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Obama’s view of the Union

Obama’s view of the Union

I couldn’t watch too much of that stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure. The guy is in a state of denial never before seen outside of the mental wards.

I did anticipate watching the liar in chief, just to count the lies right up till the Iranian’s took 2 of our Navy boats and held 10 of our sailors hostage. At that point I expected the State of the Union address to go from LIES to at least admonishing Iran for their act of war. Again I was disappointed.


When America has real leadership, Iran gets their ass handed to them for an action like this. But Obama is the chosen one and we have apologized for Iran taking our boats and men. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

I say, well done Iran. I have to, I consider myself somewhat of a warrior heart. I can appreciate an enemy’s tactic even if I would love to kill the bastards. Any enemy of America should be extremely aggressive against the USA this year, this is the last year of weakness in America.

A new sheriff comes to town in about a year, if we survive it, its a testament to the patience of the American People. If we were in open revolution right now, the history books would be very kind to us for the reasons we fought. But we’re hoping the ballot box can over ride the bullet box.. But this election might decide the revolution timing. It’s coming.


Iran will get Nukes…

Iran will get Nukes…

By knowing recent history under the Obama/Clinton/Kerry/Jarrett foreign policy success’s.. Like, ISIS, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Venezuela, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea…There’s no way that Iran doesn’t get nukes. Matter of fact, Iran will likely get Iraq, one US state, a couple billion dollars, a few hotel chains in NY City and a combination Fertilizer/Diesel fuel plant here in America as well.

To say I don’t trust Obama is an understatement. But history is a great teller of the future. But if you don’t remember or you spin rather than learn from mistakes you keep making mistakes. Enter the Obama presidency.

Well, Israel should understand they’re on their own. Luckily they elected a true leader. Hopefully they’re going to stop this deal in one fell swoop. Obama can stompyfoot all he wants, but US Military personal will not raise a finger against Israel. Those that would wouldn’t be missed.

Hang on America, less than 2yrs left of this schoolyard sand eater.


Syria and Iraq oh my…

Syria and Iraq oh my…


My problem with the current “Strategy” that Barack Obama seems to have come up with after he had “No Strategy” is this:

When George Bush was at the helm after 9/11/2001 He made the statement that this war against terror would be a long road and there would be many challenges. He also said the United States would eliminate places for these terrorists to launch attacks from, no safe havens. And America was united in that effort for about a year…

Then George Bush after 12yrs of no fly zones, UN sanctions, Nuclear inspectors reports, denials of inspections and all the other crap decided that Iraq needed a regime change in this new world after 9.11.2001. And America was still united.. UNTIL there was a chance to use the Iraq war for political gain. Until the media and pundits decided to put more emphasis on the way our soldiers were acting than the mission they were dealing with.. Debate the Iraq war all you want, To this day I know something had to be done, my problem was more with execution than the action.

That aside, the nation then needed change, it elected a democrat congress, a democrat president that walked on water and he was given a nobel peace prize for his speeches and because he wasn’t George Bush. Obama then went on an apology tour, the oceans subsided and the heavens opened, peace was at hand and all the world had to do was bow to Obama.. Well, that didn’t last long, we got Ft Hood which wasn’t designated a terrorist attack, it was workplace violence. We got Boston Bombers, We got terrorism uptick all over the world. We got the “I ended the war in Iraq” we got the Berghdal trade, we got the snubs to our allies, we got bombing Libya which led to Benghazi, we got arab spring which led to Egypt in chaos. We got Obama pissing on Israel for defending itself. We got lies upon lies.

Obama has done everything possible not to be like George Bush, the more he tries, the more he has to spin the facts in a way the world says “huh?” he has to come up with such stretches of truth and outright lies to keep his sheep in line its become comical.

My problem with this entire thing is the hypocrisy of it.

Liberals say: We don’t know Iraq was going to do something before GWB invaded with full congressional approval. But Obama can Bomb Syria and Iraq because we think ISIS and this new (OLD) Al Qaeda group was going to do something so its okay now?

Liberals say blood for oil, haliburton no more bombs, peace not war.. Until Dear leader launches bombs at buildings in Syria and Iraq. Then there’s an eerie silence.

