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Is Feinstein’s Gun Ban Dead?

Is Feinstein’s Gun Ban Dead?

I allowed myself a moment of gratitude to the GOD of reason when I heard Harry Reid was going to kill Dianne Feinstein’s (D-IPSHITCUNT) bill.

Assault weapons ban now unlikely to pass. What happened?

Majority leader Reid says the assault weapons ban will not be included in the gun control legislation he’ll bring to the Senate floor, giving the other measures a better chance at passage.


But don’t think it’s over folks. Never forget that SCOTUS is now an even tie for the most part. Don’t think so? How’d Obamacare work out? Also you should remember the very same argument was made during the Obamacare debates. Yet that passed with a few added amendments… Or should we say GIVE AWAYS. Remember the cornhusker kickback etc.. What is our freedom worth to the seat fillers in congress?


You honestly believe that Dianne Feinstein won’t get anything? You really believe that the senate will do minimal damage to our freedom rather than long term crippling? Here’s my crystal ball readings for you all.

Harry Reid will bring fourth a gun control legislation very soon. It will happen about the same time as the economic news is very bad. It will serve to deflect attention from the economy. The Feinstein bill will be offered in amendments by a couple of different senators. The ASSAULT WEAPON BAN WILL BE IN IT and so will the Magazine size limit. The debate will feature “Leaked” pictures of Newtown and/or Aurora… The demonization of anyone opposed to the gun bill will continue and everyone will be focused on this while our economy crashes further….


Hope I’m wrong, but I haven’t been when it comes to these new demonrats.

Democrats Looking out for YOU!

Democrats Looking out for YOU!

So you folks think the Democrat party is the party of caring and nurturing? Ask yourself this question: IF the Democrats are truly only concerned with your well being, why are they releasing criminals at the same time they are disarming you?

As these criminals are released, crime rates will climb. VICTIMS will be silenced because the real reason will be “Those nasty Republicans wouldn’t raise taxes again”


Look folks, the fact is the democrat party NOW is NOT your fathers democrats. On the other hand, the Republican party is FIGHTING hard NOT to become your fathers Republicans. The Republican party is now JFK Democrats at best.

IF any gun legislation is passed and signed by this pretender in chief. The Republican party will go the way of California Republican party.. Look it up, check out the structure of California’s legislature now.

The only way Democrats can govern is with pulls of the heart strings. They can’t debate facts, cause and results. All the Democrat party can do is create fear and victims. IF you refuse to be a victim and see yourself as independent and self sustaining, you are the enemy to the democrat party. The democrat party absolutely needs absolute control of you. Think I’m lying? Ask yourself, how many times have you heard democrats talk about criminals actions, crime and punishment? NOPE, they are more concerned with removing YOUR RIGHT TO PROTECT YOURSELF, YOUR RIGHT TO OWN THE TOOLS THAT WOULD STOP YOU FROM BEING A VICTIM.


Fight this action with everything you have. If we lose this fight, we’re all felons the moment this asshat signs the bill into law. IF I must be a felon because of the liberal elite establishment, I’ll be the best damn felon ever. I have chosen the path of law abiding citizenry, I’ve raised my kids to be the same way, at the moment our leaders decide I have “Illegal firearms” I will make it my mission to arm up, stock up and make sure ALL people in my circle are VERY WELL ARMED.

Tonight’s State of the Union…

Tonight’s State of the Union…

I’d rather be butt raped with a cactus than watch the boy king tell me how my country is doing. I don’t need some half ass’d marxist explain to me how we’re “Moving Forward” despite those awful tea party extremists… I don’t need to hear any more lies from the pretender in chief about his policies effectiveness… The proof is the results.

Gas prices setting records, Unemployment going up, Food stamp use is up, poverty is up, our moral fiber going down, our wages going down, our taxes going up, our hero’s being forgotten, our lives being threatened, our kids are in debt, our nation is dying… But this asshat will stand in front of an adoring crowd and speak about “Forward” and “Future”

Let me tell you the future: These sons of worthless bitches are going to make a federal law that bans or severely restrict our rights to bear arms. These bastards under the guise of “What the people want” are about to make MILLIONS of us FELONS with the stroke of a pen.

But don’t worry democrats, you’ll be in great shape when the rail cars fire up.. You’ll be the last ones on the cars.. Aint that great? MORONS!

And just for some really interesting art work.. Here’s the photo we were told not to mess with..

Obama as Chris Mathews sees him:

obamarock photo yN1j0XK_zps3dc795e8.gif

Obama shooting them skeets

obamashoot photo yWj2guz_zpsad32cfd6.gif

What is the most likely result of Obama having a gun

obamadoofus photo vYhspVC_zps70dca425.gif

Baby Steps of Gun Control…

Baby Steps of Gun Control…

California used to have the worst gun laws in the nation. New York has taken the top spot now. But it’s early.

In California, 30 round mags are illegal, so are certain firearms. These mags and firearms are readily available in neighboring Arizona. A piece of land in AZ is pretty cheap in the desert and having a piece of land in AZ means I can claim residence in AZ. This will allow me to do some very important things around state laws.

