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Netanyahu WINS in Israel…

Netanyahu WINS in Israel…

Congratulations Mr Netanyahu for his victory over Obama’s election rigging. Congratulations civilized world for avoiding the disaster of a weak Israel.

Bibi WINS And it wasn’t very close!

People should understand that America can because of geography play some games with leadership. We can survive and still succeed because of our location in the world and our population of 50+Percent who believe in hard work and have a moral compass that point NORTH!. Israel can’t take chances, they can only make ONE mistake and its over for their entire way of life, their entire nation…

To Obama with Love...
To Obama with Love…

Netanyahu is the leader Israel needs, the other is a denier of the wolves at the gates. We need a leader in America with half the leadership skills Bibi has. Obama isn’t fit to wash Bibi’s car much less sit in the same room with him.

Now though, get ready for: See, if Bibi wouldn’t have won, those rockets wouldn’t be falling on Israel now!!! Its coming. Just a matter of time before Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Nusra or whatever islamic non-islamic, job needing raghead group decides to attack Israel for whatever reason they come up with.

Hamas Under Attack.. WOW.

Hamas Under Attack.. WOW.

In France, in England, in America its all the rage to support Hamas.. Protests all over the place, pretty small in numbers for the most part. But in Big cities, anti-semitism is rampant. Hating the Jewish people is so progressive these days. Almost like nobody ever hated them before.. Someone did, some entire country hated jews in the past, just can’t put my finger on it…

Fact is, there’s a sliver of land in the middle east that doesn’t stone women, hang gays, or stifle other religions. That land is ISRAEL. But the liberal/progressives would rather support an ideology that would, IF given the chance KILL EVERY ONE OF THEM. But I guess, as long as they’re LAST they’re okay with it.

As you see these protests over Israel defending themselves, you should know that they are the VAST minority in this nation.

Israel needs to know that even though the current occupiers of the White House don’t support Israel, the American public DOES. We the people stand with Israel.


The reason NORMAL THINKING AMERICANS support Israel 100% is simple. We know the facts, we believe in self defense. We believe if you try and kill US then WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KILL YOU. We understand that just because YOU SUCK AT KILLING ISRAELI’S with Rockets, doesn’t take away the intent. We understand that once you launch a rocket at Israeli cities YOU ARE COMMITTING AN ACT OF WAR. The fact that the rocket didn’t hit desired target is irrelevant. We understand that Israel is very good at killing the enemy. And if you choose to be the enemy, then you made a choice to die.

I don’t really care that Gaza is under attack, I would rather see the next liberal talking point start with “Why Is there No More Gaza?” But because of the liberal UN and USA and world ignorance, Israel will pull back, Israel will allow Hamas to rearm and we’ll do this again in a year or so.

I stand with Israel.

Leadership in Israel.

Leadership in Israel.

Anyone notice the glaring difference between leaders? The leader of Israel loves his nation. The leader of America loathes the nation that elected him.

Terrorist attack on American soil, Obama makes excuses for the act. “Workplace violence” Ft Hood. “Youtube video” Benghazi “Radical views” Boston.

Terrorist attacks against Israel, Terrorists, Enemy. NO EXCUSES.

I PRAY to GOD ALMIGHTY that Israel doesn’t stop this action in Gaza until they get a complete surrender of Hamas. Anything else will just ensure we repeat this conflict at a later date. Within 2 years we’ll be doing this dance again. If Israel really wants to be free of this terrorist menace, let the rubble bounce.

Israel can do everything humanly possible to avoid civilian casualties and they’ll still be blamed for the conflict. So in my opinion, why try to avoid it anymore? If the media and lefty’s of the world body refuse to see the truth, make their “Belief” TRUE and show them what it really looks like. Level about 2 square miles of GAZA, bounce the rubble two or three times and ask the question.. “Do you want more?” Silence is equal to YES. And do it again. This will end the conflict with far more long term peace than this UN/John Kerry/Obama cease fire part 15…

You cannot win a war when your soldiers being killed are a victory for the enemy, when you kill the enemy, its a victory for the enemy, when civilians are killed its a victory for the enemy. So you must eliminate the enemy in a speedy fashion, collateral damage be damned.

Bounce the rubble until they cry uncle.


Iran: Here we go again…

Iran: Here we go again…

Iran vs Iraq… How much difference is there? Think back to the 90’s. The Iraq regime had many sanctions on it. The people were suffering, they were always on TV protesting and chanting the familiar “Death to America” meme. We put up with it for 12 years… Flash forward to 2012… Any similarities?

So here goes the shell game AGAIN:

First Iran will say, “come on in NEA, look around” no problem. Then as they board the plane to visit Iran, Iran will say “No”… Then another meeting of the UN and Iran will say “Okay okay, come take a look”… Then as it becomes close to time for the inspection.. “NO, they cant look there.” this can go on for years.

Look, the entire dance has been done to death with these backasswards ragheaded morons. Either step on them now or risk doing it AFTER they have launched a nuke. It’s a choice Israel is going to make soon. And I personally hope they do it sooner than later.

Obama will dance around more, but if Israel acts before the election, Obama will have to support that action. IF Israel waits and we fail at removing Obama, Israel will be on their own.


Middle East thoughts….

Middle East thoughts….

A few headlines about the Muslim East:

US closes embassy in Syria, pulls out diplomats

US imposes additional sanctions on Iran

Ayatollah: Kill all Jews, annihilate Israel

Obama has issued an executive order to sanction the Iranian central bank and freeze Iran’s assets here in the USA. Not a bad move IMO, the timing is suspect though.

