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Randomness from A&P

Randomness from A&P

There’s so much going on these days it’s information overload. I wonder if it’s by design..

Lets start with Foreign uprisings and threats to our way of life..

Iran: We’ve sent ships into the straight of Hormuz. Yesterday one of those ships took out a dinghy that wouldn’t heed warnings. Was this a test of our Navy? Doubtful, the world knows our navy is the best in the world and if unleashed would clean the seas in short fashion. I think it was a test of our leadership. Iran wanted to know would Obama give the okay and risk an incident. Personally I don’t think Obama was notified until after the shots were fired and the persians were dunked.

Egypt: When an Iraqi threw his shoe at George Bush democrats loved it and thought it was funny. So I’m thinking the hundreds of shoes thrown at Hillary must have caused hysterical convulsions among the left. right? Nah, probably not.

Syria: Yeah still fighting. Russia and China helping the oppressive regime to kill the protesters. Personally, I give less than a crap. Let them all burn in hell for all I care, but what I do care about is consistency. IF you are going to tell us the reason we’re bombing Libya without consulting congress because civilians will be killed. Then why are you doing nothing in Syria? Either you’re a liar or a hypocrite or both.

Mexico: Yep still no information for Brian Terry’s family. I guess if Brian Terry looked like Obama’s son we’d get some closure.

Now to the election: Here’s the bottom line: I will happily vote for Romney/?? over Obama/Biden. I am NOT happy that I have only that choice. I have NO ILLUSIONS that Romney is going to be the conservative hero we need. My standards for Romney are very low. And in order for me to be somewhat happy with my vote for him, he must only do a few things:


2. He must DECREASE REGULATIONS so businesses can be profitable enough to hire people.


4. He must STOP THE SPENDING SPREE congress is on.


That’s it. IF he does those five things my vote and your vote will not be in vain. But also know that he will likely do things that will piss us off.

The other thing that bugs me about this election is the media and the Democrat party’s insistence on knowing every detail of Mitt Romney’s past. I guess the only way we’ll ever know about Obama’s past is if he switches party’s and runs as a Republican. Funny how that works huh?

Last but not least there’s a new Blog site that you should check out:

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Fast and Furious and Obama’s Dilema

Fast and Furious and Obama’s Dilema

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Just trying to keep our heads above water. We’re doing all we can to stave off the effects of this never ending recession and we’re losing the battle. We’ll survive and we’ll do it without the government. That’s what we do. Now onto the latest example of incompetent leadership.

Eric Holder was held in contempt and Obama inserted his “Executive Privilege” Which is HIS RIGHT TO DO. Presidents have exercised that option throughout history. However; If you spent the last year or so claiming you knew nothing about Operation Fast and Furious, claiming executive privilege makes you either a liar in the first part. OR a very good friend to cover up the lies in the second part. Either way, it’s now YOURS.

Now, the entire investigation has been blamed on Racism is nothing new. But what is new is the latest Pelosi reasoning: “There’s a connection between this witch hunt and the fact that Eric Holder is fighting against voter suppression” WOW How many yoga classes do you have to take to twist facts into that reasoning? Too stupid for words is she. (YODA)

Now the next excuse is.. Wait for it… BUSH’S FAULT. I love this one. And the uneducated believe it.. or are too love struck with king Obama to apply reason and logic to that charge.
Facts are miserable things to liberal/progressive/power hungry democrats.

The heart of the issue for me is simple: The underhandedness at which this operation was undertaken is a real problem. It shows the character of those in charge and it calls into question the lengths they will go to get their agenda through the American people.

Here’s a couple more things to think about:

1. Trayvon Martin looks like Obama’s son. Sandra Fluke gets a call from Obama after Rush correctly pointed out that she’s a slut. Brian Terry’s family has yet to hear from Obama.

2. The Media, the very people who are supposed to be watching the rulers for the people didn’t even run the story until months after it broke. And who broke it? Bloggers.

3. Can you imagine the actions of these agenda driven king complexed elected officials if BLOGGERS were silenced? Can you imagine the damage done to our nation with only NETWORK MEDIA to report?

Just a few things to think about the next time you watch the state run media and think they are doing their jobs.


Obama-care, the gift that keeps giving

Obama-care, the gift that keeps giving

Not only did the DEMOCRAT congressional MAJORITY give us Stimulus, and Obamacare it’s continuing to give us high unemployment and low GDP growth. Obamacare is continuing to give…

Boston Scientific to lay off 1,200-plus

Boston Scientific Corp. said yesterday that it plans to eliminate 1,200 to 1,400 jobs worldwide during the next 2 1/2 years to free money for new investments, the Natick medical device maker’s second major round of cuts since last year.

The company would not say how many jobs will be lost in Massachusetts, where fewer than 2,000 of its 25,000 employees are based. In February 2010, Boston Scientific said it would pare 1,300 jobs worldwide, but similarly did not say where.

Want to guess which industry this company is in? Yep boys and girls it’s the health care industry… The very same industry that Nancy Pelosi claimed would create 800k jobs the minute the bill was passed. The only it created was a few jobs for secretary’s to write WAIVERS for Obama’s friends.

I’ll say it again Obama and the Democrats are winning because nobody is talking about these things. GDP growth, layoffs, unemployment likely to rise in the next the month. Oh and don’t even think about that little SCANDAL in Mexico and elsewhere called Gunwalker and/or fast and furious…

Wake up America you’re being played like a fiddle and its planned from those morons in DC.


Obama Using Gun Control to defuse Fast and Furious Scandal?

Obama Using Gun Control to defuse Fast and Furious Scandal?

Well let’s practice liberal/progressive thinking for a few minutes:

Gun Rights Advocates Wary of Coming Obama Measures in Wake of Tucson Shooting

Gun rights advocates are expressing concern over the Obama administration’s plans for a new gun control push six months after the shooting in Tucson, Ariz., and they warn that attempts to curb gun rights could provoke a political fight.

Attorney Alan Gura, who successfully argued two recent Second Amendment cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, vowed to give intense scrutiny to any new initiative the president puts forward.

“The gun rights community is going to look very carefully at the Obama administration’s proposals, and anything that interferes with the Second Amendment right as it is being enforced today by the courts will be tested.”

What we are seeing is the use of violence in another country, the use of violence against a member of congress to disarm the American people. However; The reasons Obama is acting has nothing to do with either. First, the violence in Mexico is because of Mexico’s corruption not guns from here. Guns from here seem to be flowing from the ATF not gun shows. Just sayin.

Second, The Gifford’s shooting has a lot less to do with gun rights than mental health. The guy was a nut and the “Gun control” measures in place failed to stop him. Doesn’t mean they weren’t tough enough it means they are a government entity and therefore are piss poor from the get-go. DMV, Post office, Education, Medicare, Medicaid pretty much anything the government controls the government screws up.

I submit two very important pieces of fact that are missing in the entire debate.

The violence in Mexico would stay in Mexico if the border were secure. IF guns are being traffic’d into Mexico from here, secure it and nothing goes down there that isn’t supposed to be there.

The Gifford’s shooting: IF the meeting wasn’t full of lefty retards, and someone actually had a gun in a state where it’s entirely legal to carry concealed with out any special license… There wouldn’t have been more than 1 person shot. PERIOD.

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