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Why George Bush was Wrong

Why George Bush was Wrong

George Bush was 100% better at POTUS’ing that our current PRETENDER to the throne. The King, Dear Leader, the supreme being that is known as Barack Obama isn’t fit to carry George W Bush’s coat and that is about as nice as I can say it. But and this is the BUT that is the difference between George W Bush being a good president and a GREAT one. George Bush pushed AMNESTY without Border security too.

The Republicans, during George Bush’s last term successfully stopped the AMNESTY bill. That bill was sponsored by newly elected majority leader in the senate Harry Reid. Remember, in 2006 both the house/senate went majority Democrat. George Bush helped push the bill with Kennedy/Kyle and several other of the same RINO’s pushing the currentAmnesty. McRino (McCain) And GrAmnesty (Lindsey Graham) Were on board as usual. This bill failed and rightly so.

We the people stopped the AMNESTY bill in 2007. It essentially ended any chance of George Bush being thought of as a GREAT PRESIDENT on his own. NOW however in comparison George Bush looks almost Saint-Like.

Here we are now and our only hope of not seeing AMNESTY ruin a fragile nation is John Boehner. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you then you haven’t been paying attention to the house of representatives.

George Bush did a lot of great things, he wasted a great legacy on the 2007 AMNESTY push.  He gets the blame for the economic collapse by people that also claim the House Republicans are the reason we haven’t recovered. How can you have it both ways? In a liberals mind it’s easy I guess. So let me school you folks who keep blaming Bush for the economic collapse.

1. IF George Bush caused the economic collapse, then Obama must be blamed for making it worse for the middle class while making the rich richer.

2. IF the Republicans in the house are the reason Obama can’t fix the economy, then the reason for the economic collapse must be the fault of congress in 2008 it was majority DEMOCRAT.

Pretty simple stuff if your head isn’t up your ass.

The NSA Scandal

The NSA Scandal

So the latest scandal that Obama is dealing with is the #NSA. Some whistleblower finally came out and told the truth about what is going on. We the people have assumed for a while that the current Government was vindictive and agenda driven. We also knew they would use whatever tools they had to squash any opposition. Gibson Guitars=EPA, Tea Party=IRS, unflattering stories= DOJ etc..

The latest scandal is just another notch on their belt. But and this can’t be said loud enough, I REALLY DON’T CARE that the NSA is snooping. I do care about hypocrisy and double standards. I care about the “Its okay when our guy does it” philosophy. I care about the media covering for one party and using the same policy to destroy another. That is a real problem to me.

This is the reason I hate, seriously HATE the SCFOAMF in the white house and all of his supporting staff. They rode the “We are patriots and want Government out of our lives” tidal wave to success in 08 and have since put the patriot act on steroids and started spying on US rather than enemy.

You want my respect? Your character is the deciding factor. Obama has no character, no integrity, no morals and absolutely no class.

Conservative or Republican?

Conservative or Republican?

Evidently moving toward the 2012 election the distinction between Conservative and Republican will be at the forefront. Not to mention, Libertarian. These three political positions are going to be challenged. Now let me say first off that I consider myself a Conservative.

If you want to know some of my beliefs just click the about the author page up top.

I believe in preserving the CONSTITUTION of the United States, I don’t want it changed, I don’t want it to be “Progressed” I think it’s served us well and it should be a sacred document. Do not mess with it unless you get the consent of the people. (i.e Amendments)

A “Republican” is not necessarily a Conservative. Conservatives just align more with that party than the Democrat party. A Republican is more moderate in some areas and more rigid in others compared to a “Conservative” An example of such occurs when Republicans are in the majority of House, Senate or White House. Conservatives tend to be very critical of ANY elected officials that are not upholding Conservative values. Republicans tend to provide cover for their own party. Now I know that will piss some of you Republicans off, but it’s true. Just look back to 2000 thru 2006 to see my point.

Now, we can look to this election and see the distinction between Republicans and Conservatives. What is really funny is, one without the other will result in Democrat reign for eternity. We are entangled by our vision of our nation, we are together in MOST instances on most every issue that confronts us.

One of the things that sets us apart is: You won’t hear a Conservative say “Well we have to compromise our principles on this issue in order to get something later”… Conservatives at one point did that. (Reagan) Today’s conservatives are pretty much done with compromising our principles. We have had it.

