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Dear Leader Executive Order Amnesty

Dear Leader Executive Order Amnesty

And as we said would happen, Barack Obama will grant Amnesty to MILLIONS of illegal Immigrants.. Right after the nation made it very clear, America wants a change of direction. Obama and the democrats have been pushing for Amnesty for a while, well in election years anyway. So when America voted to send democrats to the unemployment line, of course that means Obama needs to continue with the policies America voted out, right? Of course not, don’t be silly….


So, why will Obama grant amnesty? Is it for future votes? Yep. To help the economy? Nope. To help his crony’s his businessmen friends? Yep. And to be fair, there’s a few RINO’s that are absolutely fine with Obama doing this. For the same reason. MONEY. Cheap labor..


Here’s some real fuel for the fire here. Obama will do this illegally, he is figuring on the public perception that he is the victim of evil republicans if they impeach him or sue him or even talk bad about him. He figures that just like Obamacare, once the gift is given, nobody can take it back or they’d be labeled evil… Its a bold play, its a play that puts power of party, legacy above good of country. And that should be enough to keep democrats out of power for generations. But it won’t. We are a nation ruled by people who are elected because of the ignorance of the population.


So as you’re watching the most wonderful dear leader ever on prime time tomorrow. (I won’t be watching) Realize that this action is nothing more than a hail marry pass hoping that the latino/hispanic caucus will be able to push Hillary over the top in 2016. Hillary is white so the black vote is going to be back to normal levels. So the democrat party NEEDS a large turnout of Latino/Hispanic voters. FACT.

I find it hilarious that Obama was elected in large part due to the 95% of black voters in both POTUS elections going to him. Yet, the only thing he’s done for the black community is make a statement about Trayvon, Show up in Ferguson and say cops acted stupidly… Other than that, he’s been a disaster for blacks. But he’s been fabulous for gays and mucho el awesomo for hispanics…. Funny how that works huh?


In his book, “Dreams of my Father” Obama said this:

“[T]here’s no denying that many blacks share the same anxieties as many whites about the wave of illegal immigration flooding our Southern border—a sense that what’s happening now is fundamentally different from what has gone on before. Not all these fears are irrational. The number of immigrants added to the labor force every year is of a magnitude not seen in this country for over a century. If this huge influx of mostly low-skill workers provides some benefits to the economy as a whole—especially by keeping our workforce young, in contrast to an increasingly geriatric Europe and Japan—it also threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.”

He knew this, he knows this is true, but he has a plan. His plan is “Raise the minimum wage” That will do it… Nope. It will create high tech jobs and cost jobs in minimum wage fields… But all of his plans have worked out so far.. sigh.

Obamacare, IRS, DOJ, FastAndFurious, Job Numbers, Solyndra, Shovel Ready.. Just a few LIES, but believe Obama now.. LOL.

Amnesty Now?

Amnesty Now?

So Speaker John Boehner is upset with some members of the Republican party because they won’t green light an Amnesty bill?


Okay, let me break this down. This may piss off some folks but hear it out. If you don’t agree with it, that’s what the comment section is for.

First, I do think our Immigration system needs to be reformed. There’s no reason it should take 10 yrs to become an American. I could go into the entire belief I have about IMMIGRANTS ASSIMILATING, but I’ve done that enough in the past. Lets concentrate on the NOW… I do think we need REFORM, but we must secure the border and clean house first.


So the GOP’s position on AMNESTY is that “this time the government will secure the border.” And there is the biggest problem the GOP faces. You want to pass IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW? Barack Obama is still President, Harry Reid is still in charge of the Senate and Eric Holder is still AG. Now, lets look back at the last 6yrs.

Obama and Holder sued the state of AZ because Arizona wanted to secure the border.

Obama and Holder have stopped deportations, without consent of congress. 

Obama and Holder have usurped/ignored/changed laws from their offices without consent of congress.

So tell me again how we can count on the Obama Administration to “Secure the border”


Trust in Government is at an all time low. IF you trust this government now you are stupid son of bitch. And speaker Boehner, you sir are a stupid son of bitch if you think the GOP will survive an AMNESTY bill vote now. In November, if the house stays Republican and the Senate Switches party majority and the GOP sends an Amnesty bill to Obama’s desk, the GOP will lose in 2016 BADLY.

Trust is important. When its gone it can’t be recovered UNLESS those in power are removed. Therefor STOP THE AMNESTY TALK until Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Feinstein, Biden, Graham, McCain, McConnell and several others are GONE! That’s the only hope of the GOP has of not being relegated to a minor party for the next 100 years.

