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Uncle Ted on Baiting and hunting…

Uncle Ted on Baiting and hunting…

Oh My some common sense? That can’t be…


If you are a hunter you can appreciate that. Anti’s are not just PETA and the HSS, it’s also US. Those that spend their time criticizing other hunters for their methods, are nothing more than elitists and they help the true enemy.

Know it.

Deer Season Opener… By S.E. Cupp.

Deer Season Opener… By S.E. Cupp.

I am a fan of S.E. Cupp… I like the way she handles herself, I like the fact that she’s unafraid to speak her mind, the fact that she’s incredibly HAWT:

And an outdoorswoman, just makes her top-notch in my book. I also like the way Liberals heads explode anytime she’s on T.V. Anyway; in honor of Deer Season opening I thought I’d share some of her writing.

S.E.’s Diary: Hunting Edition

Well, it’s that time of year again. Deer season opens in New York State this weekend and — would you believe it — I have to leave my plush surroundings at The Breakers in West Palm Beach to make it back for that all important first shot at a big, beautiful buck.

I’m here in sunny southern Florida for David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, which will I’m sure make sitting in a frozen blind on the damp forest floor seem even less comfortable than usual, but I wasn’t going to miss opening day for anything — even a poolside cabana, a daiquiri and Doug Schoen’s delightful badinage.

Opening day always makes me think of my first time out. I was nervous, excited, and spent a week wrestling 10-pointers in my dreams before actually hitting the hunt. My expectations were ridiculously high (“What if I fill all my tags?”) and also ridiculously naive. Sure, I’d watched hunting shows, flipped through my Field & Stream fall issues, and listened patiently as my hunting elders tried to explain what was about to happen.

But nothing can prepare you for the real thing. So this year, I thought I’d pass on some wisdom for those of you who are thinking about getting out there, this season or some time in the near future. Because there are some things the experts think are just too obvious to tell you. But trust me, they aren’t. And yes, you are that dumb. These are in fact precisely the things you need to hear.

Seriously Read the Rest of this great article.

She’s a voice for hunting and that alone should make conservatives proud. She comes across as a city girl but getting to know S.E. Cupp is getting to know a woman with more guts than most so-called conservatives in politics and the blogworld.

Please take the time to read the article. It’s a good one for folks that have never been hunting as well as those that go hunting often.

Hunter damn near kills kids in a day care….

Hunter damn near kills kids in a day care….

What the hell is wrong with people?

Hunter’s Bullet Grazes 2 Kids at Michigan Day Care

BENTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.  —  Authorities in Wisconsin say a hunter’s stray bullet has grazed two young boys at a day care near Cheboygan.

The Cheboygan County sheriff’s department says a 43-year-old woman fired her rifle at a deer on Thursday but the bullet penetrated a wall and grazed the boys — ages 3 and 5 — inside Angie’s Country Kids Day Care in Benton Township.

The Petoskey-News Review reports they were released from a hospital after treatment.

Authorities say the woman was hunting about 400 yards away, and may not have realized there was a day care in the area.

The county prosecutor’s office is expected to review the case.

This might make me real UNpopular among the gun rights advocates but this is RIDICULOUS!

I would LOVE to hunt, white tail, Ducks, Geese and wild boar all of it… BUT NEVER would I pull the trigger on a firearm, unless I knew for a fact where the bullet was going, not to mention what might be hit if I missed.. I would know what is in my area, and beyond any target I might be shooting at.

This “hunter” acted irresponsibly at best, and she is lucky she didn’t kill one of them kids.Truthfully she should get charges of negligence and any felony firearm violations they can prosecute. This should be used as a measure for other hunters. While accidents do happen in EVERYTHING, hunting affords you NO second chance when it comes to surrounding areas.

IF this “hunter” gets off with minor charges, I think she should lose her right to hunt for at least a year, and be forced to take several hunting safety courses and firearm safety classes.

Luckily we are not talking about the death of 2 kids sitting in a day care center, but we need to learn from this so we don’t ever have to.