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Israel in the Crosshairs of the Islamic Uprising.

Israel in the Crosshairs of the Islamic Uprising.

So the bullies in the Middle East are all joining the fight. Seems to me they are about to meet the “Anti-Bully” on the field of Battle and the outcome of this altercation is already assured.

Qassam rocket hits Eshkol Regional council

A Qassam rocket exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council on Saturday. No injuries or damage were reported.

This is the third rocket fired at Israel over the weekend. Palestinians fired two rockets at Israeli territory early Saturday morning. One exploded in the Eshkol Regional Council and caused severe damage one house and moderate damage to another. There were no reports of injuries. The other rocket landed in an open area.

No matter HOW Israel reacts to these rocket attacks they will be vilified in the media. The left wing major news organizations will continue to paint Israel as the aggressor. You know what would ensure a peace exists between Israel and Palestinians? If there were NONE of one of them left… We’ve tried to be nice and PC about this whole thing for oh about 100 years… But it’s time to stop it. Israel needs to finish this shit now.

You want to know how easy it would be? Lets take a look at the American and Proud resolution for a second:

Israel opens up bombing and destroying everything from Israel to the border of Egypt, and 25 miles into Lebanon. Leave a wasteland. Create a 10 mile kill zone around NEW Israel. Sure the arab world would be in an uproar, but what are they going to do? They can’t agree on shit, not only that you are seeing the condition of their military… Oh and they got problems at home they need to contend with.

All of this coexisting BS has been an total and complete failure due to Muslims in general.

See it’s a win win, the Israeli’s would unite the muzzie world in condemnation, it would get them to stop killing each other for a minute or two and try to kill da Joos, but the joos would have a large area of defensible space… Duck shooting for the IDF and Obama wouldn’t have to do anything other than condemn the action… (He does that anyway)

While I know this won’t happen because of our complete and total lack of understanding what war means these days. I can’t help but wish I was in charge of the USA during these times. I would help with that “Reduction of our nuclear arsenal” thing…