Obama says no boots on ground. Well, thats a good damn thing, Not too many enlisted folks that I know have any desire to fight anyone with this liar leading them. Who can blame them? Obama has really showed his appreciation for the military hasn’t he? I mean, closing down the memorials, the VA, the salutes or lack there of, the outing of the seal team that killed UBL, the telegraphing his plans once he comes up with one.. If I was a soldier right now I’d be hoping for Obama’s impeachment or resignation. At least with Joe Biden, the enemy would be spending most of its time laughing…

Obama has no plans to destroy the enemy, look at the “Coalition” All muslim nations. Once the images start of “Innocent Muslims” killed by American bombs, those muslim nations will cease in support. Why none of our normal allies with us? Because remember, Ukraine, Remember Putin? Remember the public dissing of Britain, France, Australia, etc. They know Obama is purely a political empty suit. He does what’s best for him at the time and everyone else must be okay with it or they’re racist.

Just wait, within 3 months the “Broad Coalition” will cease, Israel will be under fire again, the entire mideast will be on fire and Iran will become the head of the snake.. Its coming.

Oh, and evidently the evil terrorists who we’re not at war with anymore have developed a new weapon. Its called the silencer, it evidently keeps the anti-war hollywood elites quiet when the nobel peace prize winner is bombing brown people… Just sayin


Israelis Opposed to Striking Iran

Israelis Opposed to Striking Iran

Here’s a bit of “You don’t say” news.

Polls show most Israelis oppose strike against Iran

JERUSALEM – Israel’s tough talk of military action against Iran’s nuclear program has unleashed a strong backlash at home, with a growing number of voices urging the government not to attack without the support of the United States.
Israeli leaders, who have long issued veiled threats against Iran, now appear to be preparing the country for war. New gas mask distribution centers have opened, a nationwide missile alert system has been tested and an official this week warned of hundreds of casualties if Israel unilaterally strikes Iran.

Ask Americans if they are opposed to striking China/Russia/Iran/Venezuela/Syria etc.. Same result. I would bet my ridiculously substandard pay check that “Most Americans oppose” it. But there is a difference. None of those country’s can wipe us out with one good nuke. None of those country’s have been waging shadow war with us since we were founded.

At some point Israel will have to act against Iran. There’s only one possible way that it doesn’t happen. That is if Iran all of the sudden became a moderate western style democracy. So with that possibility about as likely as Obama becoming a Tea Party leader, a strike on Iran is going to happen. The only question is when.

I’d bet that if Obama is re-elected Israel will strike within days of the election results. If Romney/Ryan win, Israel will hold off a little bit. Any takers?

Share your opinion in the comments section.


Randomness from A&P

Randomness from A&P

There’s so much going on these days it’s information overload. I wonder if it’s by design..

Lets start with Foreign uprisings and threats to our way of life..

Iran: We’ve sent ships into the straight of Hormuz. Yesterday one of those ships took out a dinghy that wouldn’t heed warnings. Was this a test of our Navy? Doubtful, the world knows our navy is the best in the world and if unleashed would clean the seas in short fashion. I think it was a test of our leadership. Iran wanted to know would Obama give the okay and risk an incident. Personally I don’t think Obama was notified until after the shots were fired and the persians were dunked.

Egypt: When an Iraqi threw his shoe at George Bush democrats loved it and thought it was funny. So I’m thinking the hundreds of shoes thrown at Hillary must have caused hysterical convulsions among the left. right? Nah, probably not.

Syria: Yeah still fighting. Russia and China helping the oppressive regime to kill the protesters. Personally, I give less than a crap. Let them all burn in hell for all I care, but what I do care about is consistency. IF you are going to tell us the reason we’re bombing Libya without consulting congress because civilians will be killed. Then why are you doing nothing in Syria? Either you’re a liar or a hypocrite or both.

Mexico: Yep still no information for Brian Terry’s family. I guess if Brian Terry looked like Obama’s son we’d get some closure.

Now to the election: Here’s the bottom line: I will happily vote for Romney/?? over Obama/Biden. I am NOT happy that I have only that choice. I have NO ILLUSIONS that Romney is going to be the conservative hero we need. My standards for Romney are very low. And in order for me to be somewhat happy with my vote for him, he must only do a few things:


2. He must DECREASE REGULATIONS so businesses can be profitable enough to hire people.


4. He must STOP THE SPENDING SPREE congress is on.


That’s it. IF he does those five things my vote and your vote will not be in vain. But also know that he will likely do things that will piss us off.

The other thing that bugs me about this election is the media and the Democrat party’s insistence on knowing every detail of Mitt Romney’s past. I guess the only way we’ll ever know about Obama’s past is if he switches party’s and runs as a Republican. Funny how that works huh?

Last but not least there’s a new Blog site that you should check out:

Not a NEW BLOGGER, a new site. BZ has moved away from Google’s “Blogger” and joined the WordPress universe. Please check out his new site and change your bookmarks accordingly.


