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Most Muslims are Peaceful, All Tea party’rs are racist.

Explain this to me: Why is it; in a liberal/progressives mind, most Muslims are peaceful and if you disagree with it you are an Islamaphobic Racist. But ALL Tea Party members are racist and if you don’t agree with that … Continue reading

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Affirmative Action, Or….

Some of you may have heard the story of Keith John Sampson….For those that have not, spend a few minutes and watch this: Yeah That’s right baby, GUILTY of reading a book, inciting hatred….Welcome to Der Amerika Comrad.

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10 Reasons why Guns should be banned!

Demorat logic rears it’s head. 1.) Guns are used in self-defense over 2 million times a year. However, this makes the attempted crime a “non-event,” which necessarily complicates the Police investigation. Without civilian ownership of guns, these Police investigations would … Continue reading

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I’m broke, so take my guns please. WTF?

In lean times SoCal gun owners trade arms for eats LOS ANGELES The guns versus butter economic model appears to be tilting in the dairy spread’s favor in one inner city neighborhood, where record numbers of gun owners are giving … Continue reading

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Getting tough on Grafitti.. well sort of.

The cost of getting caught doing graffiti is going up next year. Anyone convicted of vandalism for graffiti causing $400 or more in damage will have to clean up the property and keep it tidy for up to a year … Continue reading

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Um..Huh…Yeah, kind of speechless

WOW.. I heard the Phelp’s Fag parade was coming to the “forum” but I thought they would be less vile..I was wrong. Really I am at a loss for words….damn. One item of note: The guy talking to the Phelps … Continue reading

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Graffiti, Vandalism, Gangs or Art

Recently we discussed graffiti, more specifically the up tick in violence between taggers, and gang-bangers versus citizens that are reporting their actions. I had the honor of entertaining some comments on the “Artists” side of the issue: Here are a … Continue reading

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