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California Jobless Climbs to 12%…yawn.

California Jobless Climbs to 12%…yawn.

I guess this surprises some folks…

California unemployment rises in July to 12%
California’s unemployment rate climbs two-tenths of a percentage point in July, the U.S. Department of Labor says, to 12%. The state has the second-highest jobless rate in the nation, exceeded only by Nevada at 12.9%.

The only thing that surprises me about this is that Nevada is WORSE. Then I realized, Nevada is fueled by income generated by gambling. Obama told folks not to go to Vegas and I guess people listened. Also on the “Reason” front, Nevada had a BOOM in housing. A lot of “Illegal” labor was used and those laborers are draining the system in Nevada now. And another “Who’d have thunk it” moment… The State legislature went to the Democrats in 08

California has been ran by mostly democrats since the 80’s. Our states beauty and temperatures have kept the job losses in line with the nation, until 08. Now, with the competition from other states and California’s tax/regulation/fee structure, jobs have fled. The jobs remaining are quickly filled and lower paid than ever. 12% is actually damn lie. Not even close to what it truly is. People have been out of work since 2008-9 and have given up. The homeless are all over the place now, where they used to be few and far between. Churches are overfilled, food programs are very short on food. Things are really bad in this state. Trust me when I tell you, How California goes, so goes the nation… IF it aint there yet in your neck of the woods, it’s coming if you don’t change soon.


Congratulations Democrats You Win….

Congratulations Democrats You Win….

Which is really sad on it’s own. Why do I say they win? Very simple…

The democrats have succeeded in taking the entire discussion away from the real issues. Which is something Democrats do regularly. They have put all the talk on radio and TV about the Debt. The debate is over spending and who did what to whom and why… Is anyone paying attention to our JOBS data? Our economic disaster that the Democrats have brought on us?

Nope we’re worried about this arbitrary debt limit, this “Ceiling” that has been raised 70 times, this “Oh MY GOD We’re all gonna die” crisis that is entirely the Democrats meme… But whatever happens in 6 days, our unemployment rate will continue to be over 9% and it very likely will go UP in the near future. There is NO discussion as to WHY we are at 9% unemployment. No plans on getting Government OUT OF THE WAY so our jobs can start materializing…Lets spend every waking moment talking about debt limits and who spend who into this mess. Lets use vitriol to demonize the opposition. Lets not do the obvious thing. Which is this:

The house past a bill in bi-partisan fashion that would raise the ceiling. Crisis solved. Harry Reid blocked it. No Vote. The house should go into other business until that CC&B bill gets a vote. PERIOD.

The house should be working on repealing Obamacare, that would help in job creation almost immediately. OBAMACARE must be repealed and replaced with something workable for all…


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This is what we get for our money?

This is what we get for our money?

Remember the bailout of GM? Remember the jobs it saved, the green jobs it would create? I guess it will be creating them after all:

GM to invest extra $540 million in Mexico to build motors

MEXICO CITY (AFP) – US giant General Motors will invest $540 million to produce two low-emission motors in central Mexico, the company announced here Thursday, accompanied by President Felipe Calderon.

The latest project for GM in Mexico would create 500 direct and another 500 indirect jobs in its plant in Toluca, Calderon said.

GM has four plants in Mexico, and has invested some $5 billion here since 2006, Calderon said.

I guess since it’s only 1000 jobs it really isn’t worth mentioning huh? Unless you are one of those thousand that could be working here in the states…I wonder why they are building in Mexico? Could it be cheap labor, low taxes, little government regulation, no government mandated health care? But I’m sure glad we bailed them out…

If there is a congress critter with any nuts left how about answering the question: How is our economic recovery going to happen if the companies we save take jobs out of the nation? Inquiring minds really want to know….

California, I hope you are happy…

California, I hope you are happy…

Party in the streets y’all…. Enjoy this victory. I really hope you understand how huge this victory was for those of you that voted for Brown, Boxer, Prop 25 and against Prop 23 … Here, let me help you realize the amazing victory you have achieved.