Iran: Here we go again…

Iran: Here we go again…

Iran vs Iraq… How much difference is there? Think back to the 90’s. The Iraq regime had many sanctions on it. The people were suffering, they were always on TV protesting and chanting the familiar “Death to America” meme. We put up with it for 12 years… Flash forward to 2012… Any similarities?

So here goes the shell game AGAIN:

First Iran will say, “come on in NEA, look around” no problem. Then as they board the plane to visit Iran, Iran will say “No”… Then another meeting of the UN and Iran will say “Okay okay, come take a look”… Then as it becomes close to time for the inspection.. “NO, they cant look there.” this can go on for years.

Look, the entire dance has been done to death with these backasswards ragheaded morons. Either step on them now or risk doing it AFTER they have launched a nuke. It’s a choice Israel is going to make soon. And I personally hope they do it sooner than later.

Obama will dance around more, but if Israel acts before the election, Obama will have to support that action. IF Israel waits and we fail at removing Obama, Israel will be on their own.


Obama’s play in Iran

Obama’s play in Iran

How long before Obama uses “Iran” as the reason the economy is not responding to his “Stimulus”?

State Media Says Iran Will Cut Oil to 6 European Nations

Iran struck back against a European oil embargo by cutting supplies to six European countries Wednesday as state media in Tehran said that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was being briefed “on new nuclear achievements” expected to be announced later in the day. The oil cutoff affects the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal.

I contend that this has been the plan from the Obama White House since the end of last year. It goes like this: IF the economy hasn’t rebounded in a way that assures Obama’s re-election, escalate tensions with Iran. Gas prices will rise, the economy will stall and we can shift the blame from our policies to Iran’s extremism.

Think about that for a moment. And remember that we have just had some “Positive” job growth numbers (As long as you take out the actual facts and only use the White House Numbers) Many analysts think the unemployment numbers are going to head in the wrong direction this month. The world markets are in shambles, so what is Obama to do? All of the sudden Iran’s rhetoric is too much to handle, ships to the gulf….All of the sudden “We will reach out to Iran” is not possible.

Good plan. IF Iran plays along. IF they are not on the same page and start lashing out, taking hostages, blowing up embassies and what-not this can back fire. I seriously believe Iran and Obama are on the same page. Obama seems to hate Israel almost as much as Iran’s mullah’s.

Should be a fun thing to watch, Israel isn’t known for waiting around. I’m betting the “Summer” prediction of a strike on Iran is about to be moved up to February or March…. Go get em Israel.


Middle East thoughts….

Middle East thoughts….

A few headlines about the Muslim East:

US closes embassy in Syria, pulls out diplomats

US imposes additional sanctions on Iran

Ayatollah: Kill all Jews, annihilate Israel

Obama has issued an executive order to sanction the Iranian central bank and freeze Iran’s assets here in the USA. Not a bad move IMO, the timing is suspect though.

Iran who has been at war with western ideals for century’s should know by now that election years are never a good time to poke the tiger in the eye with a stick.

Syria, has begun to stop this wonderful Arab Spring Obama loves… With the help of China and Russia.. Oh yeah the “Reset Button” diplomacy. The “We need to talk with them” countries… Obama during his run to the White House in 08, never missed an opportunity to bash GWB about his foreign policy. For 3 years has tried to “Negotiate” with Iran. How’s it working there king?

Egypt is exploding, Iraq is exploding, Syria is exploding, Iran will soon explode with the help of Israel. Good job there Obama and Hillary. Well done with the non interventionist strategy and the support of the “Rebels” who we didn’t know…. (Well MOST KNEW, just not the folks who are in charge)

What we have here is a President who is not willing to get his hands dirty. Pushing a button on a drone is clean and easy. Dead folks don’t need to be housed and they aren’t used as political tools for the base of the democrat party. He stayed away from Egypt except to support the overthrow of Mubarack. He stayed away from Iran’s uprising because Iran wouldn’t like it. He intervened in Libya because of oil for our friends. He is staying away from Syria’s uprising because it would cause him to make a decision.

Iran and Syria are one and the same. Syria’s government is aligned with Iran. IF we helped the people of Syria overthrow Assad, what’s the worse that could happen? We’d get another ruler that is aligned with Iran and wants Israel dead? The muslim brotherhood takeover? What’s different?

If there was one country in the middle east who we should help overthrow a dictator, it would be Syria. But nope, we’ll throw folks like Mubarack who kept peace with Israel under the bus, we’ll spend our money dropping bombs on Gadafi, who hasn’t done anything since Reagan sent a missile through his front door. But leave Iran and Syria’s uprising to chance… Odd huh?