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California Taxes Causing a Massive Exodus

As free thinking people in this state thought would happen, it is happening. Prop 30 will force the golden goose’s ass to pucker up tight. New tax increases in California stir debate about adding to exodus A vote last month … Continue reading

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California Setting Standards for Idiocy Again.

California, the broken state. The state with the highest taxes, the biggest deficits, the worst unemployment numbers and the worst crime stats in the nation outside of Mich and NY. is doing it again, for Illegals.. Yep I SAID ILLEGALS! … Continue reading

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TAX the RICH!!! Um Wait, really?

Again the cries of progressives from coast to coast is “Tax the Rich” especially here in California. I decided to look a little bit and check a few things to make sure I got the facts straight and I was … Continue reading

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Jerry Brown to take Reigns of California today.

So the wonderful morons of the state I reside in saw fit to RE-ELECT this P.O.S. Brown’s success could depend on his first 100 days As Jerry Brown takes the oath of office Monday for his third term as California … Continue reading

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Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman statistical tie…

Since I am living here in “Peoples Republic of California” I must temper my words a bit because it could become a self fulfilling prophecy… I say let Jerry Brown win, give him the keys back to the car he … Continue reading

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