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More Gun Control Needed… NOT

More Gun Control Needed… NOT

I’ve heard about all I can handle about the need for more “Gun Control”

After every shooting involving “White people” there’s a common chorus of elite liberals screaming about more gun control. We have the far left idiots who really want confiscation, to the “Gun Supporters” who think we should do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Here’s the problem with both ends of the argument folks, very simply put:

1. Confiscation- The 2nd amendment keeps that from happening. For now. If the only people with guns are the law and the government. The people are then subjects. This is bad and has been proven bad throughout history.

2. Gun Control- If we find people who are so dangerous that they shouldn’t be able to possess a gun legally, shouldn’t they be locked up immediately? Why would we let someone walk around freely who is identified as a threat if he/she got a gun? why are they freely walking the streets?  If you can determine that a person is dangerous, or could be dangerous in 10 years, why do we need judges, jury’s or DA’s? We can just shoot them before they do something right? NO.

Facts are miserable things. The one state in the nation that REVERSED its position on gun control and actually went to full 2nd amendment support is Arizona. They don’t require a permit to carry a firearm open or concealed. They don’t require registration either. You can pick up a gun like you do a pack of skittles for the most part. And the results since they’ve done that? CRIME IS DOWN throughout the state by a very large margin.

The laws that are in effect in CA are many: Registration, 10 day wait, Background Checks, Magazine Capacity limits, gun type bans and ammo stamping etc. Has that stopped gun crimes? Murders? Mass shootings? Nope, so the Cannibals (Those who say they support the 2nd amendment) say we can do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. The Liberals want confiscation…

There’s a lot of common sense arguments against any more gun control in these United States of America. The problem is, the anti-gun crowd lacks common sense. They fail to see the unintended consequences that are possible/probable.

Legal American citizens, Legal Driving American Citizens being killed by Illegal Drivers, Illegally in the country. That happens more than AR-15’s are used in crimes yet there’s no outrage over it.

Drivers of vehicles kill more people than guns do by a very wide margin. We’ve made several laws against drunk driving, people still drive drunk. We don’t limit the cars ability to go faster than 65MPH do we? Why do you need to go faster than that?

There’s so many ways we can protect life rather than focusing on the tool that is used to take life. Liberals/Progressive elites look at the American public as too stupid to be able to own guns, except for them of course. Truth be told, there’s plenty of folks who probably shouldn’t have guns and I DON’T WANT THEM DISARMED because I have a feeling they’re bad people. I just want the ability to defend myself and others from them should they truly be bad.

Wake up folks, no more baby steps to confiscation. Hold the line where it is or reverse course on the control issue.

Gun Shows PACKED!

Gun Shows PACKED!

The crossroads of the west gun show in Ontario CA yesterday was PACKED!  😀

Ontario gun show draws THOUSANDS

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.


With supply low and demand high, gun owners flocked to the Ontario Convention Center this weekend to stock up on ammunition at the state’s first gun show since a mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school reignited the dormant gun control debate and increased sensitivity across the nation to firearms.

Some 6,000 people had filled the center by Saturday afternoon, and more than double that figure is expected to attend the event, which is open to the public and ends Sunday. The massive turnout is something even the Crossroads of the West Gun Show promoter didn’t expect.


California, the land of fruits and nuts according to most people in America. The state of California has that reputation and it has been earned through many ridiculous laws. The State of California has one of the most stringent gun laws in the nation and ranks near the top in gun related deaths. Not surprisingly it also ranks among the top in GANG VIOLENCE.

I didn’t notice anywhere in the story where the guns jumped up and killed a bunch of people. Nor did I see where a mentally ill murderer came in and opened fire.. I may have missed it though.. nope, didn’t happen. Why? Might be because that wouldn’t be too easy to pull off. Even a Gun Show in a state where YOU CAN’T CARRY YOUR LOADED FIREARM is safer than a school? Why? It really is simple.

