC_zps70dca425.gif



You can’t make this stuff up… But rest assure, the MSM will find away to make this the tea party’s fault…

Obama has said MANY times.. “PASS THIS BILL” on his “Jobs bill” So Republican leader Mitch McConnell asked for unanimous consent to proceed on voting on the bill.

Then Harry Reid (who by the way hasn’t passed a budget in almost 900 days) OBJECTED to the motion and killed the opportunity for a vote… But it’s those “Republicans” who are not “Compromising” with “Duh Won”…

You can’t make this stuff up. What we have here is a failure to communicate. In 2010 we sent a STRONG message that we’re tired of the liberal elite policies that have bankrupt our nation in six years. Yes I know GWB was the POTUS but anyone who knows how our government works KNOWS congress is the power. Democrat control from 2007 to 2011. How’s it looking folks?….

Harry Reid should have been defeated in 2010. Sharon Angle was painted as a kook by the media. She didn’t help herself by defending the charges. NOBODY ever does themselves any favors by trying to defend the charges of a left biased media. NEVER.

We will prevail in 2012. We will remove Obama from the WH and we will take control of Congress. We may not get 100% of TRUE CONSERVATIVE members. But we’ll get enough to make the rest step up to the plate.

Harry, your days are numbered you worthless pile of filth.

You have the right to Remain STUPID!

You have the right to Remain STUPID!

I post this with no commentary. It says it all. Read it and plaster it everywhere.

by Ted Nugent

You have the right to remain stupid, and what you say and do can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion is expanding into a stupid is as stupid does joke. And they have a president and gang of thieves in the United States government to represent them.

So goes the sheeping of America. Welcome to Euro II.

With the level of dishonesty, fraud, abuse of power, corruption, rampant irresponsible and downright criminal behavior and their vehement refusal to be accountable, our government has clearly lost its collective mind, and its soul.

The braindead, zombie like nonsenses blurting out of democrats’ pie holes is mind boggling as they feebly attempt to rationalize raising the debt ceiling, scrambling mindlessly to explain how increased runaway, criminal spending on gluttonous, wasteful, superfluous crap is a good thing.

“Honey, we’re in debt up to our ass, let’s go shopping and increase our gluttonous indulgences. Yeah, that’s the stuff.”

Is there a Dr. Phil or an Oprah to counsel psychotic bureaucrats? Somebody has to put a halt to this insanity as quickly as possible. We the people of the Tea Party are trying with all our might, but there must be somebody in government that can stop this. Somebody?

The separation of Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government have turned into one big gang of complicit goons, scratching each other’s backs and scheming to increase their own dishonest teaming up on we the people. Oh how they have forgotten their oath to the US Constitution. Oh woe are they.

A nasty unclean gaggle of Americans read the nonstop reports of mass graves in Mexico, the mountains of dead bodies, the unending exhuming of slaughtered innocents and decapitated citizens and public officials at the hands of evil drug cartels, then nonchalantly purchase another load of the mind and life destroying dope that these subhuman heathens pedal. You have to be on dope in order to fail to admit how your illegal or “medical marijuana” consumption creates wanton death and mayhem in your own communities and country. Thanks for nothing idiots.

Freddie and Fanny and their complicit gang of America hating snake oil salesmen represent the most clear and present economic raping and pillaging in our country’s history, and instead of ending the tragedy, the perpetrators are given bonuses and hired by our already criminal infested government. And they call it “creating jobs”. Mao and Al Capone would be proud.

In the American West where actual inhabitants have been raising hell for twenty plus years how grizzly bears pose a serious and constant threat to people’s lives and livelihood, inept, ignorant bureaucrats force dangerous policy by calling these overpopulated bears an endangered species. A hiker gets killed by a grizzly again and these geniuses’ response is to remind people to whistle and bang on pots and pans.

In the middle of a war on terror, invaders invade our southern border with impunity, and instead of living up to their oath to protect America, soulless Fedzillacrats erect signs on American soil, not warning the invaders to leave, but rather warning American citizens to stay out of the invaded territory. Meanwhile, the feds sue Arizona for enforcing American laws.

Charlie Rangle, Tim Guitner, Tom Daschle and God knows how many other criminal tax cheats get caught red handed and none of them are brought to anything resembling justice. Are you kidding me?

