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Hillary Clinton Progress!

Hillary Clinton Progress!

Let me get this straight: A secretary of state was subpoena’d to turn over data, over 8 months ago? Now she turns over some files, will give testimony in front of congress for only one day. She’s only giving data that has been cleaned. But she’s one of us?

So to put this into perspective: If the IRS sends you a letter to appear for an audit. Try to tell them you’re receipts were lost when your hard drive crashed. Try to tell them that you have evidence of your receipts and you’ll need 8 months to get that data to them. Then give them the computer with a blank hard drive, no power supply and a hammer through the screen. Do you think you’re going to walk away from that without a major fine and/or jail time? The answer is HELL NO!

Here’s the other piece of “progress”: If Hillary were a black woman, there’d be zero investigation, no congressional demands and if you dared questioned her, you’d be labeled racist. IF this Hillary thing, drops even a breadcrumb of Obama’s name on it, it will be squashed in the media and in congress. Why? Black Privileged Lives Matter.

Bottom line is this: Hillary will not be the Democrat nominee, nor will Sanders. This dog and pony show is designed to make Biden look intelligent. And quite frankly compared to the current idiots on Democrat side, Biden looks like a genius now.

Hillary for Prison 2016!

We the People are Responsible…

We the People are Responsible…

I read a post at Bloviating Zeppelin about the OWS folks blaming “Da Jooos” for everything (AGAIN) to which I made a comment that I would like to expound upon.

My comment there was simply it was OUR FAULT. We caused it. We allowed it and in some cases we even demanded it. The OWS crowd, the Greek rioters, the London looters, the anarchist in general are a direct result of OUR lack of effort, Lack of attention, Lack of our back bone, and our lack of knowledge. As well as our failure to recognize where we were headed.

We INTENDED welfare to be hand up and temporary. We allowed it to be a hand out and permanent.

We Intended College Grants to be a hand up for those who showed promise and couldn’t afford the next step. We allowed them to be RACE/Gender based hand outs that only increase the amount of idiocy that we see in OWS.

We intended for unemployment to be a hand up to help bridge the gap between jobs. We allowed it to be 2 years of income without working. We allowed it to be a bridge until a JOB YOU LIKE comes along.

We intended to give minorities a hand up with the affirmative action program. We allowed it to lower the bar so there is no incentive to be the best if you are a so-called “minority”

We intended to give a hand up to the millions of illegal immigrants in this nation back in the 80’s and gave them amnesty. We allowed the illegal immigration flood to continue to degrade our nation and now they have become a voting block for the Democrats.

We intended to give the gun grabbers a little slack by agreeing to some of the most ignorant gun laws ever imposed on people, because we didn’t know if we were right. NOW WE KNOW and it’s a very tough fight to get back those rights back.

We intended to help the homeless and inner cities with money so they could educate themselves and compete in the nation. We allowed that money to flow into the abyss with NOTHING to show for it but more democrat voters because THEY keep filling the trough.

We intended to give teachers a say in how they teach students. We allowed them to become professors of liberal philosophy/marxism/communism and rewrite history if it doesn’t follow their warped beliefs.

We the people have allowed the mentality you see in the streets of Oakland, DC, NYC, LA. We have seen the world they would have us live and I will die fighting that vision. I will remove a lot of those type people on my way out I assure you.

The issue is on the front burner now. The American people have seen the opposite of the Tea Party. The American people have a serious choice to make. IF we chose right we can fix this madness. IF we choose wrong, buy a tent because you will be occupying an underpass soon.

IF war is what they want lets get it on. We need a counter in the streets and as of yet I see nothing in the way of confronting these losers on Wall Street. LOWS… (Loosers Occupying Wall Street)

Wirecutter sprayed the first gas. GOD willing there will be much more of that going on in the near future. At some point there will be a falling out. In the streets or in the woods. Makes no difference to me. Lets play.



California debating Death Penalty

California debating Death Penalty

Here we go again… My question is why have it if you can’t/WON’T use it?

California Debates Whether to Abolish Nation’s Most Populous Death Row

Opponents of California’s death penalty are working on a bill to abolish capital punishment in the state, which if signed into law and approved by voters next year could help California save millions of dollars by taking hundreds of prisoners off Death Row.

The bill from state Democratic Sen. Loni Hancock of Berkeley would amend state law to require life in prison without parole for those convicted of what are now capital crimes, including people currently facing execution. If passed by the Legislature, the question would be put before voters on the November 2012 ballot.

The push comes as California continues to grapple with multi-billion dollar budget deficits that has led to deep spending cuts, a lower credit rating and the prospect of higher taxes.