Illegal Immigration Bill

Illegal Immigration Bill

Note to Senate/House Republicans and GOP as a whole. You have snared yourself in a trap again. Since you are too stupid to see what is being done, you deserve the choice you have. You have two choices now.

AMNESTY2013 numbersusa-405x400

1. Pass the Amnesty and watch the blood bath that occurs in 2014 from the loser seat. You will lose majority in the House, you will lose seats in senate.

2. Unite behind Ted Cruz and make the Amnesty bill right before jumping on board.

Those choices are all you have. If the current Amnesty bill collapses because Republican support drops, America wins. If you pass it, America and The GOP loses.

I’m telling you this. Conservative voters will back challengers to all Republican supporters of this TRAVESTY who are up for re-election in 2014. We will ABSTAIN from voting should you win. IF that message isn’t clear enough. Imagine that you win your challenge and you go on a news network to try and get support for something later. YOU WILL NOT BE CREDIBLE in the eyes of MILLIONS. Relegated to the Olympia Snow’s and John McCain’s of the GOP you will become just another RINO.


You find yourself in this mess because YOU ALLOWED IT. You could have stood and refused to vote without filibuster ANY BILL until the Obamacare house bill that passed was taken up on the senate floor.

You could have DONE A LOT MORE but you allowed Marco Rubio and John McCain to put the GOP in this box. You think the DNC didn’t plan this? Their king is scandalized, their entire talking points have fell apart, the economy is still toast, the war on terror is making a comeback, Obama has NOTHING LEFT, he gave the gay’s their way, he has to get this passed for his legacy to have a “Yeah but he passed amnesty” tag line. And you fell for it.

The ONLY bill that will save you and provide for limited Amnesty would be something like this:

“This bill provides funding for a Fence/wall/fence on every inch of that border” in the first sentence.

The second sentence “Deportation immediately for those who have broken ANY OTHER LAW since ILLEGALLY immigrating to the USA”

Third sentence is “Amnesty will occur 2 years after the fence is built and deportations have been completed”

I just wrote the Illegal Immigration Reform act in three sentences.

Now though, the GOP has two Choices, pick one. My mind and millions of us tax paying voters will vote or not vote based on your choice. Good luck.

Gun Control Legislation NOT DEAD.

Gun Control Legislation NOT DEAD.

Anyone who thought the gun grabbers would back off after the background check bill died in the senate is an idiot. Most Freedom loving Americans KNOW that the left is in an orgasmic state that it came within a couple of votes of INFRINGING.

The NRA show in Houston is happening now. The NRA is the last stand. The NRA and a few lesser known Gun Rights organizations are all that stands between US and THEM. Join one or all NOW. The misinformation and outright lies need to be challenged and corrected. NOW.


We have very few senators we can count on. We put a couple in place during the last election Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. And we lost a few after dinner with the king. McCain and Graham.

This rant I’m about to go on isn’t about anything other than GUN CONTROL legislation. But I’ll tie it in to a few other bills up for votes.

We have Ted Cruz challenging Joe Biden to a debate. That would be great. Ted Cruz would bring FACTS, Joe Biden would bring EMOTIONS. Joe Biden and the media would set the ground rules that FACTS are not allowed.

armed vs disarmed

What we have here is a manipulation of data to the point of ridiculousness. You hear the lapdog media using the 90% number of Americans that wanted that gun control bill passed. IT IS BLATANTLY FALSE. 90% of LIBERALS/PROGRESSIVES want that bill passed. Which is bad if you think about it. It means 10% of even the FURTHEST LEFT idiots don’t want it.


There is ZERO doubt that the particular gun bill that McCain/Graham and other Republicans voted FOR, would have ANY CHANCE OF STOPPING THE NEXT SHOOTING SPREE. ZERO-ZIP-NADA, all it would do is make US the legal gun owners jump through more hoops to exercise our rights.

Read More Read More

Illegal Immigrant Rapes and leaves for Dead 9yr Old Girl

Illegal Immigrant Rapes and leaves for Dead 9yr Old Girl

This happened not too far from me. They caught the slug and find out he’s been in the country illegally for 8 years, working at “All American Manufacturing”… How sad is that?

Riverside: Abduction suspect may be involved in other incidents

Police are investigating the man arrested in the kidnapping and assault of a 9-year-old Riverside girl in connection with several unsolved local crimes such as Peeping Tom cases, Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz said Wednesday.

