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Code Pink and Fred Phelps, two of a kind…

Code Pink and Fred Phelps, two of a kind…

There is very little difference between the two groups. Matter of fact the only difference I see is the use of the word “GOD”. They both hate the US soldier, they both love to incite the public, they both have very little regard for the united states population. They both are self absorbed idiots that have NO CLUE about reality.

They may have a little issue over the “Gay” thing but I’m sure some dialog can overcome that difference…

I give you exhibit A:

A bunch of “Elite” San Francisco “better than you” code pinko’s decide they should go to an area that lived under “Code Pinks” desired world and didn’t like it much…

The outcome was less than friendly. Hahaha. The group that lived under the rule of Code Pinks hero was not a fan I guess, nor did they seem to like “Che” as a role model…Who knew?


Fred Phelps and his crew of idiots are pretty much the same way. They have no clue about what they preach. They hate “Fags” so GOD must hate fags..

I give you exhibit B:

So when will the “Fred Phelps and Code Pink Rally to restore sanity” be held? and where will it be? I mean there are no two other groups in our nation that compliment each other so much. Let’s get the rally planned yall… Come on hurry, the nation needs you two idiots together quick…




Um..Huh…Yeah, kind of speechless

Um..Huh…Yeah, kind of speechless

WOW.. I heard the Phelp’s Fag parade was coming to the “forum” but I thought they would be less vile..I was wrong. Really I am at a loss for words….damn.

One item of note: The guy talking to the Phelps Bitch,  exercised extreme restraint and I know for a fact neither I nor any of my friends would have been that close and not gone “Physical”with them. At the GOE 1, it took a division of cops to keep the sides separated, and the libtards owe them their life.

Would it be considered un-christianlike to wish Fred Phelps was kidnapped and made a sex slave for the village people?

Just askin.