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Red-White and Pink Slip Blues.

Red-White and Pink Slip Blues.

For my Buddy Kurt

HT to Jenn for the video.

I’ve always been a fan of Hank, and by GAWD he nailed it here. There are a lot of us out here that have been working for MANY MANY years, paying taxes and fighting for our American way of life. The life that is afforded by the sweat of our brow.

You maybe a business owner, a CEO, a Manager, a trade expert, or a grunt on the line. IF you have worked by the rules and lived by the code of an “Honest days work for an Honest days pay” This song hits home.

Many of us folks are now out of work, many of us find ourselves at the mercy of the Government. Many of us want jobs, many of us want to be self sufficient. Unfortunately many of us became complacent and thought things were bad before….We got a wake up call in 2007.

Companies create jobs, individuals willing to risk all to be successful and wealthy create jobs. They are not the evil ones (Mostly) Unfortunately until the Government quits painting the “Rich and Wealthy” as the bad guy. I fear jobs will be few and far between. We have taken the incentive away from those with the means to create, and given the incentive to those that take and sponge. Wrong on so many levels, but it’s the new Democrat way.

For those of you unemployed after years of work, I feel sorry for your plight. For those of you that voted Democrat and are unemployed. I say, you got what you asked for.