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Here They Come

Here They Come

New gun laws are coming from the typical states. Which is FINE. Leave it up to the states if that’s okay, then leave gay marriage up to the states too. Leave it all UP TO THE STATES. Then the wonderful citizens of those nanny states can vote with their feet. Like CA..

Think about it. Texas is about to have a windfall surplus and CA is 127 BILLION in debt. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why the difference. Many many many jobs left CA and went to Texas. Not only the taxes drove them away, the freedom in Texas is a tough drug to kick. The Nanny state offers prozac and valium, the state of Texas offers freedom.. Easy choice.

The new gun laws that are sweeping states like Colorado/CT are going to be a minor glitch compared to what’s coming in CA. CA is a fully liberal ran state now. They are about to pass the most stringent gun regulations in the nation. New York will look like the epitome of freedom after the morons in Sacramento are done.

Beware folks, our rights are under attack and if the GOP can’t put up a successful defense there’s only one way left to keep our rights.


Oh and BTW, the post below is an April Fools joke..

U.N Agreement is a death wish.

U.N Agreement is a death wish.

This post is not going to be very PC.

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms

It may not come as surprising news to many of you that the United Nations doesn’t approve of our Second Amendment. Not one bit. And they very much hope to do something about it with help from some powerful American friends. Under the guise of a proposed global “Small Arms Treaty” premised to fight “terrorism”, “insurgency” and “international crime syndicates” you can be quite certain that an even more insidious threat is being targeted – our Constitutional right for law-abiding citizens to own and bear arms.

Many of my fellow bloggers and friends are more than a little “Concerned” about this. With good reason. We have the most anti-American president this nation has ever seen. We HAD the most anti-American Congress this nation has ever seen. As of right now there is a semblance of balance with the RIGHT thinkers controlling at least the lower house.

In 2012, we are going to have a choice to make. Not only for POTUS, but also for Senators and Representatives. We better put aside our bickering ASAP or we will push ourselves to civil war. We are in control. The PEOPLE still run this nation. We the owners of the COMMON SENSE GENE. WE that know and remember history. WE who love our nation and our freedom. WE the PEOPLE.

I will make a promise to any and all who read this blog: ANY BLUE HELMETS who stand on our land and attempt to Regulate/intimidate/confiscate or legislate MY RIGHTS will be met with a kind of violence that will shake the world to it’s core. The Muslim freaks are minor league compared to the fight you will have if the UN/U.S Congress/POTUS decide to remove our 2nd Amendment rights.

What bothers me is this: Unions. Especially those in Wisconsin. There are MANY MANY gun owners that are in these public unions. They vote DEMOCRAT in large numbers because “Democrats look out for them”…. Democrats are also the ones that would be perfectly okay with this type of regulation. So are you concerned? Are you seriously willing to jeopardize your freedom in order to keep living off the government? PLEASE WAKE UP! IF all of America’s gun owners stood together WE WIN. WE the PEOPLE WIN. IF we fragment, IF we allow the “Comfort” of our masters floor, we lose. FIGHT THIS. THIS WILL NOT STAND. And we can STOP THIS at the voting booth.

GOD wake our armed citizens up and show them their votes have consequences. Grant them the wisdom to see the error of voting Democrat/RINO and the will and courage to vote for freedom.


Ted Nugent NAILS it: Outgunned is a Mental Disorder

Ted Nugent NAILS it: Outgunned is a Mental Disorder

Being a Border Patrol agent on our southern border has got to be a very difficult, harrowing job.It’s surely an even tougher job when our agents are told to launch “non-lethal” beanbags at armed illegal intruders.

Rule #1:  Never bring a beanbag to a gunfight.Think of this;  With an orgy of high power drug-gang violence just across our border that has already claimed roughly 35,000 lives, plus numerous reports of illegal armed intruders crossing over the border and shooting at our police officers and committing numerous other violent crimes against American citizens, some politically-correct bureaucratic idiot directs our border patrol agents to launch beanbags at machinegun toting violent invaders.

The result of this braindead, irresponsible mindset:  My fellow Michiganiac Border Patrol Brian Terry was shot dead by an armed illegal intruder last December 14 in Arizona.This policy, of course, is lunacy defined.  Only a wild-eyed lunatic would force brave, law enforcement officers into dangerous situations without adequate firepower to stop danger in its tracks.

These are the same uber leftwing fools who sputter and scream how our law enforcement agents are “outgunned”, ignorantly blaming failed gun control laws while knowingly sending our warriors into battle with phenomenally inferior firepower. In fact, bean bags have no fire power, unless you are waging war on small kittens.

To add insult to the tragic death of Agent Terry, it now appears that certain bureaucrats within the ATF allowed a known gun-running thug that they were investigating to buy and transport the guns into Mexico that were used to kill Agent Terry.
Call me crazy, but I thought law enforcement would have learned their lesson by now.  Seems like it was just yesterday that the Los Angeles Police Department found itself outgunned by a couple of bank robbing punks armed with banned fully-automatic AK-47s and wearing body armor.

