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Obama single handedly wins Iraq war…

Obama single handedly wins Iraq war…

As we will hear in his speech Obama will make reference to his handling of the Iraq war. Regardless of how you feel about the war in Iraq, this is a slap in the face of reality.

Obama campaigned on ending the war in Iraq. He called was against the war from the start and that is fine. Once he was elected he had the chance to change course in Iraq, leave or bomb it to glass. He chose to stay with the Bush plan. The surge turned that country around and HE OPPOSED IT!

Now things in Iraq are a little chaotic, that is to be expected. But the conditions on the ground are such that we can remove a large portion of our troops. That was made possible by GWB against the wishes of our current leadership. IF Obama stands up and takes credit for Iraq in any way shape or form without mentioning GWB by name in a positive way, Obama will show his true character.

I look for Obama to stand up and say “I’ve ended the war in Iraq, I’ve brought our troops home and I’ve fulfilled my campaign promise” Which is all true. Except We will still have 50k ground troops there, and 2 years into his term, he followed GWB’s plan on withdrawal except for the ending date being put out for the insurgents to hold out for.

Iraq may indeed descend into a civil war, and with only 50k troops there, it will be tough to stop. I’d be willing to bet international pressure will come to bear on the next POTUS to send MORE of our guys back in by 2014 to help squash the violence. So when we elect the next POTUS we need to consider their stance on such a possibility.

This just in Joe Biden is a tool!

This just in Joe Biden is a tool!

Joe Biden goes to Iraq on the 4th of July, and basks in what GWB actually had the balls to do… WHETHER You agree with the war in Iraq or NOT- GWB never backed down he stood his ground (Right or Wrong) and he did his best to fix what was FUBAR from the get go… And only in 50 or so years will we find out if he was successful..Here’s a little excerpt of Biden relishing in the glory of another without mentioning the process owner.

“Biden began Independence Day by greeting more than 200 U.S. soldiers from 59 countries who were becoming American citizens at a naturalization ceremony in a marble domed hall at one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces at Camp Victory, the U.S. military headquarters on the outskirts of Baghdad.

He then had lunch with the 261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade from Delaware, to which his son, Beau, belongs. Beau Biden stood in the back as his father greeted the troops. In telling the brigade about the naturalization ceremony, the vice president used some of his characteristic colorful language.

“We did it in Saddam’s palace,” he said. “[He] is rolling over in his grave right now.”” Source

NOW all you hear about is “Obama’s Plan” -I’m yelling BULLSHIT! it was GWB’s plan… IF Obama and Biden meant what they campaigned about, there would not be ONE US SOLDIER LEFT IN IRAQ NOW! They are basking in the glory of the one they tried to destroy!

Far be it for me to tell you how I really feel about GWB and IRAQ… But it was a cluster FK from the beginning, it got better when the hammer came down and the Iraqi’s woke up. FYI- I don’t give a shit WHY we think GWB went in, I don’t give a damn if it was because of his daddy or if it was because of oil… All I care about right now, is us getting the hell out of there ASAP and the place not erupting into a civil war that will make us HAVE TO GO BACK!

I would also appreciate a little honesty from the douche-bags that are currently occupying our highest offices. IS it too much to ask that if you are going to take credit for something, you should have actually helped do it? Joe Biden wanted to make 3 countries out of Iraq, Obama and Pelosi wanted to surrender after day damn one. And they all have more American blood on their hands than any Iraqi insurgent due to their TRAITOROUS behavior when our guys were dying on the battlefield. They provided as much motivation for the enemy as Osama Bin Laden and they offered Obama’s tagline “Hope and Change” to the enemy. The very definition of TRAITOR.

Jane Fonda, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama all can go to hell.

The World speaks or Terrorists strike again.

The World speaks or Terrorists strike again.

And the Terrorists cast their vote for President.

