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USA the beginning…

I’ve heard so many apologists and self loathing over how the USA was born… The violence, the slavery the plunder of the natives.. oh wow, we suck.. NOT. While you who are educated in liberal land colleges must be brainwashed … Continue reading

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Amnesty is Coming…

If you haven’t been paying attention, then you’re really reading the wrong site. The “Crisis” on the border with the illegal “Children” being sent across the border is a manufactured crisis. Barack Obama and his wonderful administration has again used … Continue reading

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36K Criminals Released

Well folks, I hate to say I told you so, but I sure as hell did. I said it back in 2006 that we would, as a nation be heading the direction of California. Gov. Brown released over 50k Criminals … Continue reading

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California Puts Nail in Coffin

California is run by Cal State Berkley radical liberals. They are creating a liberal utopia here. It’s been done several time throughout history and NOT ONCE did it end well. BUT here’s the catch: The other nations that fell into … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigrants flee scene of accident..

In Phoenix a van full of illegal invaders ruins an innocent drivers day: Rumor has it they were running to Eric Holders office for protection. Someone tell me how you can defend this? How can any AMERICAN, any political affiliation … Continue reading

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