I’m just a guitarplayer, and I am never outgunned. Being outgunned is a choice, a foolish suicidal choice and everyone knows it.It boggles the mind to try and comprehend showing up with a non-lethal beanbag gun when it is widely known that human traffickers and drug smugglers and other assorted subhuman debris are often heavily armed.  Common sense reels in disbelief. Word has it that logic is now on the endangered species list.

I’m well aware some of you on the left have mastered the art of mind boggling anti-logic and are desperately seeking to find some way to disagree with me.Knowing that you live in the bizzaro world where logic is outlawed, let’s say for argument’s sake that you hear an intruder kicking down your front door in the middle of the night and you have the choice between a twelve-gauge shotgun and a fly swatter at your disposal to protect your family.  Which are you going to grab?Only Timothy Leary and Cass Sunstein fans would reach for the fly swatter.  All you other liberals would turn into clear-thinking conservatives for at least a minute or so and splatter the intruder all over the living room wall with your shotgun.  Good for you.

Hang in there with me.  So now let’s say America is your home and you have armed bandits routinely coming into your home.  Would you show up with a bean bag gun or an M4 rifle with state of the art optics? Case closed. Numbnuts lose again to a tsunami of common sense.

The way to stop this insanity before it becomes an even bigger national security problem is to issue a “shoot to kill” policy for all armed invaders. Because I’m actually a docile, peaceful man who doesn’t want to see anyone hurt, I will compromise and agree to a policy of firing one round over the heads of armed intruders.  If they do not immediately lay down their weapons and raise their hands in surrender, then shoot them four times center mass. Problem solved.

Armed invaders must always be considered extremely dangerous.  Superior firepower is the order of the day, not non-lethal bean bags.  Let’s leave the beanbags to kindergarten classes.

Tragically this is what we have come to expect from an administration who will not even refer to Muslim voodoo whackjobs who commit murder and mayhem against Americans while shouting “God Is Great” in Arabic as terrorists. How deep the denial.
Liberalism is clearly a mental disorder, and they are outgunned.

I don’t think I can add much to that… Well Said Ted.  :clap:

Los Angeles High School Shooting…

Los Angeles High School Shooting…

That Sarah Palin is sure on a roll this year aint she?

Suspect in Custody After 2 Students Shot at California High School

Authorities say two students were shot Tuesday morning at a high school in Los Angeles. One person  has been arrested.

Police believe the gunman, a black male wearing black clothing, is a student at Gardena High School, the school where the shooting occurred.

Police say one bullet was apparently fired accidentally hitting a 15-year-old boy in the neck and a 15-year-old girl in the head. The girl is in surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, police say.

Sources reportedly told The Los Angeles Times that after the gun fired, the student who brought it to school apologized to his classmates before running out of the classroom.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Unified School District reportedly told local news outlets that the shooting was accidental. District spokesman Robert Alaniz said the gun was brought to school in a backpack and went off when the student dropped it — injuring the two victims with a single bullet. The rest of the story HERE

I’m sure the kid was a tea party participant or at the very least a fan of Glenn Beck…. 🙄

Wait a minute maybe it’s the GUN that did it? Perhaps it’s the guns fault lets make a law that forbids 15 yr old kids from having handguns? Wait, that’s already a law… How about making it illegal to bring guns to school? Damn it, that’s already a law too… Well then this incident couldn’t have happened, so I guess it didn’t… Move along, nothing to see here….

So here we go guys, the gun grabbers will use this incident in their attack. I’m waiting for the worthless POS Bill Maher to make another statement about guns, you know he’s the “Elite Authority” on what we need….

Facts are shaky about this incident, but you can pretty much read between the lines if you have any common sense and are not brainwashed by the liberal media. Look at the area of the incident. Look at the #1 crime in the area. Look at the gangs in the area…You can come up with a few “Possibilities” of what happened here.

From the story:

“A mother who was waiting to hear from her 14-year-old son, Michael, said the school has a reputation for gang violence.”

So with that knowledge, I’m betting on these reasons: (Purely speculation of course)

1. The kid was being threatened or felt threatened by either a gang, or gang-member. The kid may have been recruited and said NO! The kid brought the gun to school so he could defend himself. Not saying it’s right but I’d sure understand the kids motive. (This will more than likely be his defense in any trial)

2. The kid WAS in a gang and WAS going to use the gun to make a name for himself. Probably ONE person on the target list, a rival or someone that disrespected his gang… (This would be the easiest explanation, but gang members usually don’t say “Sorry” when they are done shooting folks)

From what I’ve heard through a few folks that have a bit more knowledge than the media does, the kid wasn’t currently in a gang, nor was he a tea party member… 🙄

My Condolences to the victims of this incident.

New at A&P…Spot the Gun!

New at A&P…Spot the Gun!

IF you can spot the gun in these pictures your sexuality is in question! Well unless you are female, in that case feel free to elaborate on the caliber of the weapon pictured…

Please, if you are offended by the weapons shown Kiss my ass it’s Friday and I felt like doing something light today.

I’m broke, so take my guns please. WTF?

I’m broke, so take my guns please. WTF?

