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Making sense of the Israel issue

Making sense of the Israel issue

Okay, Israel is by far the MINORITY in the region they reside in. The left is supposedly the party of the minority. So I’m trying to make sense of the entire situation and I’m pretty confused. The liberal mindset is all about feelings and “Justice” yet they turn a blind eye to rockets flying into the innocent civilian populations. They turn a blind eye to splodey’s going off in shopping centers. They turn a blind eye to any atrocities of the majority yet feel compelled to bash the minority in this conflict.

Basically what we have is a biblical time coming true in front of our eyes. I’m not sure of the verse or the exact phrase (Wife isn’t here or I’d have it right) but basically it says the world would be united against Israel and Israel would stand alone…Well folks, when visual proof, facts and truth are denied in order to further a hateful agenda, and the entire world condemns the act even after undeniable proof of provocation… Well then Good Luck Israel.

Personally, I think AMERICANS will come to the aid of Israel in DROVES. In WW2 several Americans went to Britain and France to help fight. I say you aint seen nothing yet. IF Israel is engulfed in a war that appears to be unfair. I would be willing to bet there is not enough ships to carry the willing over to assist.

I would love to trade Benjamin Netanyahu for Barack Obama, hell, we’ll even throw in Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and two future draft picks. Mr. Netanyahu has more leadership ability in his little toe than our idiot has in his entire cabinet.