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Leadership in Israel.

Anyone notice the glaring difference between leaders? The leader of Israel loves his nation. The leader of America loathes the nation that elected him. Terrorist attack on American soil, Obama makes excuses for the act. “Workplace violence” Ft Hood. “Youtube video” … Continue reading

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Leadership Style Question…

Well this isn’t really a political post. It’s a LEADERSHIP post. I’m a big fan of “The Deadliest Catch” and I just watched the third episode of this seasons show. I have a few observations that I’d like to share … Continue reading

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What do we want from our Leaders?

Being in a leadership position myself I do understand the requirements. These are some pretty basic skills necessary for success. I’d like a few leaders in our nation to soak this up like a sponge. 1. Honesty. Tell me the … Continue reading

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What would a real leader do?

Some friends and I were discussing leadership today, we are all leaders in some form or another and it occurred to me that there are traits which leaders have, that others do not. I think back to 9-11-2001; Islamic Terrorists … Continue reading

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