Only 13 inmates have been executed since the death penalty was restored in the Golden State in 1978, but supporters of the death penalty say commuting the sentence of 714 condemned inmates to life in prison without parole would be a travesty of justice.

They argue that rather than abolish it, fix the capital punishment system so condemned prisoners don’t spend as much time on death row and cost taxpayers as much money.

I want you to look at these images… This is California’s version of the death Penalty.

Rather humane huh? Personally I think we could save the state MILLIONS by actually using the Death Penalty. And using it often. Sell all of this humane crap and get back to old sparky. OR better yet..

I will be happy to build the gallows. I’d even foot the bill for the ropes and wood. Matter of fact, I’ll volunteer to pull the lever. I’d be happy to do it on a volunteer basis. Just allow me to work as fast as I can and provide me an assistant to drive the dump truck that will be positioned under the platform.

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Union Dues would cover 265,447 jobs….

Union Dues would cover 265,447 jobs….

A Great article at “Labor Union Report

One Year’s Worth Of Union Dues Could Support 265,447 U.S. Workers For A Year

Union bosses have been engaging in class warfare for so long now that it’s become standard for the media to echo the meme without challenge. An example of such mainstream Marxism is in today’s Bloomberg piece entitled ‘Runaway CEO Pay’ Could Support 102,000 U.S. Jobs, AFL-CIO Says. Bloomberg’s piece relies heavily on the AFL-CIO’s Executive Pay Watch, which was set up years ago to conduct a haves vs. have nots class warfare campaign to eventually have CEO pay limited by law or regulation. This was something union bosses accomplished to some degree with last year’s “Wall Street Reform.

Here is the AFL-CIO’s statement:

In 2010, Standard & Poor’s 500 Index company CEOs received, on average, $11.4 million in total compensation. Based on 299 companies’ most recent pay data for 2010, their combined total CEO pay of $3.4 billion could support 102,325 median workers’ jobs.

Using a simple calculator, it is easy to determine that the “workers’ jobs” would pay $33,227 per year (about $16 per hour), not counting union dues, of course.

Read the Rest then come back..

What the article says is truth. CEO’s do make a lot of money, taking ALL of it would leave WHO to run the corporation? Nobody works for free and Unions don’t hire, produce or develop anything. They are LABOR.

Here’s the basic math on union dues and jobs they would create:

If we were to use a conservative figure of $50 per month for union dues, in 2010, unions collected $735,000,000 per month in union dues from America’s unionized workers. Multiply $735,000,000 by 12 months and you get a whopping $8,820,000,000 that was collected in union dues in 2010.

Divide $8,820,000,000 by $33,227 and you’ll find that if unions did not take union dues from workers in 2010, 265,447 workers’ jobs could have been supported.

So union dues would cover DOUBLE the jobs CEO’s salary’s would… WOW, I’m all for that.

The article misses a little though. Consider this: $33,227 a year is the salary, it doesn’t take into account benefit deductions, union dues, FICA, and State Taxes. Your take home pay would be closer to 25k than 33k. A take home pay of 25k a year doesn’t afford the worker much more than a full time employee at burger king.

Now, let’s look at the CEO’s salary. Why? Well because liberals love to talk about what someone else makes… CEO’s make a LOT of money, but why are they paid so much? They are paid to make a company profitable, they are paid to RUN a company/Corporation and they have to have the ability to lead a group of people in attaining that goal. There are very few high school drop outs who are CEO’s Most of them are HIGHLY educated, very intelligent men or women. They made some good choices in their education and in their lives to put them in that position. IF a company or corporations shareholders pay it’s CEO a gazillion trajillion dollars, it’s because they can afford it, he/she is worth it, and they are good at their job. Regardless of HOW MANY JOBS their salary would produce.

Class warfare. Where do you stand?


Budget Deal Done! How do you feel?

Budget Deal Done! How do you feel?

After a couple days of huffing and puffing. After reading the entire budget that was agreed to. And after checking many “Alternative reality” sites (aka Liberals) I came to a conclusion. It may not set well with some folks, it may make sense to others but it is my opinion.

We on the right didn’t do too bad in the agreement. We didn’t win in a blowout, but we didn’t lose at all. In other words it was like baseball game played over 12 innings we lost our starting pitcher and our power hitter to injuries but we won the game.

The POTUS made the Speaker blink. Yep. The POTUS used our military as tools to save Planned Parenthood. Yep. And it worked. In a day gone by NO POTUS would have ever gone there. Our current POTUS did. Obama is not a Democrat, he’s a progressive and that’s the big difference in this entire thing. A democrat can be reasoned with, a progressive on the other hand is ANTI-AMERICAN from the start so sacrificing the military wouldn’t phase him.

