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Reagan Schools Obama on Socialism…

Reagan Schools Obama on Socialism…

Funny Stuff… Truth and humor…

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:rotfl: Too bad Obammy doesn’t listen and he sure as hell won’t reverse course. We the People can remove his dumbass in 2012 though.

Obama gives a Comedic Performance.

Obama gives a Comedic Performance.

Well let me say this. Well Done Obama. I’ll give credit where credit is due. The performance he gave at the Correspondence Dinner was great. Watch it.





I love the part “This is my birth video” it shows the scene from the Lion King where the little king was hoisted to the sun and the animals all bowed… Kind of reminded of the media after Obama was elected. Obama nailed the Fox table, Paul Ryan, Trump, Michelle Bachman, Romney, Pawlenty and pretty much everyone in his opposition party. A few notable exceptions were Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and few others, while also hitting a few of his own including Biden, his wife and himself.  Funny stuff.

Now, don’t get me wrong Obama’s entire presidency has been a comedic performance although one that doesn’t evoke laughter. But here is why Obama was elected. He’s a personable guy. He knew who was in the audience, he didn’t shy away from humorously skewering the opposition he stood up and made fun of them in person. And from some of the camera angles you can see the targets didn’t appreciate it. Get over it.

One thing people have to realize is, Obama is the champion. You don’t take down a champion in any sport easily. He has the bully pulpit and it’s up to the RIGHT side of the aisle to understand the consequences if they don’t prevail. This particular event was good for Obama. It was actually good for the nation to see Obama cracking jokes and showing he can also laugh at himself. However; the nations troubles still exist after he left the podium.

Obama understands his battle to keep his job is going to be much harder than getting it. He got the job by saying what he will do, in order to keep it, he has to show what he has done.

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Obama Sends the Alamo to Mexico..

Obama Sends the Alamo to Mexico..

It would be funny if there wasn’t so much truth in it’s humor…

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Tell me this: If Obama was El Supremo like a Chavez or Castro where he could do whatever he wanted, do ya think this is too far fetched? Um NO. I submit that if Obama was running the nation as a dictator, these things may have already happened.

This my friends is exactly why the House, Senate and SCOTUS are SO Important.

Funny video, but to much truth in it for my liking.

Newsbusted Good one this week…

Newsbusted Good one this week…

I’m a fan of Jodie Miller. She’s pretty and smart.


Love that Pittsburgh line… :rotfl: