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Real Hero’s in Gaza…The Israeli’s.

Fierce Gunfights, Airstrikes in Gaza as Israel Readies Next Phase of Offensive Israeli troops battled Palestinian gunmen on the outskirts of Gaza City Sunday in one of the fiercest ground battles so far as Israel’s military inched toward Gaza’s population … Continue reading

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Ehud Olmert is a WARRIOR. Go Israel.

Israeli Troops Enter Urban Zones in Gaza in Major Clashes With Hamas Monday, January 05, 2009 Israeli troops engaged in major clashes with Hamas gunmen in northern Gaza Monday night, marking Israel’s first incursion into Gaza’s densely populated urban centers … Continue reading

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A History lesson…

Big ol Hat Tip to OlBroad For those that defend the TERRORISTS and hate Israel so much. You can’t argue with facts all you can do is spout emotional retorts. The facts are clear, the ones that deserve the most … Continue reading

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Israel and Gaza, the Real Problem.

Israeli Ground Forces Cross Border Into Gaza Strip Thousands of Israeli troops backed by columns of tanks and helicopter gunships launched a ground offensive in Gaza on Saturday night, with officials saying they expected a lengthy fight in the densely … Continue reading

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Israel better hurry

Israel kills top Hamas figure, escalating campaign GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – An Israeli warplane dropped a 2,000-pound bomb on the home of one of Hamas’ top five decision-makers Thursday, instantly killing him and 18 others, while the Israeli army … Continue reading

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