Tag: Israel needs to wipe out Gaza

Hamas, Iran etc vs Israel.

Hamas, Iran etc vs Israel.

Here we are again folks. Another day, another rocket or 100 from Gaza to Israel with love… What will Israel give to Hamas so they stop firing rockets?

What we have here is an exercise in stupidity folks. This is the definition of insanity. IF you know history, you know that Israel was attacked in the 60’s on three sides. Israel destroyed the attacking force and took the land they needed to give them a buffer between nations who hate them. GAZA is part of that land.  Idiots who protest like these:

Neglect to understand or its a willful ignorance to ignore reality. The start of this entire debacle in Gaza rests solely with the arab conglomerate who tried to destroy Israel after its  designation as a nation.

The Gaza idiots who keep sending rockets to the civilians centers of Israel are the ones to blame. Iran who provides those rockets are to be blamed, Israel should be rewarded for their restraint and the leash should be removed. Let Israel gain their security by whatever means they feel is needed. Let Israel flatten Gaza and push the entire populating into Jordan/Egypt/Syria, hell push to Saudi Arabia for all I care. Kill every last one of them and use them for mulch. Let this end finally.

People should look at this in this light: In an effort to save lives and prevent destruction for 50 years we’ve had this tit for tat going on… hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, and destruction is happening every day. Israel could have wiped out Gaza 3 times in the last 50 years and equaled the death count since this bullshit has started. It would have been ONE TIME and done. Instead we keep doing the dance.

At some point it will be needed to purge society of islamic radicals. At that point world peace can be attained. Until then, same shit, different day.