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The Government is DOWN!

Am I the only one happy about it? I’m sure there’s some folks who depend on checks from them. Those who worked for a living and retired. If you don’t get your check its Barack Obama you have an issue … Continue reading

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Speaker of the House Blinks…Again.

Well here we go, we started with 100 billion in cuts now we’re down to 40 billion. WTF? Did he not get the message? Well Boehner, you sir are writing your own resignation letter on your first test. All you … Continue reading

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Obama: Everyone has to have a haircut?

Does that mean “Duh Won” will be curtailing his golf outings and his vacations? Does it mean Mrs “Duh Won” Will be stopping all her traveling on tax payer money? Does it mean no more free flights for photo’s on … Continue reading

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