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California Taxes Causing a Massive Exodus

California Taxes Causing a Massive Exodus

As free thinking people in this state thought would happen, it is happening. Prop 30 will force the golden goose’s ass to pucker up tight.

New tax increases in California stir debate about adding to exodus

A vote last month that makes Californians among the highest-taxed residents in the country is sparking debate about whether the Democrat-back initiative will backfire, by forcing high-earners to join a long exodus from the cash-strapped state.

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown successfully pushed the tax increase by suggesting that high-earners must shoulder the largest burden in bailing out the state, particularly its debt-ridden public school system.

Will it backfire? Sure will and it will backfire in a way that is going to make the shortfall Brown had when he got elected seem small.

As businesses leave California, they close doors. As doors close, workers are laid off. As workers are laid off, workers go on unemployment. When workers are on unemployment, they stop buying things they don’t NEED. When they stop buying things they don’t need, other businesses close. As businesses close and workers are not working, revenue for the state shrinks and at the same time, more money is needed to help the laid off workers.

A never-ending cycle of debt is ensured.



The democrats answer to everything is to raise taxes. When you’ve raised taxes to the point that the state is the highest taxed state in the nation, you’ve gone too far. When you’ve gone to far—- See above paragraph.

Those who pushed for prop 30 to “Save the children” again, didn’t care. The teachers Union, SEIU etc got theirs. Every time a tax hike shows up on the ballot, the same excuse is given “For the children”… NEVER does any proposition from the democrat led government of CA involve CUTTING OFF SPENDING!

cali-broke1 (1)

The very same time Jerry Brown put tax hikes on the ballot, he also kept CA a sanctuary state. The FLOOD of illegals here has put such a drain on our social resources that to continue that process, they must continuously raise taxes on the producers of the state. The producers are fed up and they are MOVING in droves. When the producers move—See the first paragraph after the story….

Hello America, do you see where you are heading?



California will require a massive bailout very soon. I’m thinking by August 2013, California will be in such financial ruin that downgrades in credit ratings will occur. There will be massive debates regarding how to fix it. California has a super majority DEMOCRAT rule. The United states is controlled by DEMOCRATS. What do you think happens? PRINT MORE MONEY bail out CA. When we print more money value goes down, when value goes down inflation goes up. When inflation goes up, costs go up, when costs go up prices go up, when prices go up, some businesses close because of costs to do business.. You know what happens when businesses close?.. See first paragraph after the story…

Happy New Year huh? Just wait. Drink up folks, gonna be a hell of a year.

California Setting Standards for Idiocy Again.

California Setting Standards for Idiocy Again.

California, the broken state. The state with the highest taxes, the biggest deficits, the worst unemployment numbers and the worst crime stats in the nation outside of Mich and NY. is doing it again, for Illegals.. Yep I SAID ILLEGALS!

Assembly sends Jerry Brown bill to protect illegal immigrants

The Assembly Friday passed and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown legislation that would prohibit law enforcement officers from detaining undocumented immigrants for federal authorities when they are released from criminal custody, unless they have a history of serious or violent crime.

“This is a bill that speaks to humanity,” Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, said at the close of a heated floor debate on his bill, Assembly Bill 1081.

He and other Democrats said it’s aimed at preventing otherwise non-threatening immigrants to go about with their lives without fear of deportation, while Republicans argued that the effect would be to give criminally inclined illegal immigrants a sanctuary.

The 44-23 vote to send the measure to Brown was strictly along party lines, although some members of both parties declined to vote.

So to be perfectly clear here. The unemployment rate here in CA is well above the national average. The prisons are overflowing, the schools are over crowded, jobs/businesses are leaving at a rapid pace and Cities are going bankrupt often. But what does our legislature see as important? Yeah, protecting criminals who have been found out to be criminals… WOW.

This is the same mentality that is pushing for Drivers Licenses for Illegals, free college tuition for Illegals and my favorite one: When ILLEGALS are stopped at check points, they can’t have their car impounded until they’ve had a chance to call someone to get their car. They can’t be arrested for driving without a license or no insurance.

And we ask “Why is California going broke?” Let me tell you why. Democrats love POWER more than the people or their nation. They would just as soon see California become Mexico North if they can keep their seats in power. It’s all coming to an end soon though. Eventually, this state becomes too much of a drain on the rest of the nation and DC will have to cut it off. Then the cuts will have to be made. What do you want to bet it happens when a REPUBLICAN Gov is elected?

Jerry Brown and his cronies in Sacramento are signing the death of California within their pandering laws…

TAX the RICH!!! Um Wait, really?

TAX the RICH!!! Um Wait, really?

Again the cries of progressives from coast to coast is “Tax the Rich” especially here in California. I decided to look a little bit and check a few things to make sure I got the facts straight and I was dead on accurate with my earlier assumptions. The rich are not the enemy. The Rich are not the problem, nor are they the solution.

As far as Jerry Brown (Moonbeam Governor of Cali) is concerned, a “Rich person” is people making over 500k a year. The plan for California is to tax them more to pay for services in the state, which means Education. Right now 50 cents from every dollar the state takes in goes to education.  The teachers are outraged that Moonbeam is talking about laying off teachers, and want the rich to pay more.