Chicago Mayor Daley and now Rhom Emanual, along with NYC mayor Bloomberg, forbid their subjects to protect themselves, but charge their subjects increased taxes for their own heavily armed security detail.

Texas rightly decide to execute a convicted murderer rapist of an innocent little girl, and the president and secretary of state sides with the murderous, rotten to the core UN goons instead of with their own country. Are you kidding me?

I end up in a state of the art emergency room at a Canadian hospital with a serious blood gushing dog bite and wait six and a half hours to see a doctor. In Waco, Texas, I wait less than a minute. Our fearless community organizer in chief wants to fundamentally transform American healthcare into Canadian healthcare. Unless of course you qualify for a crony, payoff waiver of this diabolical scam otherwise shoved down the throats of we the people. Are you kidding me?

Food stamp pigs increase their fraud and criminal abuse of an already proven failed welfare slavery system, and our numbnut politicians let Obama increase it four fold. Are you kidding me?

Cloward and Piven write the ultimate America hating guideline on how to bring down the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind, and the Obama administration puts their ideas on the fast track in broad daylight, yet no one stops him. Are you kidding me?

Four so called Supreme Court Justices declare American citizens have no fundamental right to self-defense, and nobody makes a peep. Are you kidding me?

Unions continue to demand more compensation for less productivity or quality control. The list of jobs Americans are not willing to do gets longer by the day as soilent green foreigners continue to kick our ass because they don’t allow such a list. Are you kidding me?

With another glaring smoke and mirrors defiance of their pledge to government transparency, the number one cop in America, aided and abetted by the vehemently anti-gun president, knowingly break the law and their oath to the US Constitution by running illegally begotten guns to Mexican murderers, then try to blame legitimate American gun dealers. Nothing like a good backfire to spotlight the cockroaches.

I could go on, but I’m getting sick to my stomach. As are an increasing number of American citizens sickened by the flagrant criminality of our government. I would like to go on record, that the US Government is now more offensive and in violation of self-evident truths and God given individual rights and liberties than the British government was in 1775. Make note bureaucrats- we have had enough, are completely fed up with the insanity, and we officially put you on notice; you’re fired. When we go to the polls in 2012, we are committed to give most of you a good dose of what unemployment feels like. And from now on, you will have to create your own jobs, because governments, especially a bloated, criminally abusive government like we have in the USA today, is unforgivable, unsustainable and will not be tolerated any longer.

I would highly recommend you all seek treatment for your allergies to logic, truth, goodwill, decency, accountability and The American Way. Because if you don’t get help soon, God only knows what will become of you.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Companies FLEEING California

Companies FLEEING California

Staying on the economic topic for a while since the United States Government is following the California model of success. 😯

California companies fleeing the Golden State

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Buffeted by high taxes, strict regulations and uncertain state budgets, a growing number of California companies are seeking friendlier business environments outside of the Golden State.

And governors around the country, smelling blood in the water, have stepped up their courtship of California companies. Officials in states like Florida, Texas, Arizona and Utah are telling California firms how business-friendly they are in comparison.

Companies are “disinvesting” in California at a rate five times greater than just two years ago, said Joseph Vranich, a business relocation expert based in Irvine. This includes leaving altogether, establishing divisions elsewhere or opting not to set up shop in California.

“There is a feeling that the state is not stable,” Vranich said. “Sacramento can’t get its act together…and that includes the governor, legislators and regulatory agencies that are running wild.”

The article doesn’t say that one of the biggest problems is the population. The remaining population is unqualified to work in a successful company. There are plenty of fast food, cashiers, sales folks, and yard workers. But there are very few industrial experienced people. Not to mention there are very few that are worth taking a chance on. The “Diversity” experiment has failed miserably. WHY?

The fact is we didn’t expect those that come here to become AMERICANS. We allowed them to continue and enforce their own country’s failures on us. California is an example of liberal leadership.

I stated in 2006 when Pelosi took over the speaker gavel that the nation will now experience California leadership… Was I right?

The last part in the article Gavin Newsome (Lt GOV, former SF mayor.. You may remember his “So goes the nation” statement on gay marriage) Says:

“Later this year, California will set up a new agency that will serve as a focal point for economic development and job creation, he said. Among its goals will be to reverse the perception that California is business-unfriendly.

