Tag: I’ll be back



Hey folks.. Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Been a real ass kicker around the casa…

For you conspiracy folks:

I have not been “Sequestered” nor have I been “Droned” DHS didn’t “Scoop me up” and I’m not being sent to “GITMO” yet.

I haven’t lost “My Job” Jerry Brown hasn’t “Searched my house” Chris Dorner “Isn’t living under my house” The cops haven’t “Got me surrounded” and I didn’t run off to be with “Kim Kardashian” Obama didn’t “send in the zombies” nor did I fall ill because of “Chemtrails” the “asteroid didn’t wipe out my AO” And NO the mexicans in my hood didn’t go all “Alamo up in here”

Just trying to put to rest all the conspiracy theories… I’ll be back soon.