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Gas Prices, Islam, History and Repeat.

Gas Prices, Islam, History and Repeat.

Since the raging Ragheads are still raging over a perceived “Wrong” committed against a book. I thought it appropriate to bring a little more TRUTH to the discussion. The truth being, Islam as an entity in the world has been hijacked to some degree. While I DO SERIOUSLY believe that Islam is a cult. All Cults are not dangerous. And I also know there are some fine Americans who happen to believe the Quran is the truth. While I disagree with them on philosophical and spiritual lines, they have that right as Americans.

Islam as it is practiced in the Middle East is NOT compatible with the 21st Century. It will never be compatible. Afghanistan for all of our effort will NEVER be anything more than a 7th century country and the population of those nations do not wish to evolve.

Let’s understand a couple things. Islam is at war within the religion and without. Sunni’s Shiite’s all kinds of different factions within them and all kinds of fragmentations along tribal lines in the very rural areas like Somalia, Afghanistan etc.. The only thing that binds them together is the enemy. We are the enemy. Any nation which doesn’t bow to the Islamic teachings without question is the enemy. To which extent the enemy is hated varies. We Americans have sided with Israel so we are the sworn enemy of Islamic Radicals across the globe.

Those three paragraphs are just to set this up:

How do you deal with the enemy if you don’t understand or comprehend the enemy? You can’t fight an enemy if you can’t name the enemy can you? How long have we been putting up with Islamic destruction/terrorism? I’ll be nice, 40 years. I’m setting something up hang in there.

40 years ago or so, Iran was holding hostages, gas prices through the roof, gas lines, inflation, high unemployment and the talk was “We need to get off the tit of foreign oil”….

We’ve been openly and covertly fighting with Islam at the very least that long.

it is 40 years later, gas prices are through the roof, inflation, high unemployment and the talk is “we need to get off foreign oil..

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Gas Prices… Hello?

Gas Prices… Hello?

I had to fill up the tank on my SUV last night. OUCH. It got me thinking a bit (Which is seriously dangerous) about the reasons for the spike in prices. Here’s what I see:

Gas prices generally rise in the summer and decrease in the fall. February is way to early for this type of spike. The Administration of “Duh WON” says they are not responsible for the price jump. MOST free thinking people understand that YES the POTUS doesn’t have that much influence on gas prices directly. HOWEVER; The indirect influence they have is enormous.

The foreign policy of the POTUS has a direct impact on the prices at the pump. For example: The “Arab Spring” which Obama supported is playing havoc with economies around the world. Not to mention the XL Pipeline, had it been celebrated and in progress, the market would absorb some of the fears from overseas. The closing of oil drilling areas coupled with the XL pipeline gives the market shudders at the first sign of trouble in the middle east.

Then I got to thinking about “Duh Won” and his pre-POTUS statements about energy costs “Skyrocketing” and I got a chill… Now lets look at the time frame this is happening in. Election year. Obama is on the ropes. Gas prices were one of the weapons the democrats used against GWB. And now gas prices are triple what they were under Bush. What to do? Well if it were me: I’d do everything I could to make the gas prices SPIKE prior to Republican Convention, then I’d release some oil from the reserves to settle the market. That coupled with the usual price drop in the fall,  gas prices would be headed in the right direction when the general election kicks in to high gear. When gas prices are $5.00 a gallon, then they drop to $4.10 a gallon Obama will be a hero… In the minds of the weak.

We’ll see if I’m right. Check back in August.


Behind the Scenes, Gas Prices?

Behind the Scenes, Gas Prices?

I was checking my daily reads this afternoon and I went to “A Trainwreck in Maxwell” where I found this:

I was going to mention the city, but there’s not much going on there, so someone could easily connect this blog to the company.

Anyway, this largish city in south west Texas isn’t -as far as I know- a hub of anything, much less an oil hub ,,,yet this isolated city has gas prices below San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Now we’re on day 83 of the blow-out and like day 45 of Prez Kickass’ complete ban on any drilling in American territorial waters.
Now, as long as I’ve been aware of gas prices- my entire adult life, every time there’s an interruption, or possible interruption of supply- – -the Exxon Valdez, troubles in the mid-east, a pipeline blow-out,we’re paying more because of the changeover to winter blend, we’re changing over to summer blend, Abdullah’s camel didn’t fart right— gas has gone up by a quarter in a week.

BUT, Captain GreenPeace has shut down almost a third of our domestic oil supply and gas is holding steady, or even dropping.

Why? I don’t remember gas prices holding steady when the bottom fell out after the economy cratered after 9-11. In the past thirty years, every time a camel sneezed, the gas prices spiked up.

Am I going to have to mark my post as another “Can I call them, or what?” label and drag it up on Nov. 3rd when the Dems get voted out en-mass and gas hits $5/gal when the Republicans take over in Jan.? Because that’s all I can see is the same Big Oil that shovelled money into 0bama’s campaign holding back their prices to help save as many Dems as possible.

Hey BP, how’s that crapload of money you sent to the DNC helping your company now?

I’ve been wondering about this a lot since the Deep Water Horizon blew up. Anytime in the past 30 years if a Hurricane was headed to the gulf, gas prices shot up. After the rig blew up I thought we’d be headed for $5.00 a gallon gas this summer. NOPE.

Iran and Israel going verbally going at it, gas stable. Past incidents like the verbal gymnastics in the middle east caused “Instability” in the energy markets and gas prices skyrocketed.

NOW, all the stuff going on and gas has been lower? WTF? Perhaps Kurt is correct in his assumption that the gas companies are holding things stable until after the election. I’m not real sure what the end game is on this but it seems really odd.

Here’s my take on it. The oil industry is waiting to see what the Obama administration decides what to tax next before the open up the gas price war. Big oil and the Republicans have a long term relationship. FACT. (So do the Democrats) BUT under republican leadership big oil does experience growth.

Under democrat leadership big oil companies are the bad guys in public,  in private they are as close to them as the Republicans. The oil industry does what it does to survive. SO what happens next?

Right now if gas prices went up, the Democrats would have another target to demonize, like wall street….There would be endless calls for price regulations, more taxes for big oil and it would help Obama in his quest for unicorn power. I’m thinking as soon as the Democrats don’t have a major majority in both houses, gas prices will start to climb.

When gas prices start to rise I look for a liberpuke blitz over our economic disaster caused by big oil…Even though, they disavow any responsibility for our current economic problems while they have had majorities since 2006.