“We’re going to start pounding away at this and begin to slowly turn this around,” he said”

Which is part of the problem. Obama set up agencies, commissions and panels to fix the economy. IF you don’t follow the advice, your pissing into the wind. I expect the agency Newsome sets up to be about as useful as tits on a bull.

Hang in there Texas, you’re our only hope. Demand that people when coming to Texas become TEXANS. Don’t allow them to bring their dumbassery to Texas and infest a good thing…

Happy Nanny State New Year!

Happy Nanny State New Year!

The new year brings in opportunity if you live in America. If you happen to live in “The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia” the new year brings more laws and regulations.

Californians will welcome 725 new laws on Jan. 1. Here’s a glance at some of the laws taking effect when you ring in the new year:

* AB 119 prevents insurance companies from charging different rates for men and women for identical coverage.
* SB 782 prevents landlords from evicting tenants who are victims of domestic or sexual abuse or stalking.
* AB 1844—informally known as Chelsea’s Law and authored by local Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher—will increase penalties, parole provisions and oversight of sex offenders, including a “one-strike, life-without-parole penalty” for some. 
* AB 1871 allows people to lease out their cars when they are not being used—alleviating the need to purchase additional insurance.
* AB 537 will make food stamps an acceptable form of payment at farmers markets through an EBT process.
* SB 1411 makes it a misdemeanor to maliciously impersonate someone via a social media outlet or through e-mails.
* SB 1317 allows the state to slap parents with a $2,000 fine if their K-8 child misses more than 10 percent of the school year without a valid excuse. It also allows the state to punish parents with up to a year in prison for the misdemeanor. * AB 715 makes a change to the California Green Building Standards code. The change will require new California buildings to be energy efficient.
* SB 1449 makes the possession of one ounce of marijuana an infraction with a penalty of a $100 fine.
* AB 12 allows foster youth to acquire state services until the age of 21.
* SB 1399 allows California to medically parole state prison inmates with physical incapacitating conditions and ultimately shifts some of the cost of care to the federal government.
* AB 97 bans the use of trans-fats in food facilities.

Now those are just a few of the wonderful new laws that took effect today. In February the one that pisses me off the most is this one:

Thumbprints, ID required for the sale of ammunition: Actually passed during 2009, Assembly Bill 962, the “Anti-Gang Neighborhood Protection Act of 2009,” takes effect February 1, 2011. The new law requires handgun ammunition sellers to record a buyer’s thumbprint along with other valid identification and make the records available to law enforcement for five years.

So basically in February I start driving to Arizona for all of my ammo needs.

Anyway I seriously hope you guys have a great new year, I’m preparing my evacuation plan.

Pretty soon in California, when you come in you will be provided with a nurse, a teacher and police officer. The nurse will be there to spoon feed you and wipe your ass, the teacher to help you understand this is the way the world should be, and the Police officer will be there to arrest you if decline any of those services…

Some of us are fighting to change this state, others have given up. I’m just trying to survive until I can get the hell out of here.

One thing I’d like y’all to notice. Not one law passed is going to help curb the illegal infestation. Not one law passed will deter more illegal invaders from making California a home. I do however have a solution:

The Illegal Alien Wink:

Hypocrisy on the left… AGAIN!

Hypocrisy on the left… AGAIN!

Funny thing about the liberals, they don’t see the humor in this at all:

F*&K the President

The frustration with President Barack Obama over his tax cut compromise was palpable and even profane at Thursday’s House Democratic Caucus meeting.

One unidentified lawmaker went so far as to mutter “f— the president” while Rep. Shelley Berkley was defending the package the president negotiated with Republicans. Berkley confirmed the incident, although she declined to name the specific lawmaker.

“It wasn’t loud,” the Nevada Democrat said. “It was just expressing frustration from a very frustrated Member.”

When the senator from South Carolina CORRECTLY yelled “You lie” at the POTUS in the State of the Union address, the liberals went NUTS calling him everything from racist to anti-American. But saying “Fu*K the President is just frustration? Wha? :rotfl:

Man I tell you if this wasn’t real it would make for one hilarious sit-com. Our liberal elites that have convinced themselves that keeping the poor, poor is good for the nation, have also convinced themselves that keeping the tax rates the same during a major recession is a bad idea. They believe giving more money to poor and paying people not to work is a better idea than making the business environment more conducive to hiring those out of work…. BIZARRE.

