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Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Let me add a few more salient thoughts on the murder of 93+ people in Norway yesterday.

The anti-gun zealots seem to be latching on to this incident as a reason to add more stringent gun control measures in the USA.

This is not new, they’ve been using every murder by gun as a reason for advancing their agenda of disarming American Citizens.

What I have a real problem with is them telling me I can not protect myself from those who wish to do me or my family harm. We have seen it time and time again, the victim was unarmed the assailant was armed.

In a criminal action: Those with the gun make the rules. Those with the gun have the choice between mercy or violence, death and life. I prefer to have that choice myself. I prefer to have the ability to vote on the choice. IF you don’t feel the need to participate in that scenario its entirely up to you. IF you have such faith in your fellow man that you are willing to put your life in his hands, knock yourself out. I am all for your choice to do just that.

In the incident in Norway, a lone gunman for whatever reason took 93+ lives because HE COULD. IF you dispute that simple truth you are an idiot. Had there been some basic security in place and followed HE wouldn’t have killed anyone or very few. Another truth that is indisputable. Now comes the fun part…

The attacker came upon the camp dressed as a cop. A police officer in uniform is immediately deemed non-threatening. Therefor, it’s understandable to some degree that he was able to kill many. IF an armed cop, gave commands to a captive obedient audience, telling them to get into a perfect range and alignment for “Head count.”¬† It would be the perfect kill position. I can buy that scenario. I can even understand them obeying the commands because they are not going to QUESTION AUTHORITY right off. Even though there should have been questions. “Why was a cop there, we didn’t call one” But then again there was the truck bomb. So the cop saying something like “There’s been an attack in Oslo and I need to count heads” could diffuse any “Questions”

Truth be told this scenario would probably play out better in a CONSERVATIVE gathering than a liberal gathering here in the states. WHY? Because by ideology alone we view cops as the good guys. Yes there is a libertarian streak that doesn’t like some of the cops duties or actions. But as a whole Conservatives are LAW ABIDING. You don’t see conservative rally’s where the cops are called and we’re throwing rocks. You don’t hear of Rightwing Anarchist rallies. You don’t see it here in the states YET.

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Arizona vs California… Worlds apart.

Arizona vs California… Worlds apart.

We spent the weekend in AZ, drove out early Friday morning and crossed into AMERICA about 0600 hrs. Kind of like that scene in the Disney movie where the sun came out, the birds were singing and the sky was clear… We stopped at Quartzite to get gas and take advantage of gaining some of my rights back. Those of you that know of California laws regarding firearms know what I mean.

One thing that hits you when you leave the PROK (Peoples Republik of Kalifornia) is the cleanliness of the roadways in AZ. You don’t see graffiti on the overpasses, you don’t see trash littering the side, you don’t see the signage covered in “Mexican Art.”

You do see people working on the side of the roads, you see “Road crews” doing clean ups and I’m told that the crews we saw were most likely “Criminal” work crews from Maricopa county. You meet people, they say hi, they hold the doors open for you, they are very polite. We stopped at a “Smokehouse” in Cave Creek AZ and had the best brisket on the face of the earth. The people there treated us like royalty as they treated EVERYONE. Polite and respectful.

I saw many guns on hips, some obviously were trying to be concealed but the warm weather made it pretty much impossible to conceal.

We stayed at a “Radisson” and I tell you what, that place was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. The room had one of those “Sleep Number” beds…We got some good sleep and now I have to go buy one. The wife fell in love with it.

Our adventure started at Cave Creek, but the real fun was hitting the desert for some range work. We had a bunch of tannerite and made for some interesting shots. We blew up a lot of stuff… Pure redneck bog dwelling fun was had by all.

We had a ton of fun and the weekend ended with the Superbowl. We watched it at a friend of ours house. We cooked ribs and greens with taters and cornbread and a side of BEER! What an awesome weekend. On our way home we drove about an hour out of the way to visit an old mining town under the “Superstition Mountains”

Enjoy a few more pics..

One thing you must do when you visit the Phoenix/Chandler area is eat at the “Heart Attack Grill”

They only do burgers, fries, shakes, coke (No diet) in original bottles and PBR beer. Best damn burgers and fries you will ever have in this day and time. And the waitresses played their part well. The theme is a hospital room, they make everyone wear a hospital gown and they treat you like patients. And if you happen to weigh 350lbs or more you eat free.

We also managed to get to Cabella’s. I needed to pick up a few things that are hard to get here. It happened to be NRA week… We spent about 3 hours walking around there and talking to folks. It’s a big difference between AZ and CA, the people.

Great time, glad to be back home but not glad that my home is here. I came back with a renewed vigor for freedom. We who are stuck behind enemy lines need to push these liberpukes to STOP the grabbing, STOP the over reach, and STOP the Communism/Socialist march they are on here. We need to get the idiots that keep electing these bigger idiots to office to see the danger. The only way they will see it, is to see what they have already lost. It’s only a short drive across the border east.

TSA Searching Grandma and 3 yr olds while…

TSA Searching Grandma and 3 yr olds while…

I find it absolutely amazing that our government officials are OKAY with what the TSA is doing, I find it extremely troubling that our American brethren are okay with it too. I’m listening to some reports of people stopping by TSA offices to thank them for what they are doing. WTF is wrong with you people? The excuse is unanimous “If people protest it will slow us down” or “The lines will be longer if people protest this action” ūüėź

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. (Ben Franklin or Richard Jackson)

These inspections of grandma and 3 yr old autistic children are ridiculous. The ONLY reason for searching these folks is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. The lines would move fine if the TSA screeners asked questions, profiled passengers and the FBI/CIA/HSA did their jobs.

Americans have become sheep. We have been over run with idiocy and what used to be strength in America has turned into apathy. We no longer see this invasion of privacy and intrusion into OUR personal as “Wrong” we see it as a “Safety net”

Let me ask you this oh great and intelligent Americans:

If a rapist was running around NY who has been known to rape women in skirts, would you be okay with the PD herding all women with skirts into a bus for their safety? I mean the women would be safe right? what’s the big deal?….

I ask you people to look at what you are accepting. We accepted the patriot act, we’ve accepted wire tapping, we are being forced into INTERNET Censorship, we are soon to give the power of the internet to our GOVERNMENT, now we are accepting the government hand in our pants for safety sake… Where is the line they can not cross?

Where is the line that will wake you up? Will it take the government to knock on your door and demand you hand over your guns and bibles before you wake up?

I sure hope you wont wait that long.

But guess what… While the TSA is groping it’s way to glory, North Korea is announcing it’s intentions. China is sitting on the fence and has just joined hands with Russia. Our enemy list has grown, our ally list is shrinking and our very survival depends on the TSA searching an 80 year old woman with a prostetic leg…

Remember when Obama said “We are the ones we have been waiting for” It appears he was speaking for Iran, China, North Korea and Russia.. They were waiting for a weakened America, and they got it.

Every day of no action against the Norks gives Iran confidence, gives China yawns and the Norks hope.

Someone wake me from this nightmare and please someone sneak into the White House and give Obama a shot of testosterone… We need a leader with Nuts and we got a nut trying to be leader.

Stop the TSA, Stop the NORKS, and START getting America back on track to lead the world. That is our calling and we can not do that from the fetal position.