The California Federation of Teachers supports a bill by Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, which would increase the income tax rate from 9.3 percent to 10.3 percent on taxable income of $500,000 and up, union spokesman Steve Hopcraft said. A recent poll by the Public Policy Institute of California found that six in 10 likely voters favored raising income taxes on top earners to fund education.

Okay so let’s look again some facts of this dumbassery…

I’m not rich. This wouldn’t affect me too much I guess but here it goes. The tax the rich crowd is way off. (Again) The rich pay the most in income taxes, they buy a lot of high dollar items that they get hit for SALES taxes on. The use very few state services other than roads. They are probably the biggest group that are NOT using the public school system because of it’s incompetence. Rich folks want their kids to be prepared for life for the most part so I’m betting they enroll their kids in charter schools, private schools or if they are really on the ball they’ll send their kids out of state for education.

So pretty much EVERYTHING the Rich put in to the state doesn’t come back to them. It goes for pet projects, education, welfare  or whatever the state decides to do. Now let’s ask that question about the lower tax brackets. They are USING the systems education, and they get back money from the state in the form of tax refunds (I’m in this category)

Now we move on to charity, when you tax the rich (Again) and they are a custom to living the way they live, they will make cuts to their lifestyle just like the rest of us do when times get tough. Meaning: They might reduce their charitable giving, that absence means the state may have to pick up some of that. They will NOT buy high dollar items for a while, which drops the sales tax revenue for the state.

It also means they will look for other ways to keep or improve their lives. Meaning they may look to reside in another state. Perhaps the one they sent their kids to. They will also if they happen to be business owners and employ people, look to maintain their lifestyle by reducing overhead cost. Labor is a huge savings. They would pass on to the customer what they can and still be competitive, but they also may look at moving the business out of state, as is happening across this state in droves.

So what problems does a 1% tax increase present to the state of California? Well perhaps if that was ALL, maybe no problem. But it’s not. There’s the energy prices that are steady going up, the sales tax that is the highest in the nation, the never ending increases to health care costs and local taxes. So yep, if I’m making 500k a year and the state is going to take more from me, I’m going to make up the difference by doing some things different. Perhaps I buy my big ticket items in AZ rather than here. Perhaps I lay off employees or move my business, perhaps I just up and move all together. Then what happens? That 9.3% has turned into ZERO and how much does ZERO go into education funding? Yeah you were educated here in California if you don’t see the problem with Moonbeam and the state’s leadership.



Jerry Brown to take Reigns of California today.

Jerry Brown to take Reigns of California today.

So the wonderful morons of the state I reside in saw fit to RE-ELECT this P.O.S.

Brown’s success could depend on his first 100 days

As Jerry Brown takes the oath of office Monday for his third term as California governor, he will begin a 100-day sprint that could determine the future success of his administration.

The first 100 days for a governor — often described as the honeymoon period — can set the tone for his entire tenure. It will be particularly true for Brown, who has been clear that he wants to leverage the political capital he has as a relatively new governor — he first served from 1975 to 1983 — into decisive action on the state’s fiscal crisis.

Brown’s predecessor, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who came into office with a mandate for radical change, made some early missteps that haunted his administration. He agreed to a plan to paper over the deficit with borrowing to get through the first year. Critics say he squandered a huge opportunity to push sweeping budget remedies through the Legislature. When he was ready to take bolder action the following year, the mandate was gone and his proposals were rejected by voters.

Read the Rest Here

Jerry Brown came into office (Again) by proclaiming “Tough Times” are coming. My bet is the companies, the wealthy, the business owners and the hard working NON UNION people of California will have those tough times. His buddies in the Teachers, State and Nurses unions will be just fine..

Jerry Brown has “Carte-Blanche” just like Obama had for the last two years. There are very few CONSERVATIVE representatives in the state legislature to strike reason into the liberal mind that has destroyed this state. There is NO checks and balances in the law makers chambers.

My prediction for Jerry Browns first 100 days..

1. He’ll be raising taxes, he’ll be pushing through some very sweeping taxes that will be tied into the liberal mantra:

“Without these taxes our states children will die in the streets, the fires in the summer will consume Los Angeles, the crime rates will go up by 200% and our kids will lose their education”

This is the same thing we hear from the liberal/Progressives/Socialists in the state of California every year. And every year it gets worse. Businesses leave, unemployment goes UP and welfare slugs (Democrat voters) increase their numbers.

2. We will not hear anything about stopping the flood of parasites from south of the border, we will not hear of any cuts to services for the welfare is better than work crowd, and we certainly will not hear of any cuts to prison population by deportation or by actually USING the death penalty…

3. Jerry Brown is going to have a couple of years to turn this state into the North Korea of the west.

And I’m betting he succeeds.

Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman statistical tie…

Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman statistical tie…

Since I am living here in “Peoples Republic of California” I must temper my words a bit because it could become a self fulfilling prophecy…

I say let Jerry Brown win, give him the keys back to the car he wrecked so many years ago. Let this “Moonbeam” run the state like he did Oakland. You know Oakland right? The city in California that has the highest crime rates, and lowest education scores in the state…

I think it’s time to write this state off as a total loss. The only worth this state has left is an example. California can be the shining example of why socialism fails. Evidently these elitists on the left have rewritten history so much that the other examples were overlooked.

California needs strong leadership and a legislature that has the best interest of the state and country at heart. NOT the special interests that are funding them. Jerry Brown is a union puppet. FACT. Meg is a corporate puppet. FACT.

So who is better for the state?

California has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation. Brown will make sure that the rate stays unchanged or gets worse. Meg will try and make this state a bussinees friendly state. Meg Whitman has been on record saying she will not raise taxes and actually reduce business taxes in this state. That will be a welcomed move to businesses. Jerry Brown is in the pockets of Unions, Unions don’t hire people. Corporations do. Companies DO, Businesses DO. Union costs and union rules make businesses look elsewhere to hire people. Unions are not evil, they are out to get what they can get. The American way. Unfortunately they have a reputation of not bending when times are tough and costing jobs in the long run.

Those are simple facts. All the other bullshit about illegal immigration, abortion and the environment is just that BULLSHIT!(As far as this state goes, We are too far gone in this state to try and fix illegal immigration, we are just Northern Mexico now)

We need jobs here in this state, Jobs put money INTO the state which fund all the liberal/progressive entitlement programs that Brown wants. Simple solution: Let them share the job.

I’m voting for Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina and Ken Calvert in my district. Straight Republican party line across the board. NOT that they are going to do anything to save this state but because they are all far better than their opponents. Lesser of two evils again but here it’s normal. Not voting is not an option and writing in a name defeats the purpose. Fiorina is actually the only one I feel will do a better job than who she’d replace. Calvert has done a few things recently that makes me “OKAY” about voting for him and his opponent is a loony full tilt progressive moonbat…NO OPTIONS.

Meg is using her own money to win the election which to me says: She will owe nobody anything. Brown is getting help from Obama, Pelosi, the DNC, every union in the country and probably Mexico. So who will owe who what?

With that being said:
Go ahead idiots in California, elect Brown to the Governor seat. I’m actually hoping he wins. This state deserves an idiot in charge forever, that’s what we’ve had here since Ronald Reagan. The idiots in this state would not know how to act if they had true leadership, they would simply implode.

As far as I’m concerned this state has one chance to overcome the disaster that has fell on California since Brown first held office. That chance is NOT November 2nd. It’s a massive meteor directly hitting Sacramento while the legislature is in session.  Meg Whitman alone can’t solve this mess, it will take a fully remade legislative body in Sacramento and since that’s not happening in November, I offer one solution:

Will the last family out of California please turn out the lights.

Gloria Alred was OWNED by Greta…WOW

Gloria Alred was OWNED by Greta…WOW

I’m not an avid fan of Greta but she is a fair an balanced journalists. You know how I know? because she pisses me off as much as Geraldo sometimes. But that’s the way it is and watching her sometimes has a benefit….Behold the “BITCH SLAP” heard round the world…

IF Meg Whitman doesn’t win the election because of this “SHAM” and latino’s are stupid enough to believe this crap they deserve Jerry Brown and the lack of employment opportunities they will have if Brown becomes Gov.

Meg Whitman hired an Illegal Immigrant?

Meg Whitman hired an Illegal Immigrant?

Well, she officially created more jobs than our current ruling class…

Housekeeper Nicky Diaz: Meg Whitman Treated Me Like a Piece of Garbage:

California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman today found herself battling allegations that she knowingly employed an undocumented immigrant housekeeper, failed to pay a portion of her wages and then fired her in an act of political damage control.

The charges come a little over a month before the November election.

At a news conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday organized by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, Whitman’s former housekeeper and nanny, Nicky Diaz, tearfully recounted how in June 2009 she was suddenly terminated by Whitman and her husband, Griffith Harsh, after she said she asked the couple for legal help to obtain U.S. citizenship. Allred also alleged that Whitman became aware of Diaz’s undocumented status years earlier, but took no action.

Whitman said the “charges are without merit.”

Now I’m not a big fan of Meg, But I can’t stand Brown. I’m torn between hoping for Meg to win and giving her a chance to fix this state, and letting Brown win and watching the destruction continue.

This story is pretty much B.S. though, the “illegal” worked for her for 9 years, had all the documentation required to work in this country because of the enablers in Government. Now we here “Meg treated her badly.” I call “Political lie” on this.

Gloria Alred’s involvement in this is all I need to see to make up my mind. She’s a disgusting bitch, she’s the white female version of Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson.

All this story is trying to do is paint Meg as an anti-Mexican candidate to get the Mexicans to vote Brown. PERIOD.

What this story suggests to me is, Brown is desperate and called in some help. They dug up something that is a non-story and will spin it using some gory hogging bitch. The truth is Meg didn’t do anything wrong, she hired someone who worked for her for 9 years (Must not have been too bad huh?) then found out she was illegal and canned her ass. That’s what is supposed to happen.