Iran who has been at war with western ideals for century’s should know by now that election years are never a good time to poke the tiger in the eye with a stick.

Syria, has begun to stop this wonderful Arab Spring Obama loves… With the help of China and Russia.. Oh yeah the “Reset Button” diplomacy. The “We need to talk with them” countries… Obama during his run to the White House in 08, never missed an opportunity to bash GWB about his foreign policy. For 3 years has tried to “Negotiate” with Iran. How’s it working there king?

Egypt is exploding, Iraq is exploding, Syria is exploding, Iran will soon explode with the help of Israel. Good job there Obama and Hillary. Well done with the non interventionist strategy and the support of the “Rebels” who we didn’t know…. (Well MOST KNEW, just not the folks who are in charge)

What we have here is a President who is not willing to get his hands dirty. Pushing a button on a drone is clean and easy. Dead folks don’t need to be housed and they aren’t used as political tools for the base of the democrat party. He stayed away from Egypt except to support the overthrow of Mubarack. He stayed away from Iran’s uprising because Iran wouldn’t like it. He intervened in Libya because of oil for our friends. He is staying away from Syria’s uprising because it would cause him to make a decision.

Iran and Syria are one and the same. Syria’s government is aligned with Iran. IF we helped the people of Syria overthrow Assad, what’s the worse that could happen? We’d get another ruler that is aligned with Iran and wants Israel dead? The muslim brotherhood takeover? What’s different?

If there was one country in the middle east who we should help overthrow a dictator, it would be Syria. But nope, we’ll throw folks like Mubarack who kept peace with Israel under the bus, we’ll spend our money dropping bombs on Gadafi, who hasn’t done anything since Reagan sent a missile through his front door. But leave Iran and Syria’s uprising to chance… Odd huh?



Michelle Bachmann.. Support Israel!

Michelle Bachmann.. Support Israel!

This is a good “Pro Israel” statement from a potential POTUS candidate. One of the best reasons stated eloquently.

Found at IOW


So far, Mrs Bachmann is the only one running that I can fully support. All of them would be better than Obama, but we have time to make a good choice. Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils, support your candidate FULLY once you pick. They will screw up, they will do something that pisses you off. All of them do, nobody’s perfect. Use the three strikes rule in the primaries. After the 3rd, drop em.


Egypt opens Gaza Border

Egypt opens Gaza Border

Well who could have predicted this, besides EVERYONE with a clue…

Egypt Permanently Opens Gaza Border Crossing

After a four-year blockade, Egypt on Saturday permanently opened the Gaza Strip’s main gateway to the outside world, bringing long-awaited relief to the territory’s Palestinian population and a significant achievement for the area’s ruling Hamas militant group.

So we were told by the uber liberal enlightened that Egypt’s “Revolution” was a good thing. Um, I think the shark has been jumped again. It’s only a matter of time now that MORE deadly weapons make their way into the hands of the “Oppressed” Gaza population. I can’t wait for September. Here’s my prediction write it down and remember who said it.

Israel will start getting hit with rockets and more powerful munitions from Gaza. Israel will retaliate and the “international” community will condemn Israel.. Place your bets.

But I also think the retaliation from Israel will be FAR MORE DEADLY than it’s ever been before. It will be brutal. It will also start Hezbollah in the race to remove Israel from the face of the earth, and that will be Hezbollah’s undoing. Israel will RIGHTLY feel it’s alone and will unleash the most deadly sustained attack they have since 1967. It will be ugly but the ending will never be in question.

Israel in the Crosshairs of the Islamic Uprising.

Israel in the Crosshairs of the Islamic Uprising.

So the bullies in the Middle East are all joining the fight. Seems to me they are about to meet the “Anti-Bully” on the field of Battle and the outcome of this altercation is already assured.

Qassam rocket hits Eshkol Regional council

A Qassam rocket exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council on Saturday. No injuries or damage were reported.

This is the third rocket fired at Israel over the weekend. Palestinians fired two rockets at Israeli territory early Saturday morning. One exploded in the Eshkol Regional Council and caused severe damage one house and moderate damage to another. There were no reports of injuries. The other rocket landed in an open area.

No matter HOW Israel reacts to these rocket attacks they will be vilified in the media. The left wing major news organizations will continue to paint Israel as the aggressor. You know what would ensure a peace exists between Israel and Palestinians? If there were NONE of one of them left… We’ve tried to be nice and PC about this whole thing for oh about 100 years… But it’s time to stop it. Israel needs to finish this shit now.

You want to know how easy it would be? Lets take a look at the American and Proud resolution for a second:

Israel opens up bombing and destroying everything from Israel to the border of Egypt, and 25 miles into Lebanon. Leave a wasteland. Create a 10 mile kill zone around NEW Israel. Sure the arab world would be in an uproar, but what are they going to do? They can’t agree on shit, not only that you are seeing the condition of their military… Oh and they got problems at home they need to contend with.

All of this coexisting BS has been an total and complete failure due to Muslims in general.

See it’s a win win, the Israeli’s would unite the muzzie world in condemnation, it would get them to stop killing each other for a minute or two and try to kill da Joos, but the joos would have a large area of defensible space… Duck shooting for the IDF and Obama wouldn’t have to do anything other than condemn the action… (He does that anyway)

While I know this won’t happen because of our complete and total lack of understanding what war means these days. I can’t help but wish I was in charge of the USA during these times. I would help with that “Reduction of our nuclear arsenal” thing…