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Muslims Rioting.. Yawn.

Muslims Rioting.. Yawn.

Well here we go again, something offended the islamic masses and innocent people are killed, property is destroyed… Same old crap, different day.

There’s a bit of a difference now, well not really different more like a blast from the past. The Carter administration dealt with the islamic scourge much like Obama has. Appeasement, apologizing, mixed messages and criticizing anyone who thinks its the wrong message to send. In the late 70’s Carter appeased Iran, ever since Iran has caused more death and destruction than a good nuke would in Mecca.

The problem is there’s no will to fight any more. There’s no will to WIN a war or a battle without first having a way to say “Look, we care, here’s a couple gazillion dollars…See” and it results in the same thing. More islamic demands, more walking on egg shells so they don’t get upset… Here’s where you might want to hide your eyes if your sensitive:

Muhammad was a pedophile, a murderer and no better than a modern day rapist/drug dealing crack whore. Anyone who follows such teaching is dancing with the devil and I for one couldn’t give a good fuck if you’re offended or not. Eventually this entire thing is going to catch fire and when it does, I pray I am still around to be part of it. The medieval punishment I will unleash on these 7th century goat fucking cult members will be legendary.

I’ve had it with the bullshit political correctness of our leaders and these people who follow them believing appeasement works. You idiots should be forced to live under the islamic banner for a week or two.