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It’s starting already LMAO

It’s starting already LMAO

Joe Biden attended the Giants vs Eagle game Sunday, he was in the luxury suite with the Eagles owner, evidently he was shown on the big screen, and the BOO’S CAME OUT! :rotflmao:

The Giants and Eagles played in front of a special guest. Vice President-elect Joe Biden watched the game in a luxury suite with Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. Biden was booed when he was showed on the video screen. Entire Article is HERE

Time to toughen up kiddies, because every move you make, every step you take, WE WILL BE WATCHING YOU!

You guys ran a presidential race based on lies, based on stepping on others to make you look good, that is a double edged sword and you are about to understand what it’s like.

The real fun starts when you actually DO something, when the talk turns to action and you are criticized for it. I will be the harshest critic of your actions, if you want a no holds barred commentary on your decisions/actions or lack of action, come here and I’ll be pointing them out for you.