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1St Amendment Attacked

1St Amendment Attacked

Here’s my take on the Texas Attack that took place in Garland Texas at a Pam Geller event called “Draw Muhammad Contest” or something…

1. Just like the 2nd Amendment, if you say you support it and then follow it up with “BUT” you don’t support it. So goes the 1st Amendment.


2. Safe speech needs no protection from the laws of the land. Nobody will be upset if you stay within the boundaries of what is deemed “Politically Correct”


3. The cop who killed the two Muslim attackers should be invited to the rose garden in the White House and a medal pinned on him. He thwarted an attack that would have killed many. He did it with a .45 caliber Glock. vs 2 Muslims wielding AK-47’s. In normal America, he’d be national hero. In today’s Obama’s America, Pam Geller is to blame for the muslims being killed.



4. Pam Geller and Gert Wilders are being raked over the coals for their actions against Islamic actions. Right now, those two as well as Robert Spencer are the deck hands on the Titanic screaming bloody murder that the ship is headed toward an ice berg. Everyone on the ship has their heads buried in their drinks and are ignoring the warnings. Wake up.


5. I am glad it was a cop who killed the Muslims. In NORMAL America this is what we know cops do. We know cops put themselves on the line every day. This cop was successful at his job, he succeeded in putting down two subhuman parasites…And as much hatred that is being placed on cops these days, this cop deserves our accolades.

6. Final thought: As you see the media/Liberals/Progressives/RINO’s/Democrats continue to blame Geller, rather than defend free speech. Ask yourself this: If more gun control is allowed, if the left’s confiscation dream  is realized, they control what you can say. If they have already said, we must not speak ill of the prophet, the future must not belong etc… What is next?


You must fight to keep the 2nd or there will be no 1st. This incident in Texas shows that a good guy with a gun is a deterrent to an evil guy with a gun. Sometimes the good guys win, sometimes the bad guys win… But to not fight is to lose all the time.


Liberals again touting “Tea party” as Reason for shooting.

Liberals again touting “Tea party” as Reason for shooting.

I’m surfing around the net during the football game. I’m finding all kinds of reasoning for the shooting of the congresswoman, judge and the others (Including the 9 yr old kid that is getting NO MENTION) I gotta say this:

If anyone in their right mind believes Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck were responsible for this incident, they should be sent to a mental hospital post haste. The progressive crowd to include liberals and democrats have long been accustom to jumping to conclusions. They have been proven wrong at almost every turn. Yes there have been some right wing nuts and some left wing nuts.. It happens. But every one of these incidents brings out the liberals proclaiming “It’s the tea party, and the talk shows” then after a day or two the facts come out and then SILENCE by the liberpukes…. It will happen this time too.

The shooter was an anarchist, his favorite books were Mien Kampf and the communist manifesto. Ask yourself, which party does the American Communist party vote with? Nuff said. Also look at his favorite video, a flag burning. Again nuff said.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter to me who he was, unless he acted with a group. IF he’s a lone nutjob then lets prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law and be mindful of how this happened and prepare for it’s potential.

Do you find it odd that the “Progressives” in our nation are so quick to paint the entire tea party as violent thugs and the cause of this incident, but are the first ones to say “Muslims are the religion of peace and it’s only a few extremists causing the problems” I’d say their credibility is shot from that stand point alone.

I ask that we pray for the victims and keep their families in our thoughts.

As far as any liberpuke progressive that may wander in and comment that this was a right wing attacker, I’ll warn you now, your ass will get lit up like a Vegas resort if you decide to weigh in. I don’t take kindly to the lies and deception you liberpukes are famous for. I got facts and figures about lefty violence and they far outweigh any rightwing incident… IF you read the Daily Ko’s or Huffingpaint.com don’t bother opining here, I’ll just abuse you.