In New York, they are making 7 round magazines the max capacity. So we went from high cap to 10 rounds to 7 rounds. What will California do now since they have a democrat Super Majority? Let me guess:

They will go to 5 round mag capacity, they will also add another one or two “Assault weapon” indicators and ban the sale/manufacture/transportation of said firearms. Baby steps.

California will be the top anti-gun state in the nation. Now if you pay attention, you will also notice that the gang members and murderers as well as the criminals will not abide by those laws… I will not be abiding by ANY state or federal law that infringes on my right to bear arms. FACT.

Any LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER either federal or state who follows and abides by any law that infringes on the 2nd amendment rights is an enemy of the people. Any liberal gun grabber is an enemy of the American people. It’s very important that the line be clear. The 2nd amendment is NOT DEBATABLE. IF you are of the mind that “Some bans of firearms is okay” and you believe the current laws banning machine guns and several other arms is not enough. YOU ARE THE ENEMY. IF you are willing to vote for additional bans and you fill a seat in government, you are the enemy. IF you are a member of my family and believe we need more gun laws, you are the enemy.

If the shooting starts you need to know where you stand. I know where I stand.

I stand with this prayer:

Dear GOD, since we are too stupid to prevent the disaster that is coming, please allow the fight to come soon so that I am still young enough to fight. Let the disaster occur now while I can be effective in defense and offense rather than leaving it for my kids and grandkids. Amen.


The Gun is at fault

The Gun is at fault

I’m totally in awe of our liberal friends. Nobody can possibly be as hypocritical or as anti-constitutional rule as the liberals in CA. I have to believe they are just kidding…

In California, the people I interact with on a day to day basis seem to understand common sense. Even if some have a liberal bend to their ideology. In California the education system must be broken to a point of non-repairable. The kids that our schools are producing are brainwashed to the extent that breathing requires super human thought.


The thoughts behind gun control in California are pretty simple. Less guns=less crime. And let me tell you it’s an incomplete solution. Less CRIMINALS WITH GUNS=Less Crime. The complete problem is too hard for most liberals to understand. The complete problem is simple for Conservatives.

To discuss the REAL problem means the liberals have to blame a person. A person has excuses. For example: When killers go to court they plead insanity, they blame their parents, abuse, drug use, drinking, mental illness etc… Liberals would have to deal with those issues and rather than use the TOUGH LOVE those issues require, blame the gun.


The gun has no excuse, no face, no feelings. It’s EASY to blame. It’s non-confrontational so the target of the liberals is the inanimate object. Liberals don’t blame the cars for drunk driving accidents, nor do they blame the person: “Alcoholism is a disease” so they have absolved the person from fault by placing a reason in front of them.

Now this is where it gets really funny to me: In CA liberals are all up in arms over DUI check points. They successfully got Los Angeles to quit taking illegal immigrants cars at check points. Now they have to give the ILLEGAL DRIVER a chance to call a friend to come get it before impound. What? Yep.

Basically, the liberal thought is NOBODY can be at fault for an action, there’s another reason and as long as they can find an excuse to play on the feelings of other like minded idiots that’s the direction we go.



Dianne Feinstein’s plan for gun control takes the complete liberal view that 10 round mags and scary looking rifles are at fault for any shootings. We as a nation are DOOMED to fall if this thinking is normal. I suggest people wake up and see what their senators are up to. Mine is pushing this bullshit. And I have never cast a vote for this skank in my life.

Fight it folks, at the phones and on the internet first. If we fail there it will be on the fields.


Gun Control you say? Assault rifle you say?

Gun Control you say? Assault rifle you say?

Well, it didn’t take long for the super gun grabbers to “Move on” and go “Forward” with their agenda driven, knee jerk policy push did it?


We have a couple of options. “WE” being People who believe the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS is self evident and requires ZERO explanation as to its meaning. “WE” being people who will die defending those rights. (There will be blood, right unions?)

Option 1: Fight tooth and nail against every government action involving firearm regulation. 

Option 2: Allow SOME regulation to protect other facets of firearms.

What is about to happen is this. Mark this down because I’ll be alluding to it often in the coming days.

The NRA will capitulate to some regulation is needed it will involve some sort of magazine capacity or rifle style. The government will tout the NRA’s “Willingness” to move on the issue as progress. 

Now, IF this happens, I will renounce my NRA membership. I have seen the baby steps from start till now in California. Option ONE is the only option. WE FIGHT EVERYTHING out of the mouths of these hypocrites in suits regarding guns. NOTHING other than REMOVING gun regulations that have already been enacted need to be discussed.

Let me tell you where I am with this entire situation. The only discussion that needs to be had after the tragedy in Newtown is MENTAL HEALTH and CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. 


We can discuss what to do with the nutjobs, how we determine someone is a nutjob and the responsibility of the Fed/state/county/city to care for said nutjob. I have NO PROBLEM WITH THAT DISCUSSION.

