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Here They Come

New gun laws are coming from the typical states. Which is FINE. Leave it up to the states if that’s okay, then leave gay marriage up to the states too. Leave it all UP TO THE STATES. Then the wonderful … Continue reading

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U.N Agreement is a death wish.

This post is not going to be very PC. U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms It may not come as surprising news to many of you that the United Nations doesn’t approve of our Second Amendment. … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent NAILS it: Outgunned is a Mental Disorder

OUTGUNNED IS A MENTAL DISORDER Being a Border Patrol agent on our southern border has got to be a very difficult, harrowing job.It’s surely an even tougher job when our agents are told to launch “non-lethal” beanbags at armed illegal … Continue reading

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Los Angeles High School Shooting…

That Sarah Palin is sure on a roll this year aint she? Suspect in Custody After 2 Students Shot at California High School Authorities say two students were shot Tuesday morning at a high school in Los Angeles. One person  … Continue reading

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New at A&P…Spot the Gun!

IF you can spot the gun in these pictures your sexuality is in question! Well unless you are female, in that case feel free to elaborate on the caliber of the weapon pictured… Please, if you are offended by the … Continue reading

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I’m broke, so take my guns please. WTF?

In lean times SoCal gun owners trade arms for eats LOS ANGELES The guns versus butter economic model appears to be tilting in the dairy spread’s favor in one inner city neighborhood, where record numbers of gun owners are giving … Continue reading

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Tax free Guns in SC.. WHY just there?

South Carolina Special: Tax-Free Guns on Black Friday. COLUMBIA, S.C. —  TVs and laptops won’t be the only hot items in South Carolina this Black Friday. The state is offering an unusual perk to shoppers: no sales tax on handguns, … Continue reading

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