In a liberals mind the more unemployed the more votes they will get in the next election. The more welfare money that is shoveled into the poor areas will result in more votes. I think that time has passed. I think the narrative has switched.

Think of it like this: The liberal argument that “Trickle down economics is a failure and it’s proven now” is the same argument about the liberal federal funding of their special projects “Giving people money to not work is a failure”

IF I was elected and sitting in the senate I would not vote for this tax cut “Compromise” Unless as I stated in the below post, it was gamesmanship. I would vote to not give Obama a damn thing. I would vote to let the tax cuts expire. I would vote to not do a damn thing until the next congress session. Then I would work for a solution and that would include retroactive tax breaks.

Truthfully I am enjoying to no end the liberpuke head explosions that are occurring across the nation.

Note to Sarah Palin, you are now free to take a vacation we have Obama now.

Juan Williams Fired from NPR…Told ya.

Juan Williams Fired from NPR…Told ya.

Funny thing about the left, they see this as standing for what’s right. Most Americans see this as hypocrisy and B.S.

I don’t really like Juan Williams, he’s a libber and he’s the Obama voice on Fox news. Which by itself is grounds for his firing by NPR. Juan is a regular on Fox, and that it shows the world that Fox is less biased than their competition. Personally I think Juan does a pretty good job of stating the lefts positions. That’s probably why I don’t like him.

So NPR fires Juan for stating the obvious, the view ladies storm out on their own show because Bill O’Riley stated the obvious. All this says is the left surely has their head in the sand.

Juan, we told you the left were hypocrites, we told you the liberal/progressives have no class, we told you the minute you stepped out of the party line you would be in trouble….Hate to say we told you so.. BUT…

Hopefully this little event will open your eyes to what most Americans have been seeing for a long time. Come on over Juan, we would welcome your change in positions. Come on to the right side Juan. We are not racists over here, obviously NPR is racist because they fired you… See how easy that was? Give it a shot.

Oct 2nd, One Nation Astro-Turf, the definition…

Oct 2nd, One Nation Astro-Turf, the definition…

On October 2nd, hundreds of paid protesters will stand on the national mall proclaiming their political beliefs. Does this help or hurt the nation? Lets look how they are doing it.

From Big Government:

Astroturf? Thousands Given Free Bus Rides by Unions & NAACP to One Nation Rally

In response to the success of the Tea Party rallies in April 2009, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused the nascent movement of being “astroturf”–a political term of art for a faux movement funded by traditional powers to give a cause the appearance of independent grassroots support.

Pelosi repeated the “astroturf” slur in August 2009 as Tea Party activists showed up in large numbers at healthcare townhall meetings.

Five national tea party-related rallies have been held in our nation’s capitol in the past year and half. If there was evidence that thousands of tea party activists were getting free bus rides to these rallies, surely the media would have made certain the whole world knew about it.

These groups, these supporters and these organizations are behind the rally. That’s fine with me. I really have no problem with anyone getting together and rallying in support of their beliefs. What I do have a problem with is the typical Democrat/Progressive/Liberal lies of “We are for America” when they are anything but.

The groups that are pushing for attendance are about the destruction of this nation PERIOD. You can tell a lot by the company one keeps. Since ANSWER, NAACP and United Socialists are involved as well as many other LOONY LEFTISTS, and George Soros is a large part of the money behind it, I must question the group as a whole. They are providing free bus’s and all kinds of incentives for those that would attend.

How many incentives did Glenn Beck offer? If I remember correctly, he told folks bring your kids, leave your signs. He had help there to assist the elderly and handi-capped but I didn’t hear anything about free bus rides, or plane tickets or flags or anything for the attendees…Odd huh? And they according to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were astro-turf? WOW.

So what will we see on Oct 2nd?

Prediction: A bunch of signs about rightwing extremists, anti-tea party signs, Republicans in effigy, Glen Beck insults, and a lot the signs will be professionally done and duplicated.

I hope they have a wonderful time and it will be interesting to see the arrest reports, and the condition of the area after the “rally”. I predict they will have about 20 to 30 thousand in attendance and it will be reported as millions.