We can discuss criminal punishment, we can discuss the fact that prisons are no longer feared as a punishment. We can make prison time HARD, rather than an institution of higher learning for criminals. We can discuss USING the death penalty for crimes involving guns. We can discuss all of this. What I will not discuss is losing MY RIGHT to own an AR-15 because some asshole did something disgusting.

There’s a lot of talk about the “Need” for an AR15. Let me put that to bed right now.

391815_472722662771586_1177515428_n (1)

Cops have AR15’s MP4’s and even some M16’s. They have some very heavy firepower at their disposal. Why do they need them? If you say to protect US, you’re too stupid to breathe. It’s to protect THEM. And let me say, they do NEED THEM. While your every day American doesn’t go out looking for the bad guy like cops do, your everyday American is always  LOOKED FOR BY CRIMINALS! 

Read More Read More

Elementary School Shooting in CT.

Elementary School Shooting in CT.

Like everyone else in the world, I heard about this in the news. I went through a wide rang of emotions and decided not to post anything about it until I had calmed down. It’s now about 10 hours after I heard the news and I’m sufficiently calm enough to post a few thoughts.

I see no need to link to story’s about this, everyone knows what happend. I will not mention the shooters name, nor post a picture of his worthless ass. I won’t be posting pictures of the victims, nor will I post names of the fallen.

What I will do is offer my prayers to those who lost loved ones this morning as well as those who had to respond to such a horrific scene. I can’t imagine the hell you all are going through right now. May GOD bless you in this time of need.

I would also like to offer my thoughts on the TYPICAL “Ban Guns” crowd that never misses an opportunity to use an incident like this to push for more regulation:

The shooter was 20 yrs old. He stole all the firearms he had on him, stealing is illegal, He had two 9mm pistols in his possession. That’s illegal, you have to be 21 to have a handgun in Ct. He killed his mother before he drove to the school. murder is also illegal. The shooter broke all of those laws before he even got to the school, why wasn’t he arrested? Why didn’t those laws stop him? What would more laws do to stop him? 

The Anti-Gun crowd including those libers from Hollywood who make movies in which guns are used, are coming unhinged. These are the same hollywood types that say “Violence in their movies doesn’t cause people to do stupid things” IF they had any convictions of their character they would refuse to do movies that had guns in them. But they wont. They would refuse to glorify violence in their movies but they wont. They will spout about you and I giving up our rights to bear arms because that’s easy.

The rest of the Brady campaigners and mayors like Bloomban in NY are screaming that the federal government needs to do something to stop gun violence. Yet they will not say we need to put religious teachings back in school. They will go after an inanimate object because it can’t speak for itself. WHY? Because to confront the real problem would hurt feelings. You would have to admit that the leftists controlling our school system are to blame for a society melt down. You would have to blame a PERSON or PEOPLE for the violence and that would cause you to actually acknowledge some very disturbing facts.

Facts like MOST murders in the USA are committed by GANG MEMBERS. Most Murders in the USA are committed by repeat felons. MOST MURDERS using the gun are committed by career criminals that WE REFUSE TO LOCK UP because of our “Feelings”

Here is the last bit of my rebuttal to any gun grabbing son of a bitch that is actively attempting to make ME a criminal because I OWN FIREARMS:

In California, a .50 caliber rifle is ILLEGAL, I can put my hands on one within a day. High capacity magazines are ILLEGAL, I can put my hands on several within minutes. Fully Auto/Machine guns are Illegal, I can put my hands on one within a week. Crack/Cocaine/Heroin are all illegal and I can get all of it within a day. Exactly what kind of law do you see that has the potential to stop someone from obtaining a firearm?

Fact is there are MILLIONS of firearms in our nation and MILLIONS of owners who have never fired one at a person. I hope cooler heads will prevail after the mourning period. I have my doubts but there’s always hope when like-minded individuals stick together. The first thing to do is STAND UP and say HELL NO to any gun regulation that may come because of this tragedy. Good laws are NEVER made in crisis. Only agenda driven laws are passed in crisis.

I would also like to know where the “Anti-Gun” crowd were when Eric Holder sent hundreds of high-powered guns into cartel hands? How many Mexican kids were killed by those firearms? Here’s another fact: 5 of the worst 12 massacres in the USA have been committed under Obama’s watch. Coincidence? Lets also ask this: Would this be considered a work place violence incident if the 20 yr old piss ant converted to Islam recently?

You want to politicize this event? I’m your huckleberry.

A legacy of failure! The California Assault Weapon ban

A legacy of failure! The California Assault Weapon ban

This folks is the real legacy of failure regarding gun control. The “Assault Weapons” ban of CA is a ridiculous law, it has done NOTHING to help the gun crimes.

You know what would help stop gun crimes? How about actually keeping those IDIOTS that use guns to commit crimes in jail or even better actually use the death penalty. How about treating the criminals like CRIMINALS and leave us law abiding citizens alone. IS that too much to ask?