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Tax Cut EXTENSION goes to Obama…

Tax Cut EXTENSION goes to Obama…

Now that the House caved to the will of the senate and Obama how will this be framed for discussion in the next election?

As Tax Cut Bill Heads to Obama’s Desk, Partisan Debate Rages On

WASHINGTON — As President Obama prepares to sign into law Friday the massive bipartisan tax package that delighted most Republicans but divided his own party, the debate over its implications rages on.

Obama, who gets to play Santa Claus at the White House signing at 3:50 p.m, will find himself surrounded by Democrats and Republicans eager to take advantage of a photo opportunity that illustrates their effort to prevent a big New Year’s Day tax hike for millions of Americans.

But others continue to criticize the deal.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., said Obama and lawmakers will face enormous election-year pressure in 2012 to extend the cuts again or make them permanent. Weiner said the Republicans turned out to be “better poker players” than Obama.

As we were told in 08 during the elections by the liberal progressives from both the Hillary and Obama camps: “The Bush tax cuts killed the economy” and “The economy is dead because of Bush’s policies regarding these tax cuts for the rich” So now that they have signed yet another Bush policy that “Destroyed” the nation how do the liberal progressive take this? Well of course they are going to claim victory because they got unemployment extensions, and more dollars for a few pet entitlement programs…  🙄

Gitmo still open, Patriot act resigned, Bush tax cuts extended, Afghanistan still in chaos, Iraq still has American troops on the ground… Um Did Bush ever leave office?

The current Congress is the worst congress in history, also chaired by the worst speaker of the house and the worst senate majority leader EVER. You can tell exactly what kind of people they were by the way they passed bills. Health care in particular but there were several underhanded attempts by the democrats to get their agenda passed and they are not done yet.

This lame duck congress is about to give America the giant one finger salute, Are you ready? Dream act, START, DADT, and probably a few more things that we won’t hear about until after the new congress starts.

BOHICA yall…