If you leave five dollars on bench in the park and turn your back, it will be gone. If you put 5 dollars on a bench in a park and don’t turn your back it will be safe. Thieves don’t like challenges any more that murderers like to be murdered. If you are mentally ill and want to kill a lot of people, even though you’re mentally ill you may not be stupid. You’re not going to try and kill a lot of folks if you might get shot before you do it. I just don’t get the argument against that logic.

I’m absolutely happy as shit that many Californian’s are exercising their rights to bear arms. We may need that right before any others in the nation. Remember the “What happens in California happens to the nation” It’s not a joke, it’s not a lie either. MANY of the laws being put forth for the feds are already law here. FIGHT IT!



Elementary School Shooting in CT.

Elementary School Shooting in CT.

Like everyone else in the world, I heard about this in the news. I went through a wide rang of emotions and decided not to post anything about it until I had calmed down. It’s now about 10 hours after I heard the news and I’m sufficiently calm enough to post a few thoughts.

I see no need to link to story’s about this, everyone knows what happend. I will not mention the shooters name, nor post a picture of his worthless ass. I won’t be posting pictures of the victims, nor will I post names of the fallen.

What I will do is offer my prayers to those who lost loved ones this morning as well as those who had to respond to such a horrific scene. I can’t imagine the hell you all are going through right now. May GOD bless you in this time of need.

I would also like to offer my thoughts on the TYPICAL “Ban Guns” crowd that never misses an opportunity to use an incident like this to push for more regulation:

The shooter was 20 yrs old. He stole all the firearms he had on him, stealing is illegal, He had two 9mm pistols in his possession. That’s illegal, you have to be 21 to have a handgun in Ct. He killed his mother before he drove to the school. murder is also illegal. The shooter broke all of those laws before he even got to the school, why wasn’t he arrested? Why didn’t those laws stop him? What would more laws do to stop him? 

The Anti-Gun crowd including those libers from Hollywood who make movies in which guns are used, are coming unhinged. These are the same hollywood types that say “Violence in their movies doesn’t cause people to do stupid things” IF they had any convictions of their character they would refuse to do movies that had guns in them. But they wont. They would refuse to glorify violence in their movies but they wont. They will spout about you and I giving up our rights to bear arms because that’s easy.

The rest of the Brady campaigners and mayors like Bloomban in NY are screaming that the federal government needs to do something to stop gun violence. Yet they will not say we need to put religious teachings back in school. They will go after an inanimate object because it can’t speak for itself. WHY? Because to confront the real problem would hurt feelings. You would have to admit that the leftists controlling our school system are to blame for a society melt down. You would have to blame a PERSON or PEOPLE for the violence and that would cause you to actually acknowledge some very disturbing facts.

Facts like MOST murders in the USA are committed by GANG MEMBERS. Most Murders in the USA are committed by repeat felons. MOST MURDERS using the gun are committed by career criminals that WE REFUSE TO LOCK UP because of our “Feelings”

Here is the last bit of my rebuttal to any gun grabbing son of a bitch that is actively attempting to make ME a criminal because I OWN FIREARMS:

In California, a .50 caliber rifle is ILLEGAL, I can put my hands on one within a day. High capacity magazines are ILLEGAL, I can put my hands on several within minutes. Fully Auto/Machine guns are Illegal, I can put my hands on one within a week. Crack/Cocaine/Heroin are all illegal and I can get all of it within a day. Exactly what kind of law do you see that has the potential to stop someone from obtaining a firearm?

Fact is there are MILLIONS of firearms in our nation and MILLIONS of owners who have never fired one at a person. I hope cooler heads will prevail after the mourning period. I have my doubts but there’s always hope when like-minded individuals stick together. The first thing to do is STAND UP and say HELL NO to any gun regulation that may come because of this tragedy. Good laws are NEVER made in crisis. Only agenda driven laws are passed in crisis.

I would also like to know where the “Anti-Gun” crowd were when Eric Holder sent hundreds of high-powered guns into cartel hands? How many Mexican kids were killed by those firearms? Here’s another fact: 5 of the worst 12 massacres in the USA have been committed under Obama’s watch. Coincidence? Lets also ask this: Would this be considered a work place violence incident if the 20 yr old piss ant converted to Islam recently?