Did the Republicans win? Absolutely they won. They proved some points, they made Obama tip his hand about how far he’s willing to go to protect a failed agenda and they got MORE cuts than ever before. And they are putting fourth a bill that will protect the military from any such Obamanism in the future. They also left the door open for the next battle which starts in about two weeks.

While I would have rather them take it all the way, I do understand the game. Its one of quarters not entirety all at once. We got more work to do, we have a LOT more work to do, but for an opening salvo in a clash, We’ll take the 38.5 billion and hope they can get the other 60+Billion before the next fiscal year.


More Islamic Rage over Koran burning…

More Islamic Rage over Koran burning…

I’m seriously enjoying this. But then again I’m just a common sense kind of guy. I see this entire thing as a REASON we should be fighting and killing these bastards with extreme prejudice.

Quran-Burning Protests Rage In Afghanistan (From NPR, No Link EVER)

Afghan protests against the burning of a Quran in Florida entered a third day with a demonstrations in the south and east Sunday, while the Taliban called on people to rise up, blaming government forces for any violence.

The desecration at a small U.S. church has outraged Muslims worldwide, and in Afghanistan many of the demonstrations have turned into deadly riots. Protests in the north and south in recent days have killed 20 people.

Deadly Koran-Burning Protests Spread to Eastern Afghanistan

JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Demonstrators battled police in southern Afghanistan’s main city on Sunday and took to the streets in the turbulent east for the first time as Western pleas failed to halt the third day of rage over a Florida pastor’s burning of the Koran.

Take a good look at these pictures:

The bottom picture was a fire started with the American flag and an Obama effigy. Can you see the “peaceful” in these guys? I’m looking real hard and I just don’t see it. I also know that the only way I’d have that kind of rage in me is if someone hurt my family. A book burning? hell even a flag burning wouldn’t produce that kind of rage..Well unless I was on scene when some asshole did it.

To my progressive friends..Like Leslie of Oklahoma Is it okay that the Muslims lump ALL of US in as guilty for the actions of One pastor? Is it okay that they blame the entire nation for the actions of a few? I really want your opinion on it, really I do.. 🙄

Remember “All Muslims are not bad” maybe they should understand “All Americans are not burning Korans”… Just a thought.

The other thing that truly bugs me is: The knee jerk reaction that this caused. Our progressive idiots like Leslie seem to think if NOBODY burns a Koran, it makes things safer for our troops IN WAR. This thinking is so ridiculous that I have a tough time even grasping the argument.

Let me try though: Because a man burned a Koran in FLORIDA, the enemy will be MORE inclined to try and kill our troops than they were BEFORE the Koran was burned. Yeah, That’s it right?

Then this makes sense too:

If the pastor in Florida decided to CONVERT to Islam then the enemy would lay down their weapons and quit fighting too right?

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Code Pink and Fred Phelps, two of a kind…

Code Pink and Fred Phelps, two of a kind…

There is very little difference between the two groups. Matter of fact the only difference I see is the use of the word “GOD”. They both hate the US soldier, they both love to incite the public, they both have very little regard for the united states population. They both are self absorbed idiots that have NO CLUE about reality.

They may have a little issue over the “Gay” thing but I’m sure some dialog can overcome that difference…

I give you exhibit A:

A bunch of “Elite” San Francisco “better than you” code pinko’s decide they should go to an area that lived under “Code Pinks” desired world and didn’t like it much…

The outcome was less than friendly. Hahaha. The group that lived under the rule of Code Pinks hero was not a fan I guess, nor did they seem to like “Che” as a role model…Who knew?


Fred Phelps and his crew of idiots are pretty much the same way. They have no clue about what they preach. They hate “Fags” so GOD must hate fags..

I give you exhibit B:

So when will the “Fred Phelps and Code Pink Rally to restore sanity” be held? and where will it be? I mean there are no two other groups in our nation that compliment each other so much. Let’s get the rally planned yall… Come on hurry, the nation needs you two idiots together quick…




Idiot tried to Book the President…

Idiot tried to Book the President…

For the record I can’t stand Obama. I have no more disgust toward him than I do toward Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. I can’t stand either of them equally. Not personally either. I don’t like their friends, I don’t like their policies and I don’t like what they have done to a once great nation. That being said:

The S.O.B that threw the book at the POTUS should be publicly flogged, beaten with a cane and then shoved in a hole so deep the miners in Chile would be looking down on him. We can disagree on politics and the liberal vs conservative issues thing. But attacking the POTUS physically is off limits.