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The Ground Zero Mosque..Distraction?

The Ground Zero Mosque..Distraction?

There’s been a lot of discussion across the globe over the proposed Mosque near Ground Zero of the 9-11-2001 attacks. My feeling on it are extremely well known, and can best be summed up in three words. “Kill em ALL.”

You say that’s a bit harsh…Yep. if it makes you feel better, you can keep six of them.

The Islamic faith has approx 1.2 BIILION followers, roughly 7 to 9% are extremely radical. Any religion that can produce that number of RADICALS is a very bad religion. Christians, Jews, Budhists, Mormons, Catholics combined can’t produce that many radicals. What does that tell you? And until the 91 to 93% of NON-RADICALS decide to squash the Radicals, MUSLIMS as a whole will continue to be demonized.

Deal with it.

That being said, is this a distraction? As of right now most of the discussion revolves around the lack of compassion the islamic faith is showing by pushing for this mosque. But what are we missing? Remember the “Never let a crisis go to waste”… What has happened during this debate?…More lies, an appointment that should have been done through congress..Oh and Iran is now a NUCLEAR Nation…

The GOP, and ANY candidate that has not yet weighed in on this should be scrutinized. The MOSQUE issue is one that requires very little in the way of PCness.

Correct statement that should be made by ANYONE that wishes to get elected in this nation:

“In this nation we have the right to worship as we see fit. We should be able to build a place to worship in any area that complies with local laws. That being said we also have the right to oppose any house of worship that deliberately inflames the population in which it is to be built. We as a free society have the right to demand our elected officials do everything under the law to investigate the reasons for, and deny the permits for any house of worship in a potential location, IF it is deemed to incite the overwhelming majority of the residences . This particular issue is in extremely poor taste, it is dead wrong. Building this mosque near ground zero is akin to building a National Socialist Headquarters next to Auchwitz.

I stand firmly with the Fathers, Mothers, Widows and Children of the victims of the 9-11 attacks”

Now lets get on with the business of taking back our nation so this issue NEVER comes up again. How do we do it? We do it by removing any politician that does not make a statement such as the one above and not electing anyone that would not make that statement.

Attention AMERICANS… The phone is ringing, it’s freedom calling and it want’s to know if you still want it here….

Here we go again, BAD Israel…How dare you defend yourself.

Here we go again, BAD Israel…How dare you defend yourself.

Israel attacks Gaza, more than 155 reported killed

GAZA (Reuters) – Israeli warplanes and combat helicopters pounded the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Saturday, killing at least 155 people in the bloodiest day for Palestinians in more than 20 years.

Palestinian militants responded with rocket salvoes that killed an Israeli man and wounded several others, medics said.

Black smoke billowed over Gaza City, where the dead and wounded lay scattered on the ground after more than 30 air strikes destroyed several security compounds, including two where Hamas was hosting graduation ceremonies for new recruits.

Among the dead were the Hamas-appointed police chief, Tawfiq Jabber, the head of Hamas’s security and protection unit, and the governor of central Gaza, according to medical workers.

I am sure that as soon as the dust settles the dead will be 50% children, and the other 50% blind and crippled children.

You know, I am just sick of this shit. I know how it ends, I understand the biblical ramifications of the fight, but for the life of me I can’t understand the WORLD. It is so damn obvious to a low life like me, if you are attacked, you don’t take it and smile, yet that is what the world expects from Israel. Israel should just let those little rockets keep flying, they really don’t kill anyone that often.. *sigh*
FUCK THAT, I say Israel should wipe out Gaza NOW, and they better remove Hamas before Jan 20th because at that time Hamas has a friend in the White House…

Israel PLEASE for the love of GOD, REMOVE the threat to your existence with all the brutality you can muster. Our nuts have been cut by a PC society, and a will to do nothing and HOPE for CHANGE, you must act alone.

What if’s about 9-11

What if’s about 9-11

I was again searching the interwebs for some articles and opinions on various things and I came across this one, and it made my blood boil.

This was written by some nutbasket named Peter Dyer

What if we had never gone to war? What if, after the shocking crimes of September 11, 2001, the United States had pursued a different course?

What if all the blood which has been spilled in the name of justice still flowed in living veins; all the American, Iraqi and other lives shattered were still whole; all the homes destroyed or lost still standing, still occupied by families who never harmed us?

We have spent monumental treasure and energy on two wars. What if, instead, we had invested a fraction of that in a determined, unrelenting effort to bring Osama bin Laden to justice in a fair and transparent trial in a court of law?

Of course, we’ll never know.

When we were confronted with the most heinous series of terrorist acts in our history Americans overwhelmingly lined up behind President Bush’s call for a “Global War on Terror.”

We can only speculate on what might have been the result of a different course of action, guided by a fundamentally different vision.

For two reasons, though, such speculation would not be entirely baseless:

One week after the U.S. began bombing Afghanistan, the Taliban presented us with an opportunity to investigate the possibility of a peaceful, legal resolution to the crimes of 9/11.

On Oct. 14, 2001, Afghanistan’s deputy prime minister, Haji Abdul Kabir, announced that if the United States stopped the bombing and produced evidence of bin Laden’s guilt, “we would be ready to hand him over to a third country” for trial.

President Bush, determined to launch and pursue the “war on terror,” refused even to discuss, much less investigate this possibility.

* A different course

Exactly 30 months after 9/11 there was another catastrophic terrorist attack in another country: Spain. On March 11, 2004, 191 people in Madrid were killed and over 1,800 injured when 10 backpack bombs exploded on four morning rush-hour commuter trains.

As with 9/11, “11-M” was the most devastating series of terrorist acts in Spanish history.

But Spain chose the path the U.S. rejected.