Bombs at Baghdad Mosques Kill 24, Injure 50

BAGHDAD  —  Homicide bombers targeted Shiite worshippers as they left morning prayers Thursday at two Baghdad mosques, killing 24 people and wounding more than 50 others, police said.

In a separate attack, gunmen fatally shot six Sunnis as they traveled in a minibus in the mainly Shiite town of Wajihiyah, a town 60 miles north of Baghdad.

The dead were heading to Baquoba to visit relatives. They included two children, three women and a man, police in Diyala province said. Another woman and her small child were injured.

I wonder how often B. Hussein Obama and the Obamatrons will use the latest attack on CIVILLIANS to benefit thier cause? I would be willing to bet that Joe Biden tonight will make at least 2 references to the latest violence in Iraq as total chaos and reason we should leave. He has to appease the base of the Demorat party.

Obama Provides Hope to the Enemy.

Obama Provides Hope to the Enemy.

Obama Meets With Iraqi President; Talks Timeline for U.S. Troop Withdrawal

Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama and the Iraqi government found agreement in Baghdad on Monday for a 2010 withdrawal of U.S. combat forces, a timeline that has faced withering criticism from Republican Sen. John McCain.

As Obama laid eyes on the Iraq war for the first time in more than two years, he emerged from a meeting with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, calling it “very constructive.”

The trip follows Republican attempts to diminish Obama’s foreign policy experience and a challenge from McCain, who complained that Obama was wrong to plan for troop withdrawal without having visited since January 2006. McCain has visited Iraq eight times since the war began. The Arizona senator has said Obama’s foreign policy plans are naive and that he is untested.

After Obama sat down with al-Maliki in Baghdad’s heavily protect Green Zone, government spokesman Ali al-Dabagh, who is very close to the Iraqi leader and sat in on the meeting, said Baghdad was not interested in troop withdrawal plans that arise out of the American presidential campaign but “in a real timetable the Iraqis have set.”

When asked for a date, al-Dabagh said, “up to 2010.”

That would match Obama’s pledge to remove U.S. combat troops within 16 months of taking office and reinforces al-Maliki’s reported support for that timetable in an interview published last week in Der Spiegel, a German magazine.

Here is the Demorat plan at the forefront. In war time you tell everything you know, no matter who it hurts. Al-Maliki said a 2010 time-line is acceptable… Do you honestly believe that same “Time-line” has not been discussed with the current CIC? The difference?

A person in charge of prosecuting a war does not give the enemy a time when all will be over in a public statement. The issue may be discussed and even agreed to behind closed doors and the only folks knowing the REAL time-line are those in charge of making decisions. OBAMA is not making ANY decisions yet, and for the Iraqi PM to give Obama this type of ammunition for his idiot followers is irresponsible.

The Iraqi PM has pretty much decided that Barrak Hussein Obama is going to be running things here. He might be, and when (or IF) we hold to a timetable, and Al-Qaeda comes back and Iran comes in and a lot of his countrymen die… WE can look back on this time and say “IRAQ is responsible for IRAQ” The responsibility is squarely on Al Maliki now.
No time table EVER IMO, but since the leadership of Iraq feels like negotiating a retreat already…
Fuck it leave NOW, The Iraqi PM has put his cards on the table, no need for us to be there now, he is negotiating with a person (Liberal anti-Iraq war after things started to go bad) who has caused more death than any Marines rifle or bombing run, OBAMA and his ilk have been supplying the enemy’s of Iraq and America with the very thing they need… HOPE, and KNOWLEDGE. The HOPE we would surrender followed by the KNOWLEDGE that if they held out long enough WE WOULD!

Regardless of how you see IRAQ, why, what, where, or who.. THE ISSUE IS NOW! The issue is do we provide ammunition to those we have stopped, or at least have on the run, and let them know “HEY guys look, all we have to do is hang out in Afghanistan or Pakistan till 2010, then we come back and finish this thing.”

Good move there Barak Hussien Obama.

Obama in full garb