In lean times SoCal gun owners trade arms for eats


The guns versus butter economic model appears to be tilting in the dairy spread’s favor in one inner city neighborhood, where record numbers of gun owners are giving up their weapons in return for gift cards to buy food and other goods.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ended its annual Gifts for Guns program in Compton on Sunday, allowing residents to anonymously relinquish firearms in return for $100 gift cards for Ralphs supermarkets, Target department stores or Best Buy electronics stores. People get double that amount for turning in assault rifles.

In years past, Target and Best Buy were the cards of choice, with residents wanting electronic goods and other presents for the holidays. In this recessionary year, however, things are different.

“The majority of the people want the food cards,” said sheriff’s Sgt. Byron Woods. “People just don’t have the money to buy the food these days.”

Authorities said Sunday that a record 965 firearms and two hand grenades were handed in during the two weekends the program was in operation. That’s more than in any other year and easily eclipses last year’s total of 387 guns collected over both weekends.

“One guy said he had just got laid off from his job,” Woods said. “He turned in five guns and said it would really help him to put food on the family’s table.”

In L.A. the gun for cash program was to get the guns out of the gang members hands, what it has done is create a market for theft. The Criminals, steal the guns and get some poor slug to turn it in, then they get the voucher and go buy some bling at Best Buy or wherever. FOOD vouchers have become more requested recently and that is a damn shame.. Gang Killings have not decreased, shootings have not decreased, the only thing that has decreased is the state’s cash flow.

Somethings never cease to amaze me.. You have a rifle, you have a handgun, and you turn them in so you can feed your family? Ok question time ladies and gentlemen: Do you remember the “Fish story” from the below post? IS this not the epitome of nanny state mentality?

What you have done when you turn your guns in to the FEDS or State officials: YOU HAVE ELIMINATED SOME OF YOUR SURVIVAL TOOLS. You have took something that could have saved your life and fed you forever, and traded it for quick food. You get maybe a month worth of food for a weapon, what do you do when that month is over?

This is a damn shame IMO, I honestly thought folks were smarter than this, I would understand if they had more than one gun, traded a POS .22 handgun or something for a fishing pole and a tent, but for a food voucher? It boggles my mind. I don’t care if it’s for baby formula, or medicine, trading in your weapon for food (Or anything else other than a better weapon) is IDIOCY!.

I’ll be holding on to the equipment I need to survive, thank you very much. I may be arrested for poaching to feed my family, I may be arrested for trespassing while removing fruit from trees to feed my family, but I’ll be damn if I’ll be dropping off my guns to feed my family, I’ll shoot or catch what we need… That lasts a lot longer than any damn coupon.

Tax free Guns in SC.. WHY just there?

Tax free Guns in SC.. WHY just there?

South Carolina Special: Tax-Free Guns on Black Friday.

COLUMBIA, S.C. —  TVs and laptops won’t be the only hot items in South Carolina this Black Friday. The state is offering an unusual perk to shoppers: no sales tax on handguns, rifles and shotguns.

The so-called “Second Amendment Weekend” is thanks to a little-debated amendment legislators tacked on this summer to a tax break for energy-efficient appliances.

While the energy-efficiency measure doesn’t go into effect until next year, on Friday and Saturday gun buyers won’t have to pay state and local sales taxes that can total 8 percent. Taxes still apply to ammunition and accessories.

“We are a gun-owning-tradition state, a hunting-tradition state,” said Republican state Rep. Mike Pitts, a retired police officer who introduced the proposal and has promoted other pro-gun legislation.

“Quite often people will buy their pop or grandpop a shotgun or rifle to hunt with for Christmas,” he said in an interview by cell phone while out hunting.

While stores that sell guns are hoping for a boost in business, some opponents called it a gimmick that plays politics by tinkering with the state’s tax code.

Legislators approved the holiday in June over the objection of Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, also an avid hunter and gun supporter. He called it a stunt that only affects the timing of a gun purchase, without effectively promoting gun ownership or demand.

Way to go South Carolina!!! But the question begs to asked; WHY JUST IN SC?

Remove the state and Federal taxes on ALL firearms I say… I can’t wait till my states leadership does something like this, I am sure in just a day or two I will be able to purchase a handgun without taxes, registration, and a 10 day waiting period. Then I’ll be able to carry that handgun on the streets in the open or concealed, so that I may be prepared for any eventuality that might require a “Good guy” to dispense a “Bad guy”… I am positive this will occur in California very soon…. :straightfaced:

Ok now that you all have quit laughing..Ok Now have you quit laughing?… I’ll wait.

The fact is this: IF you are in the USA you should have the right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd. BUT in California you have the right to keep and bear arms as long as they are locked up at all times, unloaded,  and not within reach of the owner while in an automobile…. Real good protection, and/or assistance for those in need. A concealed weapon permit in Cali is non-existent unless L.E. related.

So what we have here in Kalifornia is; guns taxed to the hilt, ammo taxes on top of that and once you pay all those taxes you really can’t use that weapon for anything other than a paper weight in the real world.

While the South Carolina “No tax day” is absolutely AWESOME, it only works in America, out here in The SOCIALIST SHEEPLE ran state of Kalifornia we have to wait for the nanny to allow us to be victims…. Well the law abiding ones anyway.