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Leadership in Israel.

Leadership in Israel.

Anyone notice the glaring difference between leaders? The leader of Israel loves his nation. The leader of America loathes the nation that elected him.

Terrorist attack on American soil, Obama makes excuses for the act. “Workplace violence” Ft Hood. “Youtube video” Benghazi “Radical views” Boston.

Terrorist attacks against Israel, Terrorists, Enemy. NO EXCUSES.

I PRAY to GOD ALMIGHTY that Israel doesn’t stop this action in Gaza until they get a complete surrender of Hamas. Anything else will just ensure we repeat this conflict at a later date. Within 2 years we’ll be doing this dance again. If Israel really wants to be free of this terrorist menace, let the rubble bounce.

Israel can do everything humanly possible to avoid civilian casualties and they’ll still be blamed for the conflict. So in my opinion, why try to avoid it anymore? If the media and lefty’s of the world body refuse to see the truth, make their “Belief” TRUE and show them what it really looks like. Level about 2 square miles of GAZA, bounce the rubble two or three times and ask the question.. “Do you want more?” Silence is equal to YES. And do it again. This will end the conflict with far more long term peace than this UN/John Kerry/Obama cease fire part 15…

You cannot win a war when your soldiers being killed are a victory for the enemy, when you kill the enemy, its a victory for the enemy, when civilians are killed its a victory for the enemy. So you must eliminate the enemy in a speedy fashion, collateral damage be damned.

Bounce the rubble until they cry uncle.


Leadership Style Question…

Leadership Style Question…

Well this isn’t really a political post. It’s a LEADERSHIP post.

I’m a big fan of “The Deadliest Catch” and I just watched the third episode of this seasons show. I have a few observations that I’d like to share with my friends. If you care to discuss it, by all means. If you are a liberal SOB and want to talk about “Feelings” just move on now. I’ll give you a second to click off.

My Job consists of leading a group of people to get a job done. I’m not an owner of the place I work. I get paid for my skills leading people as well as my ability to do the job I ask of my crew. My crew is ALWAYS at the top regarding all measures of which we are judged by my bosses. Now my job does not involve a risk of life anywhere near those on the bearing sea but our job can be dangerous, I have the scars to prove it.

I led this discussion off with MY story to get to what I see developing out there on the bering sea. I realize this show was filmed a little while ago and I really have no idea how it will end this season but the starting is very very bad. Bad for the boats, the skipper, the crew the entire film crews bad for all. I’m going to stick (for the most part) with one boat in this example of failure of leadership.

Cornelia Marie is the biggest disappointment so far. If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode and want to be surprised drop off now and come back when you have.

When Phil Harris passed away his kids made what I thought was a noble effort to carry on the legacy of the boat. They picked a guy to captain the vessel and made commitments. Well things got a bit difficult, crab was elusive and the crew turned on the captain. Now to be fair the show only uses snippets of what occurs on the boat so I’m doing a little assuming in my next statement. The Crew, Mostly the Harris boys did the captain a very major injustice. They got him out, committed to do a job and for whatever reason failed to honor their commitment. That is flat out wrong.

That being said, the captain appeared to be a very poor leader. He failed to understand his responsibility to LEAD. His job is to keep control of the boat, do it safely and productively. He failed because he allowed confidence in his leadership to disappear. He didn’t LEAD a crew through a tough spell. He FAILED to recognize what kind of leadership style was needed with that particular crew. You can’t step into Phil Harris’s chair and be MORE dictatorial than their dad. You can’t coddle them either. Picking “Blue Crab” as the goal might not have been a good call either. He ran himself away from any of the fleet that could have offered him some advice. ALL of that fleet was pulling for that boat to succeed.

The captain of the Cornelia Marie was the definition of a poor leader in my opinion. IF he smelled pot, had suspicions or whatever, the correct course of action out on the sea would be to WAIT till you had proof to ask questions. WAIT, be Patient and concentrate on doing your job. You start “Accusations” you put a crew on alert. From then on it’s down hill.

I stepped into a team 6 years ago that was very fragmented and they were more or less working as individuals for a job that requires an ungodly amount of team work to succeed. I filled the shoes of someone who failed at the job of leading them. He had a leadership style similar to the new captain of the CM. However; He did it without providing an example by his own work ethic. That leads to resentment when you aren’t willing to do what you ask of your team/crew. Now MY team is no longer MY team, We are OUR Team. We’ve become a family rather than a crew. And leaders have the ability to motivate without resentment developing.

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What do we want from our Leaders?

What do we want from our Leaders?

Being in a leadership position myself I do understand the requirements. These are some pretty basic skills necessary for success.