First you elected Jerry Brown. The man was elected governor in 1974 and 1978 He’s credited with starting the entitlement train here in California. He took a 6 billion dollar surplus and turned it into a 1 billion deficit (Back in those days it was a lot of money.) He is by far one of the most liberal elected officials ever to occupy a state house. But that’s okay right? He’s got to work with Republicans to pass any tax increases, so there is a checks and balance huh? Well not now, since you really smart voters saw the potential for greatness…

Prop 25: Was passed by you wonderful enlightened voters of this great state. Prop 25 took away the 2/3 majority needed to pass a budget or ANY RELATED legislation. So now since you really smart California voters passed this proposition: The HUGE majority of Democrats in the state legislature will now be able to tax/spend freely because they don’t have to have ANY republicans on board to pass it. What could possible go wrong? The governor will sign anything involving more entitlements, or more taxes so it’s perfect huh?

But why oh why would the Democrats need to raise taxes? Well since you Super smart California voters decided to STOP Prop 23, which pretty much green lighted the GLOBAL WARMING LEGISLATION that’s been called CAP AND TRADE at the federal level….So congratulations you enlightened liberal elitists…You really are smart, I gotta give you credit, you put everything aside for your beliefs… But I gotta ask…

How do you measure jobs not created in this state because they can’t afford to operate here? The jobs leaving will be easy to see, but the ones that never even think of coming here because of this proposition and the taxes and regulation that will come from it are going to be tough to count.

Also, when there is nobody left in this state that actually has a job to pay taxes, where does that welfare check come from? I know you were counting on the federal government to come our aid, but I suggest you look at the make up of the house. I don’t think the new guys are going to be real sympathetic…

By the way California is where I live, but I’ll never call myself a Californian There are too many morons here and this place should be sold to Mexico for a peso.

Red-White and Pink Slip Blues.

Red-White and Pink Slip Blues.

For my Buddy Kurt

HT to Jenn for the video.

I’ve always been a fan of Hank, and by GAWD he nailed it here. There are a lot of us out here that have been working for MANY MANY years, paying taxes and fighting for our American way of life. The life that is afforded by the sweat of our brow.

You maybe a business owner, a CEO, a Manager, a trade expert, or a grunt on the line. IF you have worked by the rules and lived by the code of an “Honest days work for an Honest days pay” This song hits home.

Many of us folks are now out of work, many of us find ourselves at the mercy of the Government. Many of us want jobs, many of us want to be self sufficient. Unfortunately many of us became complacent and thought things were bad before….We got a wake up call in 2007.

Companies create jobs, individuals willing to risk all to be successful and wealthy create jobs. They are not the evil ones (Mostly) Unfortunately until the Government quits painting the “Rich and Wealthy” as the bad guy. I fear jobs will be few and far between. We have taken the incentive away from those with the means to create, and given the incentive to those that take and sponge. Wrong on so many levels, but it’s the new Democrat way.

For those of you unemployed after years of work, I feel sorry for your plight. For those of you that voted Democrat and are unemployed. I say, you got what you asked for.

Business Leaving California…FAST!

Business Leaving California…FAST!

So, what do businesses do when a state becomes so anti-business that businesses can’t make money? Well, they leave. Where do they go? Anywhere that treats them better. The question then becomes; What do businesses do when a COUNTRY becomes anti-business?

‘Leaving Cal.’ list grows to 144 firms

Irvine consultant Joe Vranich, who has been compiling a list of companies leaving California because of the state’s anti-business environment, is now up to 144 companies that have departed in 2010, including 34 in Orange County.

In addition, he lists 51 companies (8 from Orange County) that left in 2009. That three-fold increase, Vranich says, is the tip of the iceberg that is California’s financial woes.

“Quite clearly, the exodus of businesses out of California continues. It makes sense for companies to reduce their California footprint considering the ample supply of attractive, lower-cost alternative locations. Unless California reduces its hostility toward business, we will see more commercial enterprises seeking friendlier locations in which to relocate entirely or at least place facilities there that used to be located here.”

Among the Orange County companies new to his list are Boeing, Kennametal Inc., Latex International, Multi-Fineline Elextronix Inc., NGK Spark Plug Co.,  Smith Micro Software Inc. and Witt Heat Transfer Products Group, most of which have been previously reported by the Register. Vranich says Orange County may be over-represented on his list because news reports are one source of his information and the Register reports business comings and goings more than some publications.

So what will California’s counterparts at the federal level do?

