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Sex, Sexual Assaults and Accusations..

Sex, Sexual Assaults and Accusations..

Well well.. The news lately is absolutely hilarious. Its even funnier when you look back to last years election and remember this:

“Donald Trump in an audio recording with Billy Bush said Grab em by the pussy” The entire media played this on a loop for 2 weeks.

The outrage from EVERY ONE OF THE RECENTLY ACCUSED sexual abusers (Except for Roy Moore which I’ll get to in a minute) were very loud.  Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Casey Afflek, Woody Allen, James Toback, Ben Afflek, Bryan Singer, Brett Ratner, Roman Polanski, Jeremy Pivin, Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Stone, Louis CK and a new one today none other than George Tekei. 

Now I could go on and add their tweets/statements and interviews where they were just absolutely horrified over “Grab em by the pussy” …As I’ve always said. When the left is accusatory, realize they are guilty of it and are projecting their guilt on others to make them feel better. Almost 90% of the time this is an accurate statement.

Now what is the motivation for these accusations against the Hollywood elite? Why is it now coming out? What drove these people to all the sudden start talking? Motivation is a very important part of this issue. I haven’t heard any of these “Accusers” releasing a book, movie or running for office. So why? Are the accusers Trump supporters? haven’t heard anything like that, matter of fact most of the accusers are very far left. So why? There’s nothing in it for them which makes them very credible.

Now lets move on to Roy Moore of Alabama who has been accused of asking out a young girl 30yrs ago. He was 30+ she was between 14-17 depending on what news channel you listen to. This story was in the Washington Post. “WAPO” has put out several unfounded hit pieces on republicans and been unmasked as source of bogus information during the election. To be completely fair, they’ve never put out a hit piece on Democrats that was found to be baseless and unfounded. Odd huh?

Roy Moore faces a democrat in the special election in a couple weeks for the seat Jeff Sessions held. Roy Moore was the anti-Establishment candidate. Even Trump supported his opponent in the primaries. The GOP elites threw every dime they could to Luther Strange. And Moore still won. He was on a path to a landslide victory and a senate seat until this “Accusation”

So lets use the same “Motivation” argument we did for the Hollywood elites:

What is in it for the accusers? It has come to light today that one was an interpreter for Hillary, All 4 of them are democrats, none of them mentioned this in 40 years of Moore being in public office. Who benefits from this accusation? Does Moore? Nope. Who benefits? The democrat party, the establishment GOP/DNC the democrat opponent.

So who is most credible? As it stands now I’m firmly behind Roy Moore. Hell, 30yrs ago he was 30 or so, the girl being 17 (Rumor or true) being asked out on a date.. Did he know she was 17 not 18? Also let me just throw this out there, no touching had occurred. So the accusation even if he asked her out, did they go out? NO? Mmmm.

This is a hit job just like WAPO did to Trump and you have to ask, where are the accusers of Trump now? Crickets.