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Mitt Romney goes into the NAACP Den

Mitt Romney goes into the NAACP Den

Now if you know me, you know I’m not a “Romney fan club” member. I think we got an “Electable” Republican rather than a “BEST Leader for our nation” That being said:

:clap:  :clap: For Romney’s speech at the NAACP.

Every politician since the NAACP has been an (cough, hack, cough) organization has pandered to them. Everyone of them have gone into the “Gimme more free stuff” caucus and offered them the world.

One of the things I wish he’d have said is “This is a sting, the officers in the back will be booking you into detention”…

The NAACP is the leading racist organization in the nation. They are hidden by the media but their actions have been by all measures RACIST. As far as I’m concerned as long as we have the Congressional black caucus, the NAACP, La Raza etc. There will never be racial unity.

Anyway Kudos to Mitt Romney for his truthfulness in the enemy’s camp. There’s no possible way ANY in that auditorium are going to vote for him anyway. He’s white, there’s a black guy as his opponent. So who is the racist again?

If Romney would have came in and promised them reparations, unemployment benefits for life even if you’ve never had a job and free healthcare they still wouldn’t be voting for the white guy. It would be different if it were two white or black guys duking it out for the nomination. It’s not. So paint job wins.