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If you do nothing else today, watch this video. Now listen to the idiots like Helen Thomas, and the rest of the Muslim douchebags in that part of the world. ASK the question, demand the answer.

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Dispatch from the Marmara.

HT to World Threats The Jerusalem Post is reporting on an interview with one of the Israeli soldiers who rappelled onto the Marmara. The 15th and last naval commando from Flotilla 13 (the Shayetet) to rappel down onto the ship … Continue reading

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Making sense of the Israel issue

Okay, Israel is by far the MINORITY in the region they reside in. The left is supposedly the party of the minority. So I’m trying to make sense of the entire situation and I’m pretty confused. The liberal mindset is … Continue reading

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Israel against the world

So as I posted earlier (Yesterday) the world is condemning Israels actions against the flotilla of humanitarian aid headed to Gaza from Turkey. There are a couple of things the Israeli’s are guilty of. 1. They got set up. They … Continue reading

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IDF Soldiers attacked by “Peace Activists”

You have no idea how hard it is type the headline that is so ridiculous. “Peace activists” Okay lets review: The flotilla of PAMM (peace activist muslim morons) were told by the Israeli soldiers family that they would support the … Continue reading

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