I’d like a few leaders in our nation to soak this up like a sponge.

1. Honesty. Tell me the truth, tell me I screwed up, tell me YOU screwed up. Tell me how bad it is and how we fix it. Tell me the truth, not what you think I want to hear. I am an adult I can handle it and perhaps I can assist with the solution.

2. Sacrifice. Show me you are willing to take the tough road, show me you are willing to accept the responsibility for your actions, as you expect me to. Show me you will take a bullet for me and I will stand in front of the gun for you. Show me, don’t tell me. Put yourself out there and apologize when you’re wrong. Show me you are big enough to take the path less traveled and I’ll be on the path with you.

3. Example. Be an example of your expectations. Don’t tell me times are tough from your penthouse suite. Don’t tell me how bad it’s going to be from your private plane. Don’t call for sacrifice from us while you’re playing golf every weekend. You show me the way to handle adversity and I’ll follow your lead. Don’t tell me I need to pay taxes and you dodge them. Don’t lower my income and increase your own.

4. Courage. Have the balls to make a fact based decision and stand by it, have the courage to change the decision if it turns out to be a bad one. Have the courage to STAND in the face of opposition and state your case without pointing fingers. Have the courage to listen to others and develop a plan based on input. Have the courage to give credit where it’s due and to accept the responsibility for bad decisions made.

5. Honor. All of the above equal an HONORABLE person and without them, there can be no honor. You can not lead people or a nation without honor.

These are but a few requirements of a leader. Integrity, humanity, decency and gratitude are all parts of leading people. What we have in America now is anything but. WHY?

Why are we where we are? Because the very first skill on the list is missing. HONESTY in our elected officials was broken and with it TRUST is missing. We don’t trust our leaders. We don’t believe them when they speak. We have become skeptical of everything they say and with GOOD REASON. They have broken that which can never be broken and be successful.

Not ALL politicians are guilty of lying and cheating, but it’s like a company with 10 managers and 2 of them are lying and cheating the employees. The company as a whole will suffer because of the actions of the few. The cancer in the company is LIES. Word spreads to other departments and soon all managers are liars. It’s happened to every company at one point or another. The ones still around have either fired the liars, or changed their behavior. You can take that example and apply it to our ruling class.

Just trying to help.

Honesty, Sacrifice, Example, Courage and honor. Will get you ahead in life. The opposite should put you in jail for the rest of your life.

What would a real leader do?

What would a real leader do?

Some friends and I were discussing leadership today, we are all leaders in some form or another and it occurred to me that there are traits which leaders have, that others do not.

I think back to 9-11-2001; Islamic Terrorists hijacked planes and killed 3000 people in three different places. Everyone knows the story.

George W Bush showed true leadership during the first couple of years, and looking back that’s what the country needed. But I do have a bit of criticism for ALL of the “Leaders” of that time. WHY were the buildings not immediately rebuilt? I think a strong leader would have came out and said “We will rebuild these buildings one story higher and the top floors on each building will be memorials to those that died here”… And then DO IT! That shows the islamic world that we are strong, we are not deterred and we will not allow this to stand.

Right now there is a hole where the towers stood, and little more than a stick in the ground. Right now Islam is planning to poke the eyes of the victims with a bigger stick. HAD there been true strength, at that time this discussion we are having now would have been rendered moot.

I think back to Obama’s Speech the other night where Obama danced around responsibility for dividing the nation in war time. A real leader admits when a mistake was made by himself or his underlings. A real leader garners respect from those he leads by showing he’s human, a real leader has the courage and the mentality for humility that is higher than your average person. A real leader comes out and tells the truth.

We wonder why our country is divided, our country is divided because we no longer trust our leadership. We no longer believe they are working in our best interest. We are divided because after 8 years of media bias, liberal smears, lies and misrepresentation of facts, the politicians have decided to play that way. We do not trust ANYONE in Government anymore. It’s a shame but it is what it is…I think the only way out is simple:


A true leader that has earned respect and is willing to do what it takes to keep it. Our current POTUS has done nothing to earn respect from the American People, he has done a lot to earn respect from our nations enemies and he’s getting slapped for it. Our current leadership has been tarnished beyond repair. Corruption, lies, deceit, and bribes have all caused the population to lose respect for those in office. This is why we are divided. The only ones still believing these assclowns are party before country type people and they are worthless anyway. We need a leader, we have a pretender. We need leaders in Congress, we have career politicians that are more concerned with their jobs, than the country. They will do whatever it takes to stay in power and that’s a recipe for destruction.

We are currently on a ship headed out to sea without a captain. IF we don’t find one soon we will be finding the ice berg.