Well since businesses are leaving California for better environments for business, the federal Government will stop it by making ALL states anti-business, there-by giving businesses no where else to go.. See how simple solutions are?

This is what is happening to our country. It’s not rocket science folks. Businesses don’t hire more people because the taxes coming down the pike are going to impact profits, profits are what businesses are looking for. One less employee keeps that salary in the shareholders/owners pocket and that’s what makes the country work. Profits and loss, risk and reward, return on investment.

Moving to another state with a more friendly business environment makes good business sense. IF there is no change to our current ruling body, you will be seeing the massive exodus of a lot of businesses from the COUNTRY. ObamaCare put a knife in the backs of all the working class Americans. The sad part is the unions can’t see they are voting for their own demise.

Obama-Care is costing jobs at hospitals?

Obama-Care is costing jobs at hospitals?

I found this pretty interesting:

Found at Daily Job Cuts.

2010 Shaping up to be Record Year for Hospital Layoffs

Hospitals are on pace in 2010 to implement slightly more mass layoffs than the record year of 2009 and substantially more employees would be affected, according to a report by American Medical News.

Through August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported hospitals had 102 mass layoffs in 2010, which, at the current pace, would come to 253 such events on the end of the year, one more than the record of 152 mass layoffs in 2009. Mass layoffs are defined as those involving 50 people or more.

Also through August, 8,233 hospital employees were affected by mass layoffs, which, at the current pace, would total 12,349 employees by the end of 2010, compared with 11,757 in 2009. The 2010 estimate would be the second-highest loss since 2000. The highest was 13,282 in 2005, due mostly to hospital shutdowns from Hurricane Katrina.

After Obama-care was passed the prevailing wisdom said it will be a boon to the health care industry. Several parts of the health care plan were enacted this year. Businesses like health care or any other businesses are forward looking, they generally put a plan together based on data and attain the required resources to meet the goals of the business. So when you are about to have 20 million more on free health care insurance you will need people to meet those needs.

I’m thinking that the lines at hospitals will get very long and the quality of care we Americans are used to is about to go down hill fast.

UPDATE: The hits keep coming:

3M to dump retirees from medical coverage

Remember when Barack Obama repeatedly promised that no one’s current coverage would have to change if Congress approved the health-care overhaul he demanded?  When the ObamaCare bill passed, the Associated Press suddenly discovered that the change of tax law that would supposedly generate billions of dollars to pay for the costs of the bill would also drive companies to dump retirees from their existing drug coverage and push them into Medicare.  Minnesota-based 3M became one of the first large corporations to do just that — and push retirees off of all their plans as well:

3M Co., citing new federal health laws, said Monday it won’t cover retirees with its corporate health-insurance plan starting in 2013.

Instead, the company will direct retirees to Medicare-backed insurance programs, and will provide reimbursement for that coverage. It’ll also reimburse retirees who are too young for Medicare; the company didn’t provide further details.

The company made the changes known in a memo to employees Friday; news of the move was reported in The Wall Street Journal and confirmed Monday by 3M spokeswoman Jackie Berry.

The ObamaCare bill created a fund to subsidize employers who didn’t dump their retirees, but the WSJ notes that it simply wasn’t enough to change the negative incentives created by the government interventions:

Finding out what’s in the bill aint we folks? ObamaCare is anything but. There is a care, but it’s only for unions and radical liberpukes. The jobs this bill has cut/cost is astronomical. IF Obama can claim “Jobs saved” by the stimulus, I think it’s fair to claim Jobs lost due to this healthcare sham. Most companies would be hiring by now, most recessions have been over and the nation rebounding on a fast track by now. But this healthcare lie has kept employers from hiring and cause employers to cut. Good job union idiots, welfare slugs and Democrat party above country folks… Hope and change huh?

There are MORE jobs NOW!

There are MORE jobs NOW!

There sure as hell are more jobs now than there were last year. Unfortunately they are all GOVERNMENT Jobs. Don’t let my opinion on the matter sway you. check this out:

I can tell you, in California, if you cut the same amount of public jobs (State jobs) as has been lost in the private sector there would be 50% unemployment here. California doesn’t make much here that isn’t directly connected to Government money. America as a whole has lost the manufacturing industries. America is about to become a tourist/service/health care country. Pretty damn sad isn’t it?