It was possible to compromise with yesterdays Democrats, today’s Democrats are NOT the same. These Democrats today are EXTREMISTS compared to the JFK Democrats. Conservatives have moved just as far right as Democrats have moved left. Republicans have become the Democrats of old. So who is left on the right? US Conservatives.

Let me say this. Conservatives are not looking to “Expand the tent” We are looking to educate the population in our core beliefs and if you agree, welcome brother/sister. If not we’ll see you on the field of battle.

We are coming up on the election cycle for our nation. I would like to see us all push for the same candidate in the general election. But in order for that to happen the GOP must put fourth a VIABLE CONSERVATIVE Candidate. We can’t allow another 2008 ticket, and Conservatives will hold the key. Independents are moving away from Democrats in droves and will most likely vote against Obama in 2012. Conservative turnout is paramount to removing Obama.

We must remove “Duh Won”  however there is a cost greater than not removing him. That cost would be electing someone worse. Hard to believe that one worse would come from the right. But IMO it very well could.

One thing I don’t want to do is bash any potential candidate (YET) I think I’ll wait on bashing or supporting one. Most have not announced their candidacy anyway. And it’s kind of interesting to see the media attack dogs out in a pack jumping on any “Potential” Republican candidate.

Lets get this one right folks. Lets put fourth a candidate we can fully support rather than a candidate that requires us to vote AGAINST one.



Obama and Holder lied again…

Obama and Holder lied again…

“We’re going to try 9-11 conspirators in Civilian courts”… HA! In my best “Speaker of the house” voice; “HELL NO YOU CAN’T” :rotfl:

Gitmo still open, Not only are we still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan but Obama started another war, Patriot act still law.. Let’s recap shall we?

Obama got into office with “Hope and Change” he blamed Bush for all the wars, said Gitmo needs to be closed, and railed against the Patriot act…. Funny, all of these things that made him a hero to the libers/progressives are still going on after almost three years. IS that a little strange? It’s almost like he THOUGHT he knew everything then all of the sudden realized he had no clue..

Holder is “Upset” at congress for not allowing him to bring the Islamic douchebags to New York… Um, Eric baby, you could have done it when your liberpuke party controlled ALL three power houses in DC…. You do know why it didn’t happen don’t you? It was because your daddy “Duh Won” knew you might lose the case, he also saw the writing on the wall for ANY election involving democrats if you lost the case. IF you lost and didn’t set them free it was a farce and if you won and didn’t get the punishment phase right you would be seen as a loser.. Well more than now.

It’s probably a good move to have the trials in the military, I understand you had to look like you were pissed off about it, but I know you breathed a huge sigh of relief…

Holder said “We are a nation of cowards” Yeah, well how much courage did it take to do exactly what George Bush wanted to do? How much courage does it take to keep doing what the previous administration did in all aspects. Want to know something really funny… George Bush would have instituted a no fly zone in Libya too…. Did George Bush get re-elected in 2008? Outside of high unemployment, and increasing debt I’d say it’s a toss up..

How do you like your change now liberpukes? :rotfl:

George Bush on the trail?

George Bush on the trail?

Quick post to mention one thing that’s bugging the hell out of me…

George Bush is promoting his book, in OCTOBER? After all the fodder he gave liberpukes he’s going to start coming out in public? Can’t you stay back one more month? Does George Bush want the Democrats to stay in control of congress?

George Bush is not in any way going to help the Republicans take back the house or senate. Matter of fact he may just kill that possibility.

Please George for our nations sake…Take another month off!

What would a real leader do?

What would a real leader do?

Some friends and I were discussing leadership today, we are all leaders in some form or another and it occurred to me that there are traits which leaders have, that others do not.

I think back to 9-11-2001; Islamic Terrorists hijacked planes and killed 3000 people in three different places. Everyone knows the story.

George W Bush showed true leadership during the first couple of years, and looking back that’s what the country needed. But I do have a bit of criticism for ALL of the “Leaders” of that time. WHY were the buildings not immediately rebuilt? I think a strong leader would have came out and said “We will rebuild these buildings one story higher and the top floors on each building will be memorials to those that died here”… And then DO IT! That shows the islamic world that we are strong, we are not deterred and we will not allow this to stand.

Right now there is a hole where the towers stood, and little more than a stick in the ground. Right now Islam is planning to poke the eyes of the victims with a bigger stick. HAD there been true strength, at that time this discussion we are having now would have been rendered moot.

