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Hypocrite ALERT… Well, we should be used to it.

Hypocrite ALERT… Well, we should be used to it.

To all you Obama supporters that are “Supporting” this “Kinetic Military Action” or whatever they are calling it; How can you support this and NOT any of the “Actions taken by GWB? How can the approval rate be 60% for actions in Libya and not Iraq?

If you are going to participate in any debate with any conservative/republican/independent. You will need to show some nuts. You will need to give up the reason you are blinded by party affiliation. You need to eloquently explain the differences between then and now. Keep in mind that Congress was informed about both Iraq and Afghanistan, the people were informed, the UN was informed.

Here’s some of the reasons I’ve heard WHY this is okay:

Libya is in our national interest. Explain why.

The Ruler of Libya threatened to show no mercy, he was going to kill his own people. Um, Every ruler in the middle east has threatened to kill his own people. Sadaam DID kill his own people. Yemen, Syria, Bahrain all have killed their own people…Next?

Obama did this to protect innocent people. The Above answer applies here.

We need to give people the tools to change their leadership, Libyan government was crushing those wanting change and Obama was bolstering our European allies. This I understand a bit. If France and England decided to go in a protect the rebels, then I’d be fully behind them. BUT in the same instance, France and England were both on board with Iraq’s war too. So was CONGRESS, so was the UN… So again I ask how can you be Okay with Obama’s action and not Iraq?

We are not using ground troops so it’s a pretty safe action, not like putting boots on the ground and getting our guys killed. This one was in an email I received yesterday, and it is by far the dumbest reason I’ve heard. The cries of the left was “We’re killing innocent people” Um how many “innocent” people you think are dying from bombs being dropped at 30k feet? Do you think the pilot in a plane can know if the building he hit had innocent folks in it? The boot on the ground has a better idea of the “Innocent” because he’s gotta be face to face (Or within a 2 or 3 hundred yards) and its pretty much universal that answering incoming fire with fire is not killing innocent people.

Bush Lied about Iraq WMDs that’s why we went to war so it was an unjust war. Okay there were no WMDs found in Iraq, doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Perhaps if GWB would have done as Obama did and just RUSHED in without going through congress Sadaam wouldn’t have had time to move them to Syria? So is rushing to war in Libya justified because Ghadaffi has WMDS? Part of the reason we heard in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq was Sadaam has used gas on his own people. He was keeping the money from his people and starving them to get the UN to ease the restrictions to goods entering Iraq, so Iraq would be a “humanitarian” action too would it not?

The fact is if you support Obama’s war, then you must support GWB’s war. IF you support this action in Libya, you must acknowledge your error in opposing GWB’s actions in the middle east. There is NO other way. Sorry Liberal/Progressives/Democrats your hypocrite is showing (AGAIN)