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President Donald Trump!!!

President Donald Trump!!!

Well, I had my doubts.. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!

Trump has done exactly what he said he’d do and more. Not only that he unmasked the fascist left, he has the muslim terrorist support staff at CAIR in a frenzy, he’s got the Mexican president throwing a temper tantrum and democrats crying on the stage!! WINNING!

In the first 2 weeks, Trump has basically wiped the memory of Obama off the history books. That’s the real issue here. Obama was the fascist lefts hero, he could do no wrong.

BUT We the people must be vigilant with all this winning. We must not give Trump too much power… The constitution must be respected. Here’s the issue though. The Constitution has been bent and twisted for the last eight years unabated. So how do you remove the bends and twists without bending and twisting on the way back? You can’t. So there will be some leeway we will have to grant as long as the direction of the bends and twists lead back to the constitution.

Now lets take a look at Trump’s opposition: The democrat senators/house that are blocking his appointees. It was expected. It will fail. It will help Republicans in house/senate races in 2018. As will these protesters..


Every one of these senate democrats that are holding up Trump’s cabinet picks are showing their constituents who they are. Some are happy, MOST aren’t and the number of those that AREN’T will grow exponentially over time.


Democrats have proven they can’t govern. They’ve proven to be the party of complain with no solutions or blame when their solutions don’t work.

Trump is doing exactly what he was put in office to do, wear a big boot and kick ass. Hope he’s ready to use it a lot. The protesters, the so-called “anti-fascists” crew of the democrat party are using their media attention to make it seem like Trump is uniting the nation against him…

Its the same echo chamber filled democrat held states and counties that Hillary won. She lost 33 states out of 50. She lost over 2,600 counties to around 500 counties. These are the same protesters that were out on Nov 9th before Trump ever took office. So there’s no credibility for any protest afterwards. They really don’t want a revolution do they?


One more note: The “Republicans” who supported Trump in the election all won their seats. The ones who didn’t aren’t there this session. 2018 is coming and we’re watching.

Gonna be a great and entertaining year.. MAGA!!!!



We the People are Responsible…

We the People are Responsible…

I read a post at Bloviating Zeppelin about the OWS folks blaming “Da Jooos” for everything (AGAIN) to which I made a comment that I would like to expound upon.

My comment there was simply it was OUR FAULT. We caused it. We allowed it and in some cases we even demanded it. The OWS crowd, the Greek rioters, the London looters, the anarchist in general are a direct result of OUR lack of effort, Lack of attention, Lack of our back bone, and our lack of knowledge. As well as our failure to recognize where we were headed.

We INTENDED welfare to be hand up and temporary. We allowed it to be a hand out and permanent.

We Intended College Grants to be a hand up for those who showed promise and couldn’t afford the next step. We allowed them to be RACE/Gender based hand outs that only increase the amount of idiocy that we see in OWS.

We intended for unemployment to be a hand up to help bridge the gap between jobs. We allowed it to be 2 years of income without working. We allowed it to be a bridge until a JOB YOU LIKE comes along.

We intended to give minorities a hand up with the affirmative action program. We allowed it to lower the bar so there is no incentive to be the best if you are a so-called “minority”

We intended to give a hand up to the millions of illegal immigrants in this nation back in the 80’s and gave them amnesty. We allowed the illegal immigration flood to continue to degrade our nation and now they have become a voting block for the Democrats.

We intended to give the gun grabbers a little slack by agreeing to some of the most ignorant gun laws ever imposed on people, because we didn’t know if we were right. NOW WE KNOW and it’s a very tough fight to get back those rights back.

We intended to help the homeless and inner cities with money so they could educate themselves and compete in the nation. We allowed that money to flow into the abyss with NOTHING to show for it but more democrat voters because THEY keep filling the trough.

We intended to give teachers a say in how they teach students. We allowed them to become professors of liberal philosophy/marxism/communism and rewrite history if it doesn’t follow their warped beliefs.

We the people have allowed the mentality you see in the streets of Oakland, DC, NYC, LA. We have seen the world they would have us live and I will die fighting that vision. I will remove a lot of those type people on my way out I assure you.

The issue is on the front burner now. The American people have seen the opposite of the Tea Party. The American people have a serious choice to make. IF we chose right we can fix this madness. IF we choose wrong, buy a tent because you will be occupying an underpass soon.

IF war is what they want lets get it on. We need a counter in the streets and as of yet I see nothing in the way of confronting these losers on Wall Street. LOWS… (Loosers Occupying Wall Street)

Wirecutter sprayed the first gas. GOD willing there will be much more of that going on in the near future. At some point there will be a falling out. In the streets or in the woods. Makes no difference to me. Lets play.