Jose Wilson Rojas Guzman, 30, of Riverside, was arrested Monday on suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping with injury and aggravated child sexual assault. He remains jailed with bail set at $1 million, and he is being kept on an immigration hold. An arraignment is scheduled this afternoon in Riverside.

The Riverside girl was sleeping at home May 7 when she was kidnapped, sexually and physically assaulted and then dumped from a black truck near Challen Park in Riverside, police have said. Guzman had previously rented a room in the apartment where the girl lived.

Diaz said the other cases that might involve Guzman are a series of about three “sexual-type crimes including Peeping Tom” incidents that occurred in 2008 in Riverside, and those will be a starting point.

Police arrested Guzman in the kidnapping case Monday after a DNA match.

“Now that we have his fingerprints and his DNA, we’ll be following that up with other similar crimes in Riverside and in other jurisdictions,” Diaz said.

Our state just like others on the border are seeing this stuff everyday. Here we have an Illegal Immigrant from Mexico who has been here for 8 years. No telling how many cases are going to get tied to him. And our illustrious leaders in Sacramento pass the “Dream Act” Nationally, our leaders tell us the borders are secure, they sue a state for protecting it’s border. AZ is on the right track. IF we keep these idiots in office we’re screwed.

How’s this for the way things are in this country:

Congresswoman Gifford’s got shot along with several others in Tucson. The left went nuts painting the entire right side of the political spectrum as violent gun toting extremists. We have over 100,000 thousand ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in our nations prisons (A low ball estimate)yet we are told we can’t blame all the illegals for the actions of a few…. Um is there something wrong here, or is it me?

We have met the enemy and the enemy is US. We keep electing pandering politicians to office who would sell out their nation for a vote… We get the Government we deserve. Anyone think it’s time for a change? WAKE UP!

Best thing about the whole thing? Well that would be the advocacy groups that are already lining up to offer excuses as to why this slug did what he did. I’m sure there’s a judge somewhere around here that will either give him a light sentence or send him back to Mexico with an apology for the way we treated him…

I’m sick beyond belief.

Then you have the wonderful people in the neighborhood the girl was dumped in. She went door to door knocking and begging for help. Six of them wouldn’t open the door for her fearing a “Trap” one called 911 but didn’t offer aid until LEO’s arrived. Apathy? Fear? Lack of courage? I don’t care which, you in that neighborhood should be taken out back and beat with stick. Idiots.

You Notice how disconnected the Government is?

You Notice how disconnected the Government is?

For the last year the biggest issues in our nation has been our Debt, Our Economy, and JOBS. It’s almost campaign time and what do the Liberal/Progressive in the White House and the senate do? Well of course try and GIVE AWAY MORE MONEY.

Amnesty, Dream Act, Subsidies… Whatever it takes to buy more votes.

The Amnesty/Dream Act CAMPAIGN is a planned message. More tax payer money will be spent for ILLEGALS education, because it’s their parents fault not the children.


LIBERS/PROGRESSIVE ALSO  want you to pay to KILL the babies of parents because it’s NOT the PARENTS fault that a pregnancy occurred… Wha? (Planned Parenthood funding)

IF America continues on this idiot path we’ll mirror Kenya in economy, Iran in Government and Mexico is crime.

Immgration Debate

Immgration Debate

Is coming. Best Slogan for the Campaign to target Hispanics.

IF you want your kids and grand kids to literally follow in your footsteps. Vote Democrat, because America will be as bad as the nation YOU left and they will be looking for somewhere else to run.

IF you want America to stay a better nation than the nation YOU left, vote Republican.

Obama picks El Paso Tx to talk about Immigration.

Obama picks El Paso Tx to talk about Immigration.

Obama picks Texas to make his AMNESTY push prior to the election run. Obama is playing the “I gotta get my Illegal Immigrant base back on my side” Frankly I’m more than a little pissed.

A short live blogging on the B.S from the POTUS reading from his TOTUS.

Obama lying and campaigning…. Who’d of thought the campaigner in chief would pander to illegal’s? WOW how original.

“Yes we can” coming from the crowd of illegal criminals, Duh Won is again missing in action. We’ll wait till there is a victim then we’ll enforce some kind of law….So why must a person be VICTIMIZED by someone that shouldn’t be here? Why MUST I BE A VICTIM before you act? Let me tell you why, liberfucks don’t see past their nose. Much less into unintended consequences.

Rupert Murdock and I agree? Huh? Oh yeah IMMIGRANT.. One word missing ILLEGAL… Murdock came in LEGALLY… Oh that’s different it doesn’t fit the meme of the liberfucks.

Yeah I’m done with this… Channel Changed…