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America Under Attack

Let me lay this out the way I see it. An invasion has been happening in America for a long time, it has recently became an armed invasion. Our southern border is wide open and the thugs keep coming in… … Continue reading

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Whew, America got Lucky again…Or at least the Jooos did…

Seems that a bomb was planted on a cargo plane. Evidently we are getting extremely lucky. Lucky the idiots trying to kill us are inept. Obama: Suspicious packages are a ‘credible terrorist threat’ Two packages mailed from Yemen and addressed … Continue reading

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6 American Charity Workers Killed

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the liberal animosity toward a group of RELIGIOUS fanatics that would kill those there to help? 6 Americans among 10 Killed in Afghanistan KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Six Americans and two other foreigners on a medical … Continue reading

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Terrorist Threat on the border.

Well isn’t this just terrific. I guess the reporter didn’t get the memo about the word MUSLIM or ISLAMIC… Tell me again why we still have our border open? Oh yeah, just peaceful hardworking people coming in to do the … Continue reading

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