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America’s RIGHTS are disappearing.

America’s RIGHTS are disappearing.

Our rights granted by GOD and fought for by men are disappearing. They are not being eliminated like they were in history’s nations. They are being systematically removed by laws and regulations through state and federal legislatures. If the “Ruling Class” tried to wholesale remove our rights the way they have over the last 30 years, there would be riots in the streets. BUT; piece by piece is hardly noticeable huh?


Across this nation our 2nd amendment rights have been taken. Our rights to bear arms which were written in the bill of rights to PROTECT WE THE PEOPLE from tyranny of government, have been neutered. We can’t (In some states) possess AUTOMATIC firearms. We can’t have magazines over 10 rounds, we must “Register” our firearms with the government, we must wait ten days for the okay from Government before we can get a firearm. We can not carry the firearm loaded on our person without big brothers acceptance.. The list goes on.

Some of the laws that have been passed in certain states make sense to some. To me, I’d just as soon see EVERYONE carrying a gun. The playing field would be more level than it is now. The questions seems to be “Why do you need a gun?” or “Why do you need a magazine that holds that many bullets?” or Why do you need to carry a gun?” these questions are ridiculous on their face but they are the very questions being asked by the grabbers.

I was asked why I carry a gun, my answer was; WHY DON’T YOU? Do you have that little regard for my safety that you wont carry a tool to protect my life? I carry a gun to protect your life as well as mine, why do you want us to die at the hands of another?

Gun laws, while “Seeming” good on the surface have not produced the desired utopia of less crime. Quite the opposite has been the effect. Murders, Rapes, Robberies, have all gone up in areas with the stricter gun laws. While places like AZ and Texas have seen decreases in violent crime against INNOCENT people. The key is innocent. Gang bangers who kill each other with guns should not count in any stats being mentioned by the statisticians. Gang bangers should keep killing each other, and if they start running short of ammo let me know I’ll do what I can to help.

One of the ways to open the eyes of true Americans is to show them what they have lost. Folks in California only need to drive east a couple of hours to see what’s missing. Show your friends, your family and anyone that will listen. Californians went along with all the regulations and laws regarding our firearms. We have effectively been taken out of any potential uprising or defense of nation as citizen soldiers. We will be ineffective in any conflict if we follow California’s draconian laws. The unintended consequences of such gun laws as California’s could be death. That’s pretty final aint it?

The fight is just beginning and in California the fight is an epic battle that could “IF” turned around,  have positive effects across the nation. We need to change our laws, we need to make our state a gun friendly state, we can do it but only if the MILLIONS of California gun owners get active. You must join the NRA, you must VOTE, you must petition, you must organize you must stand together.

I’m standing, are you?