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Obama’s faith, and Ft Hood…

Obama’s faith, and Ft Hood…

Perhaps this is why Obama seemed bothered about the shooting…. Just sayin.

Lets see how many Muslims work in the Homeland security Dept.? Foxes guarding the hen house you say?

Yep, the PC culture our libturd friends have forced upon us as a nation and their overly sensitive counterparts who consider themselves Republicans is surely paying dividends now huh?

Fort Hood shooting:

Surely nobody in the media nor anyone elected by WE THE PEOPLE will call this act “Terrorism” because in doing so, would validate the claims made by MOST free thinking individuals that GWB did do at least THAT MUCH RIGHT. This was not your typical run of the mill wacko on a killing spree. This was a religious motivated action and a strike for Islam and Al-Qaeda against the great satan. In that definition it was a terrorist attack on our soil. Something we have not seen since 2001. All the “Lip service” in the world Obama has been spewing does not change the fact that one year into his term WE were struck again by an ISLAMIC Extremist and it cost 13 AMERICAN LIVES.

How’s that “Change” working out for you?