The Spanish government addressed the crimes of 11-M with the tools, techniques and resources of law enforcement. There was an investigation, arrests, a trial, and appeals.

This process is today essentially complete.

Spain has demonstrated an effective alternative to war as a means of addressing and resolving the bloody horrors of terrorism.

The Spanish example can thus help us make an educated guess at how things might have gone had the Bush administration not immediately and contemptuously rejected Kabir’s offer of Oct. 14, 2001.

And while such an endeavor can’t undo the past seven years, perhaps it can help us make a better choice next time our leaders tell us it’s time for another war.

Here’s how Spain did it.

Two days after the bombings, the police made their first arrests.

After a 25-month investigation, 29 people – 15 Moroccans, nine Spaniards, two Syrians, one Egyptian, one Algerian and one Lebanese – were indicted on April 11, 2006. The Madrid bombing trial opened on Feb. 15, 2007, and ended on July 2.

Four months later, on Oct. 31, 2007, the three-judge tribunal delivered the verdicts.

Three men were convicted of murder, attempted murder and committing terrorist acts. They were sentenced to thousands of years in prison each, although under Spanish law, none will serve longer than 40 years. There is no capital punishment in Spain.

Eighteen were found guilty of lesser offenses. Seven were acquitted. During the trial all charges were dropped against one of the defendants.

0n July 18 of this year, four of the sentences were overturned on appeal to the Supreme Court. Thus, in the end, 17 out of the original 29 indicted have been convicted.

The Supreme Court also concluded that the real ringleaders of the crimes of 11-M were among seven suspects who, three weeks after the bombs exploded, blew themselves up in an apartment outside Madrid when a police assault began.

The U.S. experience and the Spanish experience are, of course, not identical. But there are arguably enough parallels to facilitate a comparison and enable some credible answers to the question: what if?

There is much more of this ridiculous comparison HERE

UNBELIEVABLE… Ok kiddies and folks with sensitivities to vulgarity you might want to bail now:

Still here? Ok last warning…….

Well Mr Dyer, you seem to be looking for some way to incite the Mulsim readers of that piece of shit rag al-jazeera. Let me help you out with a little history:
Beirut, USS Cole, Several airlines, and 2 US Embassies, WTC1 and WTC 2 9-11..
All of those crimes were committed by followers of Islam, based in ISLAMIC countries against the United States of America. Diplomacy yielded very little in the way of retribution for the atrocities, and there was no end in sight for the murder of innocents to stop. You say we should never have done anything but treat it as a crime? Are you fucking kidding me?
What Spain did was turn tail and run, rather than help to install some sort of “Other way” to the masses. I personally wish GWB would have nuked Mecca, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, on 9-12-01, I would have danced in the streets like YOUR READERS did on 9-11.

Hows this for a WHAT IF”

What if the Redneck Mafia decided to DESTROY MECCA during the pilgrimage? Would it be a crime, should it be handled by strictly law enforcement? I think your readers would agree that it would be an act of war… but that would be wrong huh?
I find it hilarious that you would assume that the Taliban would turn over UBL, or that they would help in the hunt for UBL… UBL is not the only problem, Islam is. Your readers are, and idiots like you are.

I suppose the recent bombing in Pakistan is of no concern to you based on your logic, we should not treat that as an attack but just a law enforcement issue? We are at war and personally I think every fucking dead Muslim is one less problem the world has to deal with. I think that entire religion should be wiped off the map I think the US Armed forces are doing a tremendous job of sending Muslim radical fuckheads to meet that pedophile fucknozzle Muhammad.

You might get your wish too Peter Dyer, if Barrack Hussein Obama takes the reins in America, you will see a “Spain like” response, I imagine we will surrender faster than you drop to your knees 5 times a day. (Maybe 6 depending on which Sheik you are blowing)

I would like to remind my readers and friends that I spoke about where things were going when McCain pulled even with the “Chosen one”. Like I said, it is going to get worse… Al-Qaeda wants Obama to win, Al-Jazeera readers want Obama to win, France, Russia, China, North Korea, Mexico, Venezuela ALL want Obama to win this election for a reason. It is not economic. IT is their best chance at getting a surrender at all cost leader in charge, and in Al-Qaeda’s case the ONLY chance of claiming victory.

All Muslims should have to drive Volkswagons…. :rotflmao:

September 11th

September 11th

Over the past seven years I have done elaborate memorial posts, I have went on verbal rampages against the Muslims that caused the catastrophe. I have insulted every worthless islamic radical in the world and railed against the religion that spawned them. I have expressed my profound sympathy for those families that lost loved ones on that day, and offered prayers for the 2999 that perished.

begin rant

I still can not get past the anger toward the people responsible, or the disgust I feel toward those so called Americans that have been parading in the streets wearing pink.

I can not eloquently put my thoughts in writing while there is still a radical element in a religion that continues to do this type of thing every day. I can not just write a “I remember” post when every year on this day I wish for an entire religion to be a memory.

I feel those lives taken from us by muslim cowards deserve better than a wordy remembrance on my obscure little blog…I feel those lives that were TAKEN deserve a solution, and that solution should be the REMOVAL of the radical element of that religion. IT IS STILL ALIVE and it is defended by so-called Americans, it is defended in Countries and it is the way of life in other Countries. AND THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!

Every year on this day the nation turns to “Remember” I turn to anger. I remember, and I am sick to my gut that we are still engaged with the Radical element of a religion that continues to fester. IF it was the Christian religion and a radical element was responsible for 3000 deaths on one day, do you think that element would still be around? HELL NO.

The Muslim asshats that stole the lives from us deserve to burn in hell for all eternity and I truly hope they are.


We in the House of Bushwack remember all 2,999 (19 left off the remembrance) Lives lost on September 11th 2001.


God bless them all.