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California Jobless Climbs to 12%…yawn.

I guess this surprises some folks… California unemployment rises in July to 12% California’s unemployment rate climbs two-tenths of a percentage point in July, the U.S. Department of Labor says, to 12%. The state has the second-highest jobless rate in … Continue reading

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Congratulations Democrats You Win….

Which is really sad on it’s own. Why do I say they win? Very simple… The democrats have succeeded in taking the entire discussion away from the real issues. Which is something Democrats do regularly. They have put all the … Continue reading

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This is what we get for our money?

Remember the bailout of GM? Remember the jobs it saved, the green jobs it would create? I guess it will be creating them after all: GM to invest extra $540 million in Mexico to build motors MEXICO CITY (AFP) – … Continue reading

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California, I hope you are happy…

Party in the streets y’all…. Enjoy this victory. I really hope you understand how huge this victory was for those of you that voted for Brown, Boxer, Prop 25 and against Prop 23 … Here, let me help you realize … Continue reading

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Red-White and Pink Slip Blues.

For my Buddy Kurt… HT to Jenn for the video. I’ve always been a fan of Hank, and by GAWD he nailed it here. There are a lot of us out here that have been working for MANY MANY years, … Continue reading

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Business Leaving California…FAST!

So, what do businesses do when a state becomes so anti-business that businesses can’t make money? Well, they leave. Where do they go? Anywhere that treats them better. The question then becomes; What do businesses do when a COUNTRY becomes … Continue reading

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Obama-Care is costing jobs at hospitals?

I found this pretty interesting: Found at Daily Job Cuts. 2010 Shaping up to be Record Year for Hospital Layoffs Hospitals are on pace in 2010 to implement slightly more mass layoffs than the record year of 2009 and substantially … Continue reading

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There are MORE jobs NOW!

There sure as hell are more jobs now than there were last year. Unfortunately they are all GOVERNMENT Jobs. Don’t let my opinion on the matter sway you. check this out: I can tell you, in California, if you cut … Continue reading

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