You want to politicize this event? I’m your huckleberry.

Romney vs Obama: On The Issues…

Romney vs Obama: On The Issues…

Okay folks, here it is. As clear as I can lay it out.

Mitt Romney’s web site, “The Issues:”

Barack Obama: “The Issues:”

These were screen shots from both of their campaigns. What do you notice?

Education/Energy/National security-defense is represented by both. But what’s missing? GUN RIGHTS and CONSTITUTIONAL view is missing on Obama’s talking points. Instead he focuses on “Civil Rights” which is encompassed on Romney’s site in several areas. Romney breaks it down to its lowest common area which is a GREAT way to do it. Obama lumps it all in one. This is NOT leadership this is a cookie cutter philosophy that has been tried in Europe and elsewhere with a big FAIL after it…

I’d like to focus on one aspect of the difference between these two candidates. And those of you who know me, know exactly what area that is: GUN RIGHTS!

Romney’s gun right views are not as strong as I’d like but they are a damn sight better than McCain or Obama for that matter.

Mitt Romney on Gun Rights

A few quotes from his campaign:

“Mitt strongly supports the right of all law-abiding Americans to exercise their constitutionally protected right to own firearms and to use them for lawful purposes, including hunting, recreational shooting, self-defense, and the protection of family and property.”

“As president, Mitt will work to expand and enhance access and opportunities for Americans to hunt, shoot, and protect their families, homes and property, and he will fight the battle on all fronts to protect and promote the Second Amendment.”

Read the rest here

Now if that’s his view on Gun Rights and we contrast that with Obama’s views and ACTIONS. How is Obama even close to being re-elected?

There are over 80 million legal  gun owners in our nation. IF you LEGALLY own a gun, your pick is very clear. If it isn’t you are the problem in this country. You have allowed your elected officials to confiscate your rights and you have nobody to blame but yourself.



Norway Massacre: Gun Control…

Norway Massacre: Gun Control…

First off let me offer my condolences to the families of the victims of this horrendous crime.

Second let me make it perfectly clear where I stand.

As the death toll continues to rise in Norway’s apparently related bombing and shooting attacks, a few truths are once again revealed for any who would see:

  • Unarmed victims are defenseless and easy prey for any evil lunatic bent on slaughtering them at will. The adults at the youth camp were utterly unprepared to protect themselves, let alone their charges.
  • People instinctively don’t question an armed man if he appears to be a police officer. Many of the same people react with horror at the sight of an armed citizen.
  • The best defense against an active shooter is others with guns—it was not the unarmed who took the suspect into custody.
  • Once more, “gun control” has proven useless. Many reports, if accurate, say the gunman used “automatic weapons,” which, except for some tightly regulated collector exemptions, are banned from civilian ownership in Norway.
  • Once more, the race is on to tar an entire demographic for the actions of a deranged and monstrous individual, and to conflate “conservatives” with violent extremists.

And once more, expect to hear renewed calls for more citizen disarmament, that is, an expansion of the potential victim pool for those who count on such measures to make their diabolical tasks all the more easily executed.

The fact is if you disarm the public, you must protect that public or slaughter the public. This is what happens time and time again and the same people come out screaming about the gun he used, rather than the laws that prevented OTHER guns to be a deterrent.

People in America we have a choice. We can fight to KEEP our 2nd Amendment rights and actually USE THAT RIGHT. Or we can continue to allow them to be weakened, then wait for something like this and cry about it. We could mourn the deaths of few or the deaths of MANY. We cannot keep guns out of the hands of those intent on these types of acts, but we can take them out of the hands of those who will prevent it.

The current Administration will be using this incident as reason to restrict our gun rights even further. You must fight that with every fiber of your being. You must engage the anti’s at all times with facts and common sense. DO NOT allow them to paint guns as the culprit.

Libya protests, Middle East in flames… Lovin It!

Libya protests, Middle East in flames… Lovin It!

