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Illegal Immigrant Rapes and leaves for Dead 9yr Old Girl

Illegal Immigrant Rapes and leaves for Dead 9yr Old Girl

This happened not too far from me. They caught the slug and find out he’s been in the country illegally for 8 years, working at “All American Manufacturing”… How sad is that?

Riverside: Abduction suspect may be involved in other incidents

Police are investigating the man arrested in the kidnapping and assault of a 9-year-old Riverside girl in connection with several unsolved local crimes such as Peeping Tom cases, Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz said Wednesday.

Jose Wilson Rojas Guzman, 30, of Riverside, was arrested Monday on suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping with injury and aggravated child sexual assault. He remains jailed with bail set at $1 million, and he is being kept on an immigration hold. An arraignment is scheduled this afternoon in Riverside.

The Riverside girl was sleeping at home May 7 when she was kidnapped, sexually and physically assaulted and then dumped from a black truck near Challen Park in Riverside, police have said. Guzman had previously rented a room in the apartment where the girl lived.

Diaz said the other cases that might involve Guzman are a series of about three “sexual-type crimes including Peeping Tom” incidents that occurred in 2008 in Riverside, and those will be a starting point.

Police arrested Guzman in the kidnapping case Monday after a DNA match.

“Now that we have his fingerprints and his DNA, we’ll be following that up with other similar crimes in Riverside and in other jurisdictions,” Diaz said.

Our state just like others on the border are seeing this stuff everyday. Here we have an Illegal Immigrant from Mexico who has been here for 8 years. No telling how many cases are going to get tied to him. And our illustrious leaders in Sacramento pass the “Dream Act” Nationally, our leaders tell us the borders are secure, they sue a state for protecting it’s border. AZ is on the right track. IF we keep these idiots in office we’re screwed.

How’s this for the way things are in this country:

Congresswoman Gifford’s got shot along with several others in Tucson. The left went nuts painting the entire right side of the political spectrum as violent gun toting extremists. We have over 100,000 thousand ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in our nations prisons (A low ball estimate)yet we are told we can’t blame all the illegals for the actions of a few…. Um is there something wrong here, or is it me?

We have met the enemy and the enemy is US. We keep electing pandering politicians to office who would sell out their nation for a vote… We get the Government we deserve. Anyone think it’s time for a change? WAKE UP!

Best thing about the whole thing? Well that would be the advocacy groups that are already lining up to offer excuses as to why this slug did what he did. I’m sure there’s a judge somewhere around here that will either give him a light sentence or send him back to Mexico with an apology for the way we treated him…

I’m sick beyond belief.

Then you have the wonderful people in the neighborhood the girl was dumped in. She went door to door knocking and begging for help. Six of them wouldn’t open the door for her fearing a “Trap” one called 911 but didn’t offer aid until LEO’s arrived. Apathy? Fear? Lack of courage? I don’t care which, you in that neighborhood should be taken out back and beat with stick. Idiots.