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Don’t Blame the Democrats?? WTF?

Don’t Blame the Democrats?? WTF?

Pelosi: Dems bear no responsibility for economic crisis

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, when asked Tuesday whether Democrats bear some of the responsibility regarding the current crisis on Wall Street, had a one-word answer: “No.”

Pelosi (D-Calif.) ripped President Bush’s “mismanagement” of the economy and a lack of regulation that led to the current situation.

“I think the American people have had it with this situation where the middle-income people in our country are not protected from the ramifications of the risk-taking and the greed of these financial institutions,” Pelosi told MSNBC.

When asked whether the Democrats “deserve some responsibility” regarding the economic crisis, Pelosi responded: “No.”

“John McCain said that this is a result of overregulation by the Democrats in Congress,” she added. “Either he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he’s misrepresenting the facts as he knows them. But it’s simply not true.”

Republicans responded quickly, pointing out that a Congress led by Democrats had not helped the economy.

“The Pelosi-Obama Congress has failed to pass an all-of-the-above energy plan, failed to stop earmarks, and failed to break the partisan gridlock that plagues Washington,” RNC spokesman Alex Conant said. “If Pelosi thinks the Democratic Congress is doing a good job handling the economy now, then just imagine how bad our economy would be if Democrats controlled the White House, too.”

(Emphasis mine)

As I have been saying for YEARS, the Democrat way is to deny, deflect and absolve themselves of ALL blame at all cost. EXAMPLE: Iraq, How many stood up and said “I authorized it, I am responsible for the outcome and I will accept the responsibility for my actions? ONE, Joe Lieberman. The rest have deflected blame and tried to lose the conflict at every turn. Nuff said about that.

Now we have a new problem, and the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CONGRESS, says “Not us” well lets look at who actually pulls the purse strings in Government, The House and Senate. Who creates, regulates, and oversees matters of finance? Congress. Who is the speaker? A democrat named Pelosi. BUT DON’T blame her, blame Bush, blame Bush, blame Bush… What will happen to the Democrats solution of “Blame Bush” when Bush is out of office? They will find another to blame after the first 3 years I assume, everything wrong for the first 3 years will be blamed on Bush. As usual. BUT I really hope folks will see what a Democrat controlled Congress gets us. An Economy that tanks because of Tax fears, Over regulation, and Corruption…

No Barrack Hussien Obama, and REMOVE ALL Liberals from Government. ALL of them Kick them the hell out, and why we are at it, Kick all the Party first, kiss Bush’s ass at all times Republicans out too.

A Conservative Majority is the only way out of this mess, and that is where the BLAME Game would stop.