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Randomness from A&P

There’s so much going on these days it’s information overload. I wonder if it’s by design.. Lets start with Foreign uprisings and threats to our way of life.. Iran: We’ve sent ships into the straight of Hormuz. Yesterday one of … Continue reading

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Fast and Furious and Obama’s Dilema

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Just trying to keep our heads above water. We’re doing all we can to stave off the effects of this never ending recession and we’re losing the battle. We’ll survive and we’ll do it without … Continue reading

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Obama-care, the gift that keeps giving

Not only did the DEMOCRAT congressional MAJORITY give us Stimulus, and Obamacare it’s continuing to give us high unemployment and low GDP growth. Obamacare is continuing to give… Boston Scientific to lay off 1,200-plus Boston Scientific Corp. said yesterday that … Continue reading

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Obama Using Gun Control to defuse Fast and Furious Scandal?

Well let’s practice liberal/progressive thinking for a few minutes: Gun Rights Advocates Wary of Coming Obama Measures in Wake of Tucson Shooting Gun rights advocates are expressing concern over the Obama administration’s plans for a new gun control push six … Continue reading

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