I think back to Obama’s Speech the other night where Obama danced around responsibility for dividing the nation in war time. A real leader admits when a mistake was made by himself or his underlings. A real leader garners respect from those he leads by showing he’s human, a real leader has the courage and the mentality for humility that is higher than your average person. A real leader comes out and tells the truth.

We wonder why our country is divided, our country is divided because we no longer trust our leadership. We no longer believe they are working in our best interest. We are divided because after 8 years of media bias, liberal smears, lies and misrepresentation of facts, the politicians have decided to play that way. We do not trust ANYONE in Government anymore. It’s a shame but it is what it is…I think the only way out is simple:


A true leader that has earned respect and is willing to do what it takes to keep it. Our current POTUS has done nothing to earn respect from the American People, he has done a lot to earn respect from our nations enemies and he’s getting slapped for it. Our current leadership has been tarnished beyond repair. Corruption, lies, deceit, and bribes have all caused the population to lose respect for those in office. This is why we are divided. The only ones still believing these assclowns are party before country type people and they are worthless anyway. We need a leader, we have a pretender. We need leaders in Congress, we have career politicians that are more concerned with their jobs, than the country. They will do whatever it takes to stay in power and that’s a recipe for destruction.

We are currently on a ship headed out to sea without a captain. IF we don’t find one soon we will be finding the ice berg.

Obama single handedly wins Iraq war…

Obama single handedly wins Iraq war…

As we will hear in his speech Obama will make reference to his handling of the Iraq war. Regardless of how you feel about the war in Iraq, this is a slap in the face of reality.

Obama campaigned on ending the war in Iraq. He called was against the war from the start and that is fine. Once he was elected he had the chance to change course in Iraq, leave or bomb it to glass. He chose to stay with the Bush plan. The surge turned that country around and HE OPPOSED IT!

Now things in Iraq are a little chaotic, that is to be expected. But the conditions on the ground are such that we can remove a large portion of our troops. That was made possible by GWB against the wishes of our current leadership. IF Obama stands up and takes credit for Iraq in any way shape or form without mentioning GWB by name in a positive way, Obama will show his true character.

I look for Obama to stand up and say “I’ve ended the war in Iraq, I’ve brought our troops home and I’ve fulfilled my campaign promise” Which is all true. Except We will still have 50k ground troops there, and 2 years into his term, he followed GWB’s plan on withdrawal except for the ending date being put out for the insurgents to hold out for.

Iraq may indeed descend into a civil war, and with only 50k troops there, it will be tough to stop. I’d be willing to bet international pressure will come to bear on the next POTUS to send MORE of our guys back in by 2014 to help squash the violence. So when we elect the next POTUS we need to consider their stance on such a possibility.

George Bush, A Class Act.

George Bush, A Class Act.

I was as critical of GWB during his presidency as many left of center folks were. I hated some of his misguided compromises and his RINOism during the later years of his terms. While I understand he had to move left in 2006 to get anything done due to losing both houses of congress. The point of this post is not to rehash George Bush’s Presidency, this post is about the class George Bush has shown to the office of the president and to the people of the United States.

George and Laura Bush made a surprise appearance in DFW to meet and greet returning soldiers. Not a lot of fan fare, no media frenzy, no interview with news stations. Just shaking hands and hugging the warriors coming home.

Since GWB has left office, the ruling class has been relentless in blaming him for everything wrong in the world. They came to power by pointing the finger at one man as the cause of the worlds ills, and pointing to themselves as the cure.

Here we are 2 years later. Spent more money that GWB did in his entire presidency, the economy is arguably in worse shape, job losses are continuing, the war in Afghanistan is going poorly even after the surge (Because of the ROE’s and lack of leadership at the top) Iraq was in better shape in 2008 than it is now, corruption is running rampant in DC and the list goes on. YET, GWB has been silent. He’s not came out ONCE in 2 years to criticize the sitting POTUS, nor has he came out to defend the charges that have been leveled at him by the POTUS.

I ask anyone, left or right… Do you think when Obama’s term is up, he will exhibit this much class? Do you believe Obama will take the criticism and remain silent when we get his commie ass out of office? Do you think Obama will do what NO OTHER DEMOCRAT FORMER POTUS HAS DONE, and allow the POTUS to work unobstructed from criticism by the former POTUS? I’m placing a huge bet that Obama will be in front of every camera criticizing every decision, policy and move that the next POTUS makes.

GWB is showing a LARGE amount of class. Thank you sir.