Well it’s time for a Bushwack original rant I guess. First lets examine the latest news from Libya:

Libya: Tripoli residents say civilians being armed

RIPOLI, Libya – The embattled regime of Moammar Gadhafi is arming civilian supporters to set up checkpoints and roving patrols around the Libyan capital to control movement and quash dissent, residents said Saturday.

The reports came a day after protesters demanding Gadhafi’s ouster came under heavy gunfire by pro-regime militiamen trying to stop the first significant anti-government marches in days in Tripoli.

Gadhafi, speaking from the ramparts of a historic Tripoli fort, told supporters to prepare to defend the nation as he faced the biggest challenge to his 42-year rule. Rebels hold a long sweep of about half of Libya’s 1,000-mile (1,600- kilometer) Mediterranean coastline where most of the population lives.

“At the suitable time, we will open the arms depot so all Libyans and tribes become armed, so that Libya becomes red with fire,” Gadhafi said.

I give less than two sh*ts for Libya or their dear leader. I couldn’t give a crap less if the entire region’s population suddenly died a horrible painful death… As a matter of fact if it did happen I’d gain a big sense of OPTIMISM for mankind. For the last 50 years (more if you want to look back further) That Region has been a cancer to the planet. It has produced more death and destruction than thousands of years of war, famine and plague combined. in just 50 years…. Yeah I really don’t give a damn if the colonel opens fire on the population, I don’t care.. Sorry…

Closer to home… Just think if the liberal/progressive douchebags had their way, we would be as unarmed as the Libyan’s.  Every bill/law/idea regarding gun control needs to be overturned NOW. Our founding fathers KNEW that power corrupts they gave us the tools to combat it. Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and the rest of the SHIT HOLE countries didn’t have that luxury. Look at the casualty rates when a tyrant refuses the will of the people.

The only thing that kept the progressives from enacting MARSHAL LAW type legistlation during the last 2 years of Obama was the tea party patriots actions. Trust me folks, if the tea party didn’t step up we’d be in a lot more danger than we are now. Look at Wisconsin. Fairly peaceful even though the vitriol is sickening… But it’s from the left so it’s okay….
About the 7:32 mark on the video, a real tough guy goes ballistic on a reporter…Damn Tea Party violence….Oh wait.. what? Lefty… never mind..

We will be fighting in the streets, mark my words it’s coming. You will know when, it will happen as soon as a conservative POTUS is elected and he/she tries to fix the economy. IF the POTUS has a majority REPUBLICAN congress, the riots here will mirror Egypt’s.

What will you do? Where will you stand? What will you do with your kids? how will you survive the power outages, the food shortages, the water disruptions? The public service unions shut down causes a ripple effect. It could ugly in 2012-2013… I’m hoping it does. We need to face the facts, the fear, the real problems head on. Bring it.


Open Carry in the USA….

Open Carry in the USA….

There has been a lot of discussion about gun control (I control my guns) and our 2nd amendment rights. There is a sort of cannibalism going on among us gun rights advocates. Meaning we all want the same thing but we are beating each other up over this issue.

Here’s the issue:

The “Open Carry” crowd (Of which I understand their stance) are exercising their rights in some very “Unfriendly” areas. While there should be NO UNFRIENDLY areas, this tactic tends to get people up in arms (Pun intended) and brings in the anti’s and their media friends.

Some of the “Gun Rights” advocates see the “Open Carry” folks as inciting the anti’s and actually hurting our cause.

So, here I sit after sifting through a couple long threads of “Cannibalism” between gun rights brothers and sisters and I think back to when I convinced an Anti-Gun liberal that he was dead wrong. The start of a friendship and mind opening came about because I had a gun on my hip.

The open carry issue is one I really don’t care for. I’d like to have the ability to Openly carry my firearm or conceal it. Given the choice I’d conceal it every time. My reasoning is simple. IF you can LEGALLY conceal, then you have to expect EVERYONE is carrying. If you can only carry openly, then everyone knows WHO is carrying. I don’t need to flash the iron, as long as I have it.

That being said, IF the only legal way I can carry my firearm is openly, then I’m going to carry it everywhere I can. PERIOD. And that is the fight.

In the P.R.O.K (Peoples Republik of Kalifornia) I can legally carry a firearm UNLOADED openly (I can have a loaded magazine on my belt too, but the two can’t be put together and carried) With that law, I don’t carry openly too often. Which is why the law was enacted. But is carrying in known unfriendly areas helpful or hurting our cause?

In my HUMBLE Opinion, I think the open carry folks can exercise a little more “Tact” in their confrontations. Maybe have one or two guys carrying and a few more advocates there to show support and try and recruit some of the anti’s to our side. The only way we get our rights back now is to get a groundswell of NEW recruits. We can’t lose the debate with facts and common sense, but we can lose it with emotions.

Stay focused on the goal, the goal is NOT to intimidate people. It’s not to create an atmosphere of fear, its to create an atmosphere of safety, and assurance that NOBODY is going to come in and lay waste to your area because you are unarmed.

As with the hunting/trapping community, it’s real easy to start picking apart each groups tactics and each persons methods. But the bottom line is we all want the same thing. We want the right to bear arms, we want to be able to carry our firearms, and we want the government off our ass because they sure as hell aren’t protecting it.

My two cents rendered.

Arizona vs California… Worlds apart.

Arizona vs California… Worlds apart.

We spent the weekend in AZ, drove out early Friday morning and crossed into AMERICA about 0600 hrs. Kind of like that scene in the Disney movie where the sun came out, the birds were singing and the sky was clear… We stopped at Quartzite to get gas and take advantage of gaining some of my rights back. Those of you that know of California laws regarding firearms know what I mean.

One thing that hits you when you leave the PROK (Peoples Republik of Kalifornia) is the cleanliness of the roadways in AZ. You don’t see graffiti on the overpasses, you don’t see trash littering the side, you don’t see the signage covered in “Mexican Art.”

You do see people working on the side of the roads, you see “Road crews” doing clean ups and I’m told that the crews we saw were most likely “Criminal” work crews from Maricopa county. You meet people, they say hi, they hold the doors open for you, they are very polite. We stopped at a “Smokehouse” in Cave Creek AZ and had the best brisket on the face of the earth. The people there treated us like royalty as they treated EVERYONE. Polite and respectful.

I saw many guns on hips, some obviously were trying to be concealed but the warm weather made it pretty much impossible to conceal.

We stayed at a “Radisson” and I tell you what, that place was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. The room had one of those “Sleep Number” beds…We got some good sleep and now I have to go buy one. The wife fell in love with it.

Our adventure started at Cave Creek, but the real fun was hitting the desert for some range work. We had a bunch of tannerite and made for some interesting shots. We blew up a lot of stuff… Pure redneck bog dwelling fun was had by all.

We had a ton of fun and the weekend ended with the Superbowl. We watched it at a friend of ours house. We cooked ribs and greens with taters and cornbread and a side of BEER! What an awesome weekend. On our way home we drove about an hour out of the way to visit an old mining town under the “Superstition Mountains”

Enjoy a few more pics..

One thing you must do when you visit the Phoenix/Chandler area is eat at the “Heart Attack Grill”

They only do burgers, fries, shakes, coke (No diet) in original bottles and PBR beer. Best damn burgers and fries you will ever have in this day and time. And the waitresses played their part well. The theme is a hospital room, they make everyone wear a hospital gown and they treat you like patients. And if you happen to weigh 350lbs or more you eat free.

We also managed to get to Cabella’s. I needed to pick up a few things that are hard to get here. It happened to be NRA week… We spent about 3 hours walking around there and talking to folks. It’s a big difference between AZ and CA, the people.

Great time, glad to be back home but not glad that my home is here. I came back with a renewed vigor for freedom. We who are stuck behind enemy lines need to push these liberpukes to STOP the grabbing, STOP the over reach, and STOP the Communism/Socialist march they are on here. We need to get the idiots that keep electing these bigger idiots to office to see the danger. The only way they will see it, is to see what